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Breastmilk is an absolutely amazing gift. We all know it’s there to nourish and provide for our babies. But did you know that it has so many other uses??

There are some really interesting things you can do with breastmilk. Some are pretty weird and surprising.

It’s healing properties can be used for cooking, skincare, or to treat illness. The list goes on and on.

Breast milk is something everyone can benefit from, and you can use your fresh milk or you could use your expired breast milk. It’s all good!

Below is an awesome list of fun and interesting ways you can use breast milk in your daily life so that everyone reaps the rewards of that liquid gold.

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Amazing Things You Can Do With Breast milk

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The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry


Make A  Piece Of Jewelry You Can Keep Forever 


Did you know you can have a piece of jewelry made for yourself out of your breastmilk?

The designer uses your dried breast milk mixed with Resin to create a beautiful piece you can keep forever.

I wish so very much that I had known this when I was breastfeeding.

I just got finished nursing my last and what I wouldn’t give for a keepsake like this. It would mean so much! And I could have made it myself because making resin jewelry is a hobby of mine.

Anyway, there are people who will do it for you on Etsy so don’t let the opportunity pass like I did.

Here’s a lovely photo of an example of Breast Milk Jewelry. It was created by Keepsake Mom. 


breastmilk jewelry Etsy #breastmilkjewelry



Donate It 


Donating breastmilk is a really special thing to do.

It can help Nourish premature babies who have special nutritional needs. It will also give milk to babies whose mamas aren’t able to breastfeed.

It’s a wonderful gift to give so if you have extra milk help support other babies if you can.

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Create A Lotion


Creating a breastmilk lotion for your baby is a great idea. It will help calm and nourish their sensitive skin. There’s nothing more natural or healthy you could put on her.

You can use it for yourself or other children to if you’re so inclined.

Here’s an easy recipe you can try with your extra stash of milk.




Or Turn It Into Soap


Breastmilk soap is the gentlest thing you could put on your baby’s skin.

It will help with newborn Eczema and it’s very moisturizing.

Here’s a good Soap recipe you can use. 


The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry


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Relieve Baby’s Nasal Congestion


If your baby is suffering from a cold or general congestion, breastmilk is a great remedy.

It helps break up the mucus and it has antiviral properties that will work locally to fight infection.

You can express some directly into her nose or use some you’ve pumped.

For more info on how breastmilk can help with congestion have a look here. 

Diaper Rash


There is some evidence that using breastmilk for diaper rash is an effective and safe treatment.

At the very least it is anti-inflammatory and can calm the skin.

After that, you could apply a zinc cream.

Here’s a post on Diaper rash and other natural remedies you can use.


The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry



For Eczema


Babies tend to get Eczema when they are newborns because their skin is assaulted with so many harsh things.

Breastmilk is calming and it will help soothe that irritated bumping skin.

It’s healing properties will help heal the tiny blisters that can appear out of nowhere.


Rub On Your Sore Nipples


You can also rub your own breastmilk on your sore nipples too.

It will help heal the torn, inflamed skin. It’s especially helpful when your first start out breastfeeding.

You can add the breast milk, then a soothing balm on top made especially for nipples like this one. 



It Can Help With Ear Infections


The natural antibodies in breast milk can be really helpful if your little one has an ear infection.

It’s like a natural antibiotic and you can put it directly into the ear canal.


The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry


Clogged Tear Ducts


You can treat your baby’s tear ducts as well for the same reason you can use it in ears.

It will help clear out mucus, inflammation and any bacteria that is growing.

My babies all had very clogged tear ducts and they would get infected. I did this with my breast milk and let me tell you, it does work well.


Make Baby Popsicles


When your baby begins teething you can make breast milk popsicles.

This is a fun and interesting way to relieve the pain as well as provide a very nourishing treat.

You can even add fruit. Here’s a recipe for applesauce and sweet potato popsicles.

And here’s a popsicle tray on Amazon made just for babies.


It Can Help With Cradle Cap Too


Do you know those pesky flakes that newborns ( and sometimes older kids too ) get on their little heads? That’s known as Cradle Cap.

It’s just another weird skin issue babies get and it’s sort of a right of passage. It happens to them all.

You can use your liquid gold ( breast milk ) to help remedy this skin condition as well.

Just add some right onto their sweet little heads and let it dry.


Take A Milk Bath


Making a breast milk bath is a healthy way to treat your baby’s many skin issue from head to toe.

It’s soothing a moisturizing and just plain good for him.

Here’s an article about the benefits that includes a recipe for creating your perfect milk bath.


You can use breast milk in so many interesting ways. You can use it yourself as well. For example, you can use it on your chapped lips or as a contact solution.

Or you can use it when cooking! Many people do. Some have even made breast milk cheese believe it or not.

Many women also use it to help heal stretch marks.

Breast milk is Mother Nature’s gift to you and your baby so use it in as many ways that you can.

Best of luck to you!

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The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry


The many different uses of breast milk #differentwaystousebreastmilk #breastmilk #breastmiklotion #breastmilkjewelry





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