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Finding the perfect name for your little one is like discovering a hidden gem.

In this quest for rare and beautiful baby girl names from around the world, we’re about to embark on a linguistic journey that spans continents and cultures.

These names are not only unique but also carry profound meanings, ensuring your baby’s name is a treasure trove of significance. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the fascinating world of rare baby girl names that will make your heart skip a beat.

Here are 50 exquisite options, each with its origin and a glimpse into the story it tells, and it you’re looking for really unique baby girl names this is definitely the list for you!

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50 Rare Baby Girl Names From Around The World

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: This Greek gem signifies “beloved sister,” making it a wonderful choice to celebrate the bond of sisterhood.


Origin: French

Meaning: Derived from the gentle zephyr winds, it symbolizes a breezy and free-spirited nature.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: An elegant name meaning “behold the sun,” Idalia captures the warmth and radiance of a sunny day.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: A poetic name, Aisling translates to “dream” or “vision,” reflecting a world of endless possibilities.


Origin: French

Meaning: This melodious name means “well-spoken” or “eloquent,” perfect for a future wordsmith.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Evoking the magic of the evening, Vespera represents the beauty of twilight.


Origin: Cornish

Meaning: Hailing from Cornwall, Elowen means “elm tree,” connecting your child to nature’s grace.


Origin: French

Meaning: A name filled with elegance, Mireille signifies “to admire” or “admired.”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: With roots in Greek mythology, Amarantha means “unfading,” symbolizing eternal beauty.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: This charming name translates to “kind” or “noble,” embodying grace and goodness.


Origin: Fantasy (from the “Old Kingdom” book series)

Meaning: Inspired by literature, Lirael is a name associated with courage and adventure.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A poetic choice, Tanwen means “white fire,” representing purity and intensity.

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Origin: Persian

Meaning: With Persian origins, Soraya signifies “princess” or “gem,” befitting royalty.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Dive into Greek mythology with Thalassa, which means “sea goddess” and celebrates the ocean’s mystique.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: French

Meaning: Derived from “seraphim,” the highest order of angels, it conveys a sense of divine beauty.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: A name that glows like the morning sun, Arunika signifies “reddish glow.”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Rooted in the word “Jove,” which refers to Jupiter, Jovienne carries a celestial aura.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Named after one of Jupiter’s moons, Elara embodies the wonders of the cosmos.


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: In Hawaiian, Nalani means “the heavens,” connecting your child to the sky’s beauty.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: French

Meaning: A diminutive of “amour,” Amorette translates to “little love.”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Similar to Zephyrine, Zephyra captures the essence of the gentle west wind.


Origin: Italian

Meaning: A fiery name, Fiammetta means “little flame,” symbolizing passion and energy.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: In Sanskrit, Lavanya signifies “grace” or “beauty,” painting a picture of elegance.


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: A name as bright as the sun, Iolana means “soaring like an eagle.”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Derived from “kallos,” meaning beauty, Calista radiates a sense of inner and outer allure.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Rooted in Arabic culture, Zainab symbolizes a fragrant and beautiful tree.


Origin: Catalan

Meaning: With a touch of medieval charm, Aurembiaix means “golden lady.”


Origin: Hindi

Meaning: A name as bright as a ray of sunlight, Kiran signifies “ray” or “beam.”


Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: A name fit for a brave explorer, Sunniva means “sun gift.”

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: Swedish

Meaning: Rooted in Sweden, Viveka symbolizes “wisdom” and “discernment.”


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Like a blooming flower, Fiorella represents “little flower.”


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: As delicate as a snowflake, Eirlys means “snowdrop.”


Origin: Breton

Meaning: From Brittany, Nolwenn signifies “holy” or “saintly.”


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Rooted in Sanskrit culture, Santoshi represents “contentment” and “satisfaction.”


Origin: Czech

Meaning: With Czech origins, Eliska signifies “God is my oath.”


Origin: Tibetan

Meaning: Inspired by “The Legend of Korra,” Jinora embodies wisdom and enlightenment.


Origin: Native American (Zapotec)

Meaning: A name with deep roots, Nayeli means “I love you” in Zapotec.


Origin: Romanian

Meaning: A delicate Romanian name, Viorica signifies “bluebell.”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Rooted in Latin, Aeliana means “sun” or “light.”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A name with a mythical touch, Illyria was an ancient region in Europe.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: This unique name means “incense” in Hebrew, symbolizing fragrant beauty.


Origin: French

Meaning: Inspired by water nymphs, Ondine represents the enchantment of water.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Rooted in Sanskrit, Vidya signifies “knowledge” and “wisdom.”


Origin: French

Meaning: As radiant as the sun, Solene means “sunshine” or “solemn.”


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A name with diverse origins, Samara signifies “protected by God” in Hebrew and “evening conversation” in Arabic.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: An extension of Vespera, Vesperina continues to evoke the magic of the evening.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: In Greek mythology, Amalthea was a nurturing goat, making this name a symbol of nurturing love.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A name associated with the ancient region of Thessaly, known for its beauty.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A Welsh name meaning “bright” or “beautiful.”


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: From Celtic legends, Isolde is a name of tragic beauty, often associated with love and passion.

These rare and beautiful baby girl names from around the world are like little treasures waiting to be discovered. May one of them hold the perfect meaning and charm for your precious baby girl.

We wish you luck!

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50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

50 Rare baby girl name from around the world.

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