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Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision, as it can carry a special meaning and significance throughout their life.

In 2024 and 2025, a wide array of popular boy names are topping the charts with origins and meanings that might resonate with parents seeking the perfect name for their little ones.

There really are so many interesting ones to choose from. It appears that most of the popular ones for 2023 and 2024 are classics that have been around for a while, while a few newer ones have begun to emerge.

The first list is of 50 popular classics that remain top choices around the globe. The second list of 10 are newer, more unique boy names that are growing in popularity. They really have a new feel to them.

Let’s dive into the most popular boy names for 2024 and 2025.

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50 Popular Boy Names For 2024 And 2025 And 10 Newer Names Gaining Popularity

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025


Liam – This Irish name means “Strong-willed warrior,” symbolizing strength and determination.


Noah – Of Hebrew origin, “Noah” means “Rest” or “Comfort,” offering a sense of calm and security.


Oliver – With Latin roots, “Oliver” signifies the enduring strength and growth of an olive tree.


Elijah – A Hebrew name, “Elijah” translates to “The Lord is my God,” reflecting faith and devotion.


William – Of Germanic origin, “William” carries the meaning of a “Strong-willed warrior.”


James – This English name, “James,” signifies a “Supplanter,” someone who takes the place of another.


Benjamin – Rooted in Hebrew, “Benjamin” means “Son of the right hand,” suggesting favor and importance.

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

Lucas – From the Greek, “Lucas” stands for “Light-giving” or “illumination,” symbolizing enlightenment.


Henry – With Germanic roots, “Henry” represents the idea of being a “Ruler of the household.”

Alexander – A Greek name, “Alexander” translates to “Defender of the people,” highlighting protection.


Mason – “Mason” is an English name, denoting a “Worker in stone,” signifying strength and craftsmanship.


Michael – Rooted in Hebrew, “Michael” asks the question, “Who is like God?” highlighting divine attributes.

Daniel – This Hebrew name means “God is my judge,” reflecting a sense of accountability and fairness.


Matthew – Also from Hebrew, “Matthew” stands for “Gift of God,” suggesting a precious and cherished presence.


Joseph – “Joseph” is of Hebrew origin, indicating that “He will add” blessings and abundance.


Samuel – From Hebrew, “Samuel” means “Heard by God,” emphasizing divine attention and care.

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John – Rooted in Hebrew, “John” means “God is gracious,” symbolizing divine kindness.


Ryan – An Irish name, “Ryan” translates to “Little king,” hinting at leadership qualities.


Andrew – With Greek origins, “Andrew” conveys “Manly” or “brave” attributes.


Anthony – “Anthony,” of Latin origin, is synonymous with “Priceless” or “highly praiseworthy.”


Nathan – This Hebrew name means “He has given,” signifying generosity and gratitude.

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Isaac – From Hebrew, “Isaac” stands for “Laughter,” representing joy and happiness.


Caleb – A Hebrew name, “Caleb” signifies being “Faithful” and devoted.


Gabriel – Rooted in Hebrew, “Gabriel” means “God is my strength,” symbolizing divine support.


Dylan – Of Welsh origin, “Dylan” translates to “Son of the sea,” evoking a connection to nature.

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

Logan – This Scottish name means “Small hollow,” representing a sense of depth and mystery.


Jackson – An English name, “Jackson” refers to being the “Son of Jack,” symbolizing heritage.


Christopher – With Greek roots, “Christopher” carries the meaning of being the “Bearer of Christ.”


Isaiah – A Hebrew name, “Isaiah” stands for “Yahweh is salvation,” emphasizing divine deliverance.


Ethan – Also of Hebrew origin, “Ethan” means “Strong” and “firm.”

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Matthew – A repeated name on the list, “Matthew” again signifies “Gift of God.”


Daniel – Likewise, “Daniel” reiterates its meaning as “God is my judge.”


William – Returning once more, “William” signifies a “Strong-willed warrior.”


Aiden – An Irish name, “Aiden” translates to “Little fire,” representing passion and energy.


Owen – Of Welsh origin, “Owen” stands for a “Young warrior” or “well-born” individual.


Jack – An English name, “Jack” signifies that “God is gracious.”


Nicholas – With Greek roots, “Nicholas” means “Victory of the people,” symbolizing triumph.

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

Grayson – An English name, “Grayson” refers to the “Son of the steward,” implying responsibility.


Elijah – This Hebrew name, “Elijah,” reminds us that “The Lord is my God.”

10 Unique Boy Names From Around The World For 2024 And 2025

When it comes to naming your baby boy, you may be looking for a name that stands out more than the classics and carries a unique cultural flair.

In recent years, several uncommon boys’ names from various corners of the world have been gaining popularity.

They will be very popular in 2024and the upcoming year 2025.

Let’s delve into the meanings and origins of these more distinctive names:

Caius – Hailing from Latin origins, “Caius” carries the delightful meaning of “rejoice” or “glad,” making it a name that radiates positivity and cheerfulness.

Kairos – With Greek roots, “Kairos” is more than just a name; it signifies “the right or opportune moment,” encapsulating the idea that life’s defining moments come when they’re meant to.

Jovan – Drawing from Serbian heritage, “Jovan” is a variant of the classic “John” and means “God is gracious,” embracing divine blessings and grace.

Elio – Offering a Mediterranean flair, “Elio” is a unique twist on “Elijah” and means “the Lord is my God,” echoing faith and devotion.

Aarav – Rooted in Sanskrit, “Aarav” conveys a sense of calm and tranquility as it translates to “peaceful” or “calm,” perfect for a serene and composed personality.

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

Thiago – From Portuguese and Spanish backgrounds, “Thiago” is a variant of “Tiago” or “James,” symbolizing the strength and resilience of a supplanter.

Soren – Danish in origin, “Soren” means “stern” or “severe,” bringing an air of seriousness and determination to the name.

Lorcan – With Irish roots, “Lorcan” embodies a spirited quality, signifying a “little fierce one” or “little fierce warrior,” perfect for a child with a strong spirit.

Bodhi – Derived from Sanskrit and associated with Buddhism, “Bodhi” holds the profound meaning of “awakening” or “enlightenment,” symbolizing wisdom and spiritual growth.

Zephyr – Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, “Zephyr” represents the gentle west wind, evoking feelings of tranquility and serenity.

These unique names offer a blend of cultural richness and meaningful interpretations, making them excellent conversation pieces and choices for parents looking to give their children a distinctive and significant name.



These names offer a diverse range of meanings and origins, allowing parents to choose a name that resonates with their values and hopes for their child.

The rich tapestry of meanings behind these popular boys’ names for 2024 and 2025 adds depth and significance to the naming process.

Whether you’re drawn to names that signify strength, faith, or a sense of belonging, the perfect name is waiting to be discovered for your little one.

We hope this boys’ name list for 2024 and 2025 gave you some interesting ideas.

We wish you luck!

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baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

baby boy names for 2024 and 2025

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