Student Loan Debt, How to Pay it off Fast and Easy…

Student Loan Debt, How to Pay it off Fast and Easy…

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Figuring Out How to pay for student loan debt is as difficult and essential a decision as the college you choose,  whether to live off or on campus and what to major in.

You have to come up with thousands of dollars before you can even set foot on campus for orientation and that’s no easy task. Student Loan Debt is definitely the least fun part of the whole process.

Student loans bridge the gap between what you’ve saved, the scholarships you get, The part-time job you have and The amount leftover that you cannot pay yourself.

The advantages to borrowing for school seem limitless. You’ll be able to go to the college you want to go so badly and pick that program you long for. You won’t have to work as much while in school because you’ll have funds readily available if all your expenses are covered by your loans.

Because of this, you’ll be able to study more, work unpaid internships or engage in extra-curricular activities where you can explore several career fields that you normally wouldn’t have had that much time for.

It all sounds great while you’re in school until afterward. Then reality hits and all that Student Loan Debt smacks you in the face. You will likely not get a job right away and things can get tough. You start wishing you had paid for more and not borrowed quite so much.

That’s not to say that student loans are bad though. They have funded many great educations and they’re certainly helpful to those who cannot pay on their own.

The key is to be educated on the very best way to deal with the debt as fast as possible. You have plenty of good options and that’s what I will discuss in this post.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to deal with your debt responsibly~


It’s normal to want to avoid the reality of the amount you owe; you should, however, have a clear understanding of your student loan debt so you’ll  know how to pay it off. To find the interest rates on your loans and the total principal sums remaining; access your loan servicers’ sites. Also, include your credit card. To know the exact amounts you owe and to whom, get a list of all your debts and total it. After this is done, you can now think of plans to pay it down as fast as possible.

Learn How to pay off student loans quick


Instead of the normal 40 hours, consider the workweek a 50 to 65 hours week. Working as a freelancer or having a part-time job together with your full-time position will earn you more income that you can use to pay off your Student loan Debt. Use the extra income to pay for your loan debt only.

It sounds pretty rough to work so much right out of school but it’s a good and responsible option. There are other ways to make extra money as well. You can try to earn online by doing paid SurveysBlogging, Selling on eBay and Etsy and using sites like Ebates. You have to think outside of the box and these can create a lot of extra money.

Want to learn about blogging? I have an entire series below that will teach you everything you need to know!

Complete Blogging Tutorial with screenshots of every step. 

The Key To Being  A Successful Blogger { Part 1 }

Deciding on a Niche for your blog { Part 2 }

Different Ways To Make Money as Blogger { Part 3 ) 

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog { Part 4 }

Blogging And Email Marketing { Part 5 }


There are several organizations out there that are tailoring all their offerings to Millennials with student loan debts. Just do some research and you’ll find many that may be able to help.


Get real with the type of place you want while in debt – you don’t need to try to buy your dream home straight out of school.  Sharing an apartment with a friend or staying in your parent’s home for awhile won’t hurt a bit. Forget that one to three-bedroom in the big city and live cheaper as you pay off that debt. Doing this will allow you put more towards your student loan debt and you will be happy you did later.


Go back to your budget and cut out expenses that are not necessary such as eating out, travel, parties, clothes, and cable TV. Evaluate where most of your money is going and how you can cut corners.

Student Loan Refinancing

In the past few years, different private lenders have been offering student loans refinancing. The refinancing rates begin as low as 2.0% for qualified individuals.  You can reduce the costs of your student loan debt; by refinancing the loans at a very low-interest rate. This is SUPER helpful and everyone with student loan debt should go this route. One company called SoFi specializes in this and they have extremely low rates. They are the best and they give out other loans as well so you can work with them again in the future when you are ready for that big beautiful house. You can check out SoFi here. 

Credible is also another option and they are essentially the biggest name in the industry for student loan refinancing. They also have kick ass rates that can’t be beaten. You can take a look at their site here.

You can pick a new term repayment period (term length) when you refinance student’s loan debt. The repayment period ranges from 5 years to 20 years typically but varies by lender. Also, selecting a shorter period will reduce your total cost more. Most lenders don’t charge any origination, pre-payment, or application fees.


To reduce your interest rates, sign up for automatic payments. Most loan services will cut down your interest rate by 0.25% usually when you do this. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps.


You could earn rewards or raise funds by volunteering your time; to repay your student loan or possibly to receive eligibility for loan cancellation or forgiveness. E.g. Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Zerobound, and SponsorChange all offer programs.


It’s very tempting to have your tax fund spent on purchases you have wanted or on a night out, instead, use this to pay off part of your loans. Take that cash and deposit it in the loan debt immediately when you receive it.


For most individuals with student loan debt, there are no easy and fast solutions. However, having a positive attitude and creating a plan, will keep you on that journey of becoming free of debt.

I hope your Student Loan debt doesn’t become too painful for you! They’re pretty rough on me but Refinancing has helped. Do you have any suggestions for paying off debt? Comment below and let us know how you did it!

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How to pay off student loans

14 Best Paid Survey Sites Of 2018 | Get Paid $500+ A Month From Home

14 Best Paid Survey Sites Of 2018 | Get Paid $500+ A Month From Home

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Looking For The Best Paid Survey Sites? Well, Look no further…

Many people want to make extra money online but they have no idea how. There’s a very simple way to make extra income that you have likely heard of in the past but dismissed.

I am talking about taking paid surveys. I know online surveys sounds like a load of bull but they’re not. I know it’s hard to believe, but they are legit, or at least some companies are. It’s hard to decipher which ones are safe to use and which are scams.

But look no further because I review the ones that are safe and popular right here. Ones that I’ve used or thousands of others have used. This list will help you quickly and legitimately get paid extra cash from home.

You really can make money doing this sort of thing in your free time and All of these sites are 100% FREE to join and always pay and pay out on-time.

When I was doing paid surveys I would work with 8-10 companies on this list below and easily make several hundred extra dollars a month, easily, you just need to be consistent.

If you’re looking to make $500 or more you should sign up for every company on the list and then after a month or so continue to work with the ones that send you the highest paying surveys the most.

So let’s get this money making party started. Below are some of the best Online Survey opportunities. The ones I have added will definitely pay you and nothing but the best are listed.

Sign up for all of them to make the most money! Here we go!

14 Best Paid Survey Sites That Will Make You $500/Month Or More

For those of you that want to dive on in and get started, I’ve made a quick list right here of the very best choices online today. If you want to see ALL of the most popular survey sites then keep reading the post.

If you really want to make money with surveys you’ll need to join 5-10 sites at a time. After that, they’ll send the surveys to your inbox and you can work every single day.

Here’s the quick list:

And Here’s a more detailed list with all the great survey panels you can join. To make the most money join all of them.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has a really strong reputation online and they pay quickly. This is my all time favorite paid survey site! There are tons of surveys to choose from and they payout high. Once you really get going surveys payout at $10 to $20 dollars per survey. Really. This is an excellent choice and if you want to make money with surveys it’s a must. Sign up right now! 

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is my favorite online survey company. You are paid for every survey and they have a great reputation. You will definitely earn well with them once you are going strong after a month or so. Sign up here right now. They are truly the best.



Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another must-have on the list. This is a very reputable site that pays out very well per survey once you get started. It is one of the biggest, Most popular paid Survey Sites on the web. Sign up here.

Inbox Dollars 

This is a company similar to Swagbucks that offers small easy online tasks and it’s fun! They offer a $5 sign on bonus and they are very reputable. It’s a really good site to make money with. Sign up with Inbox Dollars now

Panda Research 

Panda Research has a $3 sign on bonus and multiple ways to make money with their system.

You can:

  • Reading emails
  • Clipping and using coupons
  • Free trial offers
  • Referring friends
  • Take Surveys Of course

You Can Sign Up with Panda Here. 

Cash Crates

Cash Crates is a great little short task site with a $1 sign on bonus. You can earn through surveys, watching videos, shopping online, referring friends, completing free-trial offers and more. They have a good referral program too! This one is a definite must do! Sign up here. 

Quick Rewards

This is another I have used off and on over the years. They come highly recommended and their surveys are fun and uniques. Have a look here. 


Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz is another great Paid survey site. You can earn big and they pay out quickly. Sign up here. 

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another really good one. They have a great online reputation and the payouts for each survey go up the more you participate. Their great and they are a must on your list of paid survey sites. Sign up right here.


Swagbucks is a really popular site and you can earn gift cards and fun things like that.  I get at least $20 worth of Amazon gift cards from there every single month, and I happen to enjoy this site very much. You can’t go wrong, you gotta check it out and sign up here. 

Survey Voices

Survey Voices is another excellent option that will help you earn quick cash. You can sign up right here.

Online Companie that Give You Cash Back

The companies listed below are not survey companies but they pay you to shop online at all your favorite places. They partner with all the biggest companies { and I mean ALL } and when you shop at that store through them, they get a small bonus. They then go and give the consumer { you } half of the bonus they made. It’s a win-win and you can earn A LOT of money back just shopping through these companies. They have Chrome extensions so you don’t have to go to their sites every time. It’s super simple and you should sign up for all but ESPECIALLY Ebates. Check it out below:


I wanted to add Ebates because you can save tons of money with this company but they also have a super awesome Referral program. They will give you a link and if anyone signs up through that link you get $5. It doesn’t even have to be people you know, you can just share on social media and stuff. The more people you refer, the more money they will pay you. This is one of the best programs on the web and Ebates is a great site. No one has to buy anything, they just need to sign up to save money. Pretty cool right? Sign up for a regular account and then go to the referral page. Sign up Here. 

This one is a must.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Shop Smarter

This is a program that will allow you to earn cash back at the places you shop, mainly Target and Walmart. It’s not a Survey company but it falls in line with earning money so I wanted to include it here. It’s a great program and you can really save a lot. There are 1000+ shops included in their program. Sign up here. 

ShopTracker will also pay you to shop on They track shopping trends and it’s an easy way to make money online. You’ll Get a small gift card right away. Sign Up now. 

Spent Money App

This is an app you download that helps you track what you buy and you get cash back. It’s a bit like Ebates and helps you save even more. This is a really good one to have, even though it’s not a survey company. It still deserves to be mentioned. You can get your app here. 

what niche should you blog about, Three Bird Nest

 A Few Good Tips On Paid Survey Sites

I wanted to add a few things you need to know. First, you always need to be honest because they will ask the same thing many times and if your answers are inconsistent they will boot you off their panels.

Also, in the beginning, they will be trying to figure out a lot of details about you and your life for their survey purposes. You will be given a lot of smaller surveys that during this time.

After You’ve taken about 10 surveys,  you will be given surveys that pay $5+ often. It doesn’t take too long so be patient and answer your questions honestly and you will be able to make good money online with surveys. It does work.

Lastly, there are some sites that are scammers so I highly recommend you stick to the tried/true and tested ones listed above. These are reviewed, reputable companies who pay out survey takers on a monthly basis.

So that’s it! You really can make a good bit of money doing surveys. You can pay several bills a month or use it for activities or gifts. Just try it and see. Enjoy!!

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Making money online with paid surveys

Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

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So You’re Feelin Kinda dull right? I know the feeling… It’s good to change things up once and awhile to give you that Confidence boost you need. There are a few simple things you can do to make yourself feel brand new again. Try a couple of these tips and you’ll be on top of the world!

You can start by getting your workout on. This will help you get out of your slump and it makes you feel good. Sounds simple right? Now to find that motivation. But seriously, starting a workout routine and sticking to it will work wonders on how you feel so jump right in. Even a ten-minute mini workout while watching tv each night will help.

Now let’s talk about how to make yourself feel all sparkly, shiny and new. There are some super simple ways to do this and you’re gonna love them.

Update Your Makeup

Eyeshadow 101

Updating your makeup will give your face a brighter look and make you appear more awake and alive. It will also boost your confidence.  As always, I will advise to never EVER put too much on. That will just make you look older. One of my fav ways to do this is wear a pretty bare face with a pop of lipstick and matching nails. This will pull you together really nicely. Or you could do a subtle neutral smoky eye like shown.

One of the best places to buy really high-quality cosmetics that make you look and feel great is Julep. They have amazing stuff and you can buy all kinds of different subscriptions to the products you like. Check them out Here. You get a free gift for signing up too.

A New Pair of Glasses 

There’s nothing that can update your style better than a new pair of glasses. That is IF you wear glasses. If not a great pair of sunglasses will do the trick. They will have you looking forward to that spring sun.

This is something I can’t wait to do this year. When you wear glasses on your face all the time they can be the ultimate accessory. You want a GOOD pair. The very best place to shop for Glasses and Sun Glasses is Warby Parker. They have the most unique, beautiful frames I have ever seen hands down. They really pack a punch when it comes to style.

Buy Some Awesome New Clothes!

Oh come on, You know you wanna! But seriously this is a great time of year to invest in a few great pieces. There are some really awesome shops under the radar where you can get some amazing, well-fitted pieces for a great price. One such place that I love is Lulus. They’re the absolute best for finding that one unique thing you are looking for. Have a look at the pics below to see some of the things they offer.

The next Awesome shop online is Ily Couture. They have cute, cozy things for mamas and their little ones too. They are perfect for looking good while staying comfy.

See what I mean? Pure Comfortable Bliss. They also have lot’s of unique sweatshirts with fun quotes so even while you’re chillin you will look cute as hell. You can check them out Here. 

New Nickers 

Buying new, fancy undies will make you feel like a Queen. Wrap your gifts well and You will feel confident and beautiful. I like to shop on Etsy for Amazing Bras and Nickers that you can’t find in crappy department stores. You won’t be disappointed in what you find there. There are some real hidden gems.



Give Some Love to those Locks

Getting a haircut or Highlights can make you feel brand new. I love that feeling. When you’re feeling down is the perfect time to change up your hair and give it some TLC. This might be the easiest way to totally make over your look, So get to the salon.

Can’t afford a trip or not looking to make huge changes? Well then why not straighten it or bring out the big curling iron and try some large loose curls. There’s a lot to work with when it comes to hair, and practice makes perfect so get in there and play.

Buy 2 great accessories

This is also a great way to spice things up and give yourself an update. You can get a piece of jewelry like a ring that pops or a great necklace, but I am partial to a really great hat. A Hat can really pull you together, especially with a good lipstick and well fitting clothes. The best place of all time to find jewelry and hats too is Etsy like I mentioned before.

Final Word

Working on a little self-improvement can make you feel happy and ready for anything.  I challenge you to do all of these things and see if that doesn’t whisk away those Blues. Until then, stay cool….

I would love it if you would share this post! Thank you so much!!

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This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and adore. That means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us keep our site up and running, providing you with free educational resources. Thanks!

How To Make Your Blog Sticky So You Get The Most Page Views

How To Make Your Blog Sticky So You Get The Most Page Views

This Post May contain aff.iliate links that help support our blog

Sticky blogs are successful blogs. You know, the ones you visit and find really hard to leave.

You came to read one quick article, but you see another link that looks really interesting, then another. You are sucked down into their funnel and you end up God knows where. You just had ten minutes to browse, but now you have sat here for 30 and dinner is burning.

Well, that happens to me all the time. That is the way you want your blog to be. You want it to be so interesting and seductive that your audience returns again and again. That will give you loyal followers and conversions over the long haul.

So how do you make your blog super sticky? Let’s go over some things you can do to really get your peeps to stick around.

Front Page Opt~Ins

First and foremost, you want a big opt~in on your homepage. It should be at the very top and the first thing that your audience sees.

This is important because you want to find a way to capture their email so you can remind them to come back often. This is the first step in creating a sticky blog and making that permanent connection between you and your audience.

how to make your blog sticky

Internal Linking to your Content

Creating Internal Links is a great way to get people to stay longer. This gets me every time, I always end up reading several articles on any good blog because  they have links to other related content that I am interested in and they put that content up front and center.

In each and every post you should add little sections of related content to entice them to read more. You can add a section for related posts, Top posts, or whatever else you think will work. Don’t be afraid to use a little click bait, Just don’t be tacky.

You don’t have to use the original title to the post either, just make sure it conveys the same message in some way. Using words like ” Ultimate” and  “Hacks ” in the title will help attract readers and make them think they cannot miss that content because it’s so important. This will lead them through your blog and keep them there longer.

Open Links in a new window

Having Links open in a new window will ensure that your reader doesn’t end up on another site clicking their internal links and going through their website. Your window stays open so they can get back to reading the good stuff. It will also decrease your bounce rates.

Blog Design 

Your blog design should be on point. Many beginning bloggers make the mistake of cluttering up their site with so much unnecessary junk. They also try to add pretty fonts and bright colors but your blog isn’t a fashion show. You want really good navigation, a prominent search bar, and your theme should highlight your content. If someone comes to your blog and you have some crazy, hard to read font and everything is disorganized they are gonna leave, my friends. Especially if there’s no way to search your site. Make it easy and beautiful.

The Best Theme for any blog or business is Divi. There’s nothing better and if you last in online business you will eventually end up with this theme. Everyone does.

You should start your business off the right way and begin learning Divi Now. Have a look at Divi at Elegant Themes right here. 

Watch that sidebar

Putting too many outbound links in your side bar gives your audience to many opportunities to be whisked away into internet land. They will have too many options and end up on another site altogether. You want a couple important links but keep it simple and clean.

Add links to YOUR best posts and send them in the direction that will benefit you and your readers the most.

Add embedded Media

Everyone loves a good video tutorial. If you have some great stuff on YouTube why not plug it in over on your blog and show off your expertise. This is a definite way to keep your readers on your blog longer and reduce your bounce rates.

Video is definitely the direction everything online is going towards so get in on it now and include it on your website. Google will love your site more for it.

Post Often

The more you post, the more opportunities you have for your pages to be indexed in the search engines. That means your keywords get more exposure and you get more traffic from the web.  Posting 5 or 6 times a week for the first couple months is a good way to really get the ball rolling. After that a couple times a week at least.

Add Super great Photos 

Everybody loves looking at great Photos. Make your Blog and posts gorgeous with well lit, Clear photos. Don’t know where to find good photos? Have a look at this post here and you’ll never wonder where to find photography for your business again.

Photos also allow you the option of adding alt tags or keywords ( which you should always include by the way ) that help the search engines identify your photos. By connecting it to your content, you also help web searchers find your content through those photos.

how to make your blog sticky


BookMarking Your Site

Bookmarking will allow you and your Readers to add your content all over the web. There are many great bookmarking sites Like Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious to name a few. Make sure you have a good social plugin Like Monarch that will give you and your readers the options to share through these channels.

Look at the edge of my blog over to the right. See the long bar with all the little icons? I added those With The Monarch Plugin that’s included when you Purchase Divi.

It has all the popular Social Media Sites including all the best Bookmarking sites included so that people can share away. This will send people to your site from all over the web.

Making your Blog ” Sticky ” is important if you want to keep your readers on your site longer.

You don’t want a whole lot of people coming to your site, reading the first paragraph then hitting the back button. Or worse, they hit that button pretty much as soon as they get there. That sucks and it makes your bounce rate go up, which tells Google that your site sucks too.

Implementing the methods in this post will help your audience stay around to read the awesome content you worked so hard on and that’s a good thing!

Want to learn more about setting up a Blog or Website?  I have a series that goes into the mechanics of running a successful, money making blog.  Links are below:

Start A Blog Today, A Tutorial with screenshots of every step from start to finish

The Key To Being  A Successful Blogger { Part 1 }

Deciding on a Niche for your blog { Part 2 }

Different Ways To Make Money as Blogger { Part 3 ) 

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog { Part 4 }

Blogging And Email Marketing { Part 5 }

I hope this helps and if you have anything you think I should add to this post that has worked for you I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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