HEY! Get These Two As Well! Pregnancy Scrapbook And Journal Add On-Package Deal For Only $8 More- Everything For $36 Instead of $54

Add These 2 Digital Pregnancy Books!

Add These Two To Document Your Pregnancy Too!

Adding These will allow you to take pics of each week of pregnancy and journal your entire experience as a digital keepsake, on top of the original package that lets you post a picture of every day for the first 3 years! You’ll be able to save your books on your iPad or Cloud and come back to them or share them any time you want.

These two books alone are $18 as a set but with this exclusive offer you can add them on to your other scrapbooks for $8, here and now only.


You get the pregnancy scrapbook as an add-on


Pregnancy Journal for your special moments


Regularly $18 alone but add it now for only $8

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