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In the enchanting tapestry of 2024, where each new life brings a canvas of endless possibilities, we present to you a treasure trove of baby names that dance along the spectrum of bohemian spirit, earthy charm, whimsical wonders, and unique allure.

This extensive list is a symphony of names, carefully curated to resonate with the heartbeat of the times, embodying a fusion of tradition and modernity.

From the spirited echoes of nature to the avant-garde melodies of the contemporary, this compilation celebrates the diversity of choices for both boys and girls, offering a kaleidoscope of meanings to paint the journey of your little one’s identity.

Welcome to a realm where names transcend mere labels, weaving narratives of uniqueness and character, an ode to the boundless potential encapsulated in each newborn soul.

This list is huge and you’re sure to find a name that you love!

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2024’s Name Alchemy: A Melodic Medley of Bohemian, Earthy, and Whimsical Choices

huge list of modern baby names

Earthy Baby Names

This list includes both boy and girl names.

Apple- This name is of English origin and is quirky and unique.

It has picked up in popularity since Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their own daughter Apple.

The name was so unique at the time that it made headlines after the child was born.

Blaze- Blaze is a really neat name. It’s gender-neutral but most commonly used for males. It means fire, Flame, or Blazing.

The name Blaze is of Latin origins.

Leaf- This is one of our favorite names on this list. It’s very natural and earthy. This name can be used for both boys and girls and it is a version of the Scandinavian word Leif, which means the Heir.

The lovely and talented actor Joaquin Phoenix’s original first name was Leaf and was changed for his acting career.

Ocean- Ocean is a pretty name of Greek origin, and it means the Sea, as you may have guessed.

Sage– Sage is a cool name with Latin roots. It means the wise one. It’s also the name of an aromatic spice.

Rain- Rain has been used for both boys and girls. It’s a British name that means Abundant Blessings From Above.

Krishna- This name has Hindu roots and is the name of a Hindu god. The name is masculine and means All- Attractive.Karma- Karma is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning Destiny. It also means fate. It’s primarily a female name.

Ember- Ember is a British name meaning low-burning fire or Spark. This is a very unique and interesting name and can be used for both boys and girls.
Sunny- Sunny is a cute name of English origin. It means the Sun, of course, or happy, cheerful temperament.
Robin- The name Robin is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of English origin meaning Bright, shining, and popular.
It’s also the name of a common bird found in many places in the world.
Nera- Nera is a unique name with Italian roots. It is feminine and means Candlelight. It’s a really pretty choice!
Aiden-Aiden is a traditional Irish name. It means Little Fire. It’s traditionally a masculine name but in recent years it’s been used for girls as well.
Lucca– This is a cute Italian name meaning the bringer of light and person from an Italian city. The name Lucca is predominantly given to boys, but it can be given to children of any gender. A variation of the spelling is Luca.
Soleil– This is a really lovely French name for a girl. It means the Sun.
Serafina- Serafina is a beautiful and interesting Italian name for a girl. It means fiery or burning.
Keagan- This is a masculine Irish name. It means fiery and ardent.

Ciro- Ciro is also an Italian name and it’s used for boys. Ciro means Of The Sun.

Uri- The name Uri is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means God Is My Light. Originally a nickname for Uriah.
Willow- This is a cute name of English origin. It refers to the Willow tree.
Rowan- Rowan is an awesome and unique name that has Irish and Scottish roots. It means little redhead.
Hunter- Hunter is most often a male’s name and it is of English And American origin. It has the simple meaning of the one that hunts, just as you’d expect.
Jade- This name has been used for both boys and girls but is primarily feminine. It has British roots and it refers to precious stone.
Aspen- Aspen is a British name. It means quaking tree or shaking Aspen.
Daphne- Daphne is a female name of Greek origin. It refers to the Laurel tree.
Poppy- Poppy is a really cute name with Latin roots. It is in reference to the poppy flower, most notably the California red Poppy.
Esmeralda- Esmeralda is a pretty Spanish and Portuguese name. It’s feminine in nature and it means emerald.
Skye- Skye is a cool Scottish name. It means island of clouds.
Maia- Maia is a Greek name that means the greatest or the mother.

Flora- Flora has Latin roots and it means Flowers. Flora is also the name of the Roman goddess of the Spring.

Lennox- Lennox is a name that is used by both girls and boys. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origins.

Lennox refers to Elm Grove.

Magnolia- Magnolia is of Latin origins and refers to the Latin word magnolius, which means of great excellence.
Summer- Summer is a simple British name and it means exactly what you think- The Summertime.
Hera- This is an interesting Greek name. It means the Goddess of marriage.
Hazel- Hazel is a girl’s name and has British roots like so many other popular names these days.
It refers to the Hazel tree.

Clover- Clover, yet another British name, has become popular in recent years. It means Meadow Flower.

Everest- Everest is a boy’s name with British roots, and it means Dweller On The Eure River.

Cerese- Cerese is a unique name of European origin. It can be isolated to French And English mostly but has roots in other countries too.
It means Cherry and Fruit Of The Tree.
Hawthorne- Hawthorne is a cute boy’s name that means lives where hawthorn hedges grow.
Kezie- Kezie is an interesting Hebrew name that means cassia tree.
Pansie- Pansie is an all-American name used for girls. It means Violet flower or Pansie flower.
Kirra- This unique name is both Greek and Australian. It means Lady of Light or beautiful woman. It also means Mistress and Beam of Light.
Cerese- This name has a varied origin and means Cherry in French and Fruit of the Tree.
Hawthorne- This is a male name of British origin. It means where the Hawthrones grow.
Tawnee- Tawnee is an interesting Irish name. It refers to a pale orange or brown color.
Katniss- Katniss is a cute modern name of Greek origin that means aquatic plant.
Elrey- This is a male name of British origin. It does sound distinctly British. Elrey means Alder tree.

Linwood- Linwood, another British name means linden tree valley.
Dandelion- Dandelion is a lovely natural name of French And English Origin. It means yellow flower or Lion’s tooth. It’s usually used for girls but has been used as a male’s name occasionally during the past decade.
Oak- Oak is a masculine old English name meaning Oak tree or meadow of oak trees.
Ivy- Ivy is a popular hippy name that has come and gone repeatedly over the decades. It comes from English and Latin regions and means Vine.

Lindell- Lindell is a cute male name of British origin. It refers to linden tree valley.

Barclay- Barclay is a cute boy’s name that means the Birch tree meadow. The name has Scottish and English roots.
Tacoma- Tacoma is an all-American and Indian name for boys and it means frozen water and snowy mountains.
Wilda- Wilda is a really pretty name. It is Anglo-Saxon and it means to be wild. I really love this one.
Mojave- Mojave is an American and Indian name that refers to a desert area in southern California and western Arizona.

Laurel- Laurel is a cute gender-neutral name but is most commonly used for girls. It has Latin roots and refers to the Laurel tree.

Luna- We all know that Luna means Luner or moon. It has Latin and Italian roots and it’s perfect for your little wild one.
Aiden- This is such a pretty, unique name from Gaelic origins. It’s gender-neutral but most often used as a boy’s name.
It means fire-y or little fire.
Rowan- If you loved Lord Of The Rings you may recognize this name.  Rowan was a young Southlander of Tirharad in the Southlands of Middle-earth.
Rowan is a gender-neutral name with Irish and Scottish roots and it means the little one with red hair.

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