The Ultimate First Trimester To-Do List Plus Some Pregnancy Freebies

The Ultimate First Trimester To-Do List Plus Some Pregnancy Freebies


This Post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

When you find out you’re pregnant you may be very excited but really overwhelmed too. Even though the birth of your little bundle seems far off at the moment there is a ton of stuff you need to do to prepare.

I remember the first time I found out I was elated and totally shocked. It was an awesome feeling but I knew even though it was early on that I had to get to work. I wish I had read a post that told me what to do during each trimester and so I’m writing one for my readers ūüôā

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Here’s a list of things to do during your first trimester to prepare you and get you on your way to being ready for baby.


What To Expect During The First Trimester


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Are You Sure You’re Having A Baby??


It’s important to confirm your pregnancy before you get too excited. This is definitely step number one. Most pregnancy tests are right but if the line is faint take another test two days later then get a blood test.

{ Here’s the best, most accurate pregnancy test you can buy }

**Are you looking for an online prenatal Course? My friend Hilary at Pulling Curls has a great online course for expecting mamas. It’s the best online. Check it out here.

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And How To Take The Fear Out Of Childbirth 

8 Ways to slay your morning sickness


Tell Your Partner


Next, once you’re completely sure then go ahead and share the good news with those closest to you! How excited they’ll be, especially if it was planned ūüėČ


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These companies will give you $300 worth of free baby stuff and it’s not samples either!

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Take Your Prenatal Vitamin


Of course, you want to begin getting all the necessary nutrients for you and your babe right from the start. This is a really good prenatal vitamin that won’t make you nauseated { and that will be important }




Find A Good  Obstetrician


Finding a really good Obstetrician is important. Most prefer a woman { I know I did }. Make sure to check the reviews online so you can get to know their practice and how their past patients have felt about them, then make your first appointment.


Research Insurance


It’s important to check your insurance coverage and make sure that you have all the benefits you need. If not you may have to purchase add-on insurance or perhaps you’ll qualify for temporary Medicaid depending on your income.


first trimester to do list


If you think you qualify for Medicaid you can go to your local health department and get a pregnancy test and then start your paperwork.


Check Your Maternity Leave Policies


You want to know where you stand right away when it comes to Maternity Leave so check your company’s policies but don’t tell them you’re pregnant right away.


Stop Smoking


Please don’t tell me you still smoke. But if you do right now is the time to quit because smoking has a very profound effect on pregnancy and your fetus. No excuses what so ever, just quit that.


Learn What To Avoid


There are quite a few things you need to avoid during pregnancy and it’s best if you learn early on. There are certain foods and certain activities like sitting in hot tubs that can be hazardous so don’t take any risks and educate yourself right away.


Start thinking About A Pregnancy Fitness Plan


It’s really tempting to just do absolutely nothing when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. You’ll be tired and you just don’t want to move.

But keeping up some form of exercise is vital to your own health as well as your baby’s. So get moving and create a plan.

It doesn’t have to be intense and if you follow through half the time with your plan then you’ll be good to go.


Schedule Naps


That’s Right. schedule your naps every. single. day. At least during the first trimester because you’ll be TIRED.

There’s nothing like ” Pregnant Tired “. It’s so intense and it was the very worst part for me during my three pregnancies. 6oclock in the evening bedtime anyone? Why yes, I’ll take that, and you will too.

My point is that you need to plan to rest A LOT. If you do it won’t interfere so much with your life.


Start Maternity Shopping


You can go ahead and start buying new clothes because by the end of the trimester your clothes will be pretty tight. So go ahead and indulge yourself and buy some cute things to wear in the upcoming months.

Just Relax


Just Relax mama and take a deep breath. It can all be That’s it for the first-trimester list. It’s all pretty simple at the beginning.¬† Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy pregnancy as much as I did!

If you’re interested in taking an online prenatal course my Friend Hilary at Pulling Curls has the best one right here as I mentioned above.

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The One Thing I Did That Helped Me Breastfeed During The first Few Weeks Without Pain

The One Thing I Did That Helped Me Breastfeed During The first Few Weeks Without Pain

*This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here. 

Breastfeeding can hurt. We all know this or have heard this. It’s the one thing that can really scare mamas away or make them think they just can’t do it.

*Please note that this post is an extension of my longer post on Breastfeeding that you can read right here. I just wanted to write this short post to reiterate that you can breastfeed with minimal pain.  

But it’s not so bad. In fact, the pain ends pretty quickly, only after those first few weeks.

Do You Want Free Baby Stuff? Check out this post right here to get over $300 worth of awesome stuff and it’s NOT a bunch of samples. It’s real stuff on your list that you need.

nipple pain from breastfeeding

But there is a really simple way to avoid the pain altogether that EVERY breastfeeding mama should be aware of.

The way to avoid all that pain is { Drum Roll Please } Nipple Shields! These are really great and so are these. 

Nipple shields will save you from a world of pain but only use them when you need them and in the first few weeks when the baby is trying to get that perfect latch.

Want A FREE Breastfeeding Hospital Planner? Go to this page and download yours now!

You will thank me for this later. Good Luck Mama!

Want more information on breastfeeding? As I mentioned above, I wrote a post just the other day on how to breastfeed like a pro right from the beginning. You can read it here.

Shop Janie and Jack


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These companies will give you $300 worth of free baby stuff and it’s not samples either!

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This post was short and sweet and right to the point.

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The Ultimate To-Do List For Your Third Trimester

The Ultimate To-Do List For Your Third Trimester

*This Post May Contain Affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

So You’ve Made it to the third trimester and You’re on the Final Homestretch, Yay! Baby is soo close now. But there is so much to do to get you ready and it can feel really overwhelming.

So I’ve created this Ultimate, handy list of things that you need to do so you’ll be completely ready.

Here we go:


The Ultimate To-Do List For The Third Trimester


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Baby Proof The House


This is a very important step when preparing for your new arrival. Your baby may not be up and moving around for months but it’s best to get it out of the way before she arrives. This and These are great options to help you safe-proof your home.

Do You Want Free Baby Stuff? Check out this post right here to get over $300 worth of awesome stuff and it’s NOT a bunch of samples. It’s real stuff on your list that you need.



Keep Track Of Baby’s Movements


Pay close attention to his movements and call your doc if you notice a sudden decrease in kicks or turns. They will have you come in and checked right away.

Some even keep a kick log for fetal kick counts and that’s not a bad idea at all. You could also get one of these monitors that helps amplify the sound of your baby and his kicks, I had one and Loved it. It really provides peace of mind and it’s FDA approved.

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These companies will give you $300 worth of free baby stuff, and they’re not samples. 

Get A Free 55-page Pregnancy journal, Free Download

The Psychology of being a new mother

What to expect at the hospital from check-in to check out when having a baby

Take A Birthing Class



If you haven’t taken a birthing class already then the time is definitely right now. If you don’t love the idea of going to a class somewhere I get it, and maybe you’re just too tired for that.

I was and I took an online course. There are some great options to choose from and my Friend, Hilary, from Pulling Curls has the best one online. You Can Check it out for free right here. She also has a free birthing plan printable you can get right here. 

Prepare For Breastfeeding 


Breastfeeding is the most satisfying experience. The Bond is out of this world and I highly recommend it if you are able.

But it’s not as easy as just sticking your babe on the boob. Oh no, there’s way more to it than that and you need to be well prepared. I have a great post on breastfeeding right here and it has some diagrams and a really good video at the end so be sure to watch it.

Here’s a post with some great Lactation recipes too, to increase your milk.

baby subscription box

Choose your Baby’s Doctor¬†


You may have done this already but if not pick one and give them a call. Make sure they accept your insurance and see if they do rounds at the hospital you’ll be giving birth at.

The baby’s doctor will then be assigned to come check on her after birth.

Have Your Baby Shower!


Baby is almost here and now you get to party! Having your baby shower is a good way to get some of the things you need for him and it’s a fun way to celebrate his upcoming birth.

Assemble Your Baby Gear 


Now’s the time to finish getting your nursery set up. You’ll need a Crib, Swing, Bassinet, Stroller, and baby monitors. This is a whole lot to take care of so you can have your partner do all the hard work while you kick back and take a nap.

You’ll also likely need a co-sleeper for the first few months. Co-sleepers keep baby in arms reach at night and give you great peace of mind. Here’s a great post over at Think Baby by Zoe Withers that talks about the different types of Co-sleepers and which are safest.

Prepare For Your Postpartum Time 


Lot’s Of women think a lot about pregnancy and birth but don’t put too much thought into their postpartum time. They often find themselves unprepared for this period.

Preparing is key and knowing what to expect. I have a great post right here that explains what will happen and ways you can minimize the pain and believe me, you’ll want to minimize it so have a look. I wrote it just for you ūüôā

Make Some Big Decisions


You’re really close now so it’s time to think about things like Circumcision { If Your Bundle’s a boy } and whether or not you want to save Cord Blood. Here’s an awesome article on Cord Blood if you want more information.

If you aren’t going to save your baby’s cord blood you can ask them to delay clamping off the cord for a few minutes so they can receive all the stem cells and nourishment from the cord.

Discuss this with your doctor and make sure you add it to your birthing plan. 

You can also consider whether or not you’ll be using an epidural during the labor process or going the natural route. If you go the natural route, good for you! You’re one brave mama. I had to have an epidural every time.

Read up on Baby Care


The Third Trimester is a good time to read a couple of great baby books so you’re fully prepared. This one right here is really good. It is very comprehensive and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Self Care For You 


Let’s not forget about you. During the third trimester, you’ll need plenty of sleep and nourishing food.

You should pamper yourself a bit too. Go ahead and get your hair cut because you may not have time later on. Maybe get a pedicure so you can look at those pretty toes while sitting there in the hospital. That way you won’t feel like such a hot mess.

I have a great article that you should look at too about the Psychology of being a new mother.


Learn What To Expect During Labor


Knowing what to expect during labor will help take the fear out of it. Research it a bit so you know the stages and signs.


Tour The Hospital


Taking a tour of the hospital will help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings and you’ll know what to expect. Plus it’s just fun.


Install The Car Seat 


This is a no-brainer. You have to have a seat.

Make sure the car seat is installed properly. It’s really important that it’s tight and you wouldn’t even be able to leave the hospital without one.

You want a really good quality car seat too. This is one area you don’t want to go budget on. This one is a really good choice.


Pack Your Hospital Bag 


This is the time to pack your hospital bag obviously. Go right ahead and do it at the beginning of the third trimester. You probably won’t need it that early but on occasion, a baby comes much earlier than expected and when this happens, getting to the hospital as quickly as possible { so they can hopefully stop the labor } Is essential to your baby’s health!

You don’t want to stand around and wonder what you should be putting in a bag so do it early on for peace of mind.

Here’s a post on Packing your hospital bag that I created not too long ago.


Want a free labor bag checklist? Get one Below!



Clean Your House 


No one wants to have a baby and come home to a complete disaster. Sometimes if your labor surprises you,¬† it can’t be helped. But if you can clean up before you go that will be super helpful.

You’ll feel so much happier when you get home knowing you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll have a lot on your mind and you’ll be tired and pretty overwhelmed, There’s no doubt. So keep this in mind and make it as easy for yourself as possible.

Here’s a great post on cleaning with a strategy that seriously gets things done. Cleaning up seems like a simple task but when you break it up into parts like I describe in the post, you’ll get huge amounts of clutter removed in record time.

That’s pretty much it. If you do all the things I listed above you’ll feel prepared and ready to have that baby. I wish you all the luck in the world and I’m so very excited for you! I still remember my three births and they are the best moments of my life and I know they will be the same for you.

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How To Breastfeed Like A Pro The First Time

How To Breastfeed Like A Pro The First Time

 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can have a look at my Disclosure here. 

Breastfeeding is so rewarding and the bond that is created between mother and infant is indescribable.

But there’s no doubt that breastfeeding isn’t easy in the beginning. It’s painful to start and if your hospital doesn’t have a good lactation expert you may be totally lost on what to do.

Most imagine that you just stick the baby on the boob and that’s all that it takes but it’s wayyy more difficult than that.

*You may also be interested in The One thing I did that helped me breastfeed the first few weeks with NO pain. 

I should know, I’ve breastfed three babies, each time past two years old and I’ve experienced it all. I have loved every second of it though and I love helping other new moms learn how to do it.

Want Breastfeeding Freebies?! You can get them with the coupon code ” Thislittlenest22 “ that was created with each company just for my readers. Yes! They’re really free so check it out!!

Breastfeeding Pillow     Nursing cover     Nursing band        Reusable breast pads

Read the full post here on how to get even more pregnancy freebies.

So I know a thing or two about the subject. Let’s talk about how to transition into nursing with ease.

In the beginning 

When your baby is born it’s good to attempt¬†breastfeeding right away. The baby may not know how to instinctually latch on { Contrary to popular belief } and you’ll likely have to guide her.

It’s a good idea that you research exactly how to do this so you’re confident in what you’re doing. If you don’t know and you keep trying, you’ll cause yourself a whole lot of pain and the baby will certainly sense your frustration. That will complicate the process and you want to make breastfeeding as easy and pleasurable as possible for you both.

Here’s a diagram that will give you a visual image of how to latch your baby as efficiently as possible.

How to latch your baby during breastfeeding

Have Patience

Even if you are properly educated on how to help your sweet baby latch, she may struggle at first. Your goal should be helping her get as much of your nipple in her mouth as possible from the bottom jaw up because mama, If she just grabs at the nipple with her mouth and only manages to get a bit in, it’s gonna hurt and the soreness that comes is unreal.

Once you get a good latch going everything else will start to fall into place so this is your very first goal.

{ Check out my Pinterest Breastfeeding Board here for TONS of info and make sure you follow me for more great stuff! }

There Will Be Pain 

I’m not going to sugar coat it, Even with a good latch you are going to get really sore and you may even bleed. But it’s not as bad as some might have you believe.

For the first few weeks when the baby latches on it will burn pretty intensely, but the good news is that it fades after about 20 seconds and you won’t feel that pain again until the next feeding.

After a few weeks, the pain will fade completely. It’s well worth it despite the burn you feel and most mamas endure it well.

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With all that being said, there are some really great ways to help minimize breastfeeding pain. You don’t need to suffer so don’t!

Here are a few things that will REALLY help. You can get them all on AMAZON. 

Medela Hydro-Gel Breast pads are an absolute must! These are so very comforting and cooling to and they work like a charm.  These Gel Pads from Lansinoh are really great too.

This nipple ointment will help so much too and I couldn’t live without it.

Breast shells and nipple shields will also minimize the pain you feel great so you’ll be able to concentrate on helping your babe more.

How To Breastfeed For Beginners

But there’s so Much More to know…

So we’ve talked about latching and you understand the importance of this process and we’ve discussed the pain you’ll experience and how to minimize that.

Now that we’ve talked about the basics that will get you started let’s go over a few more tips.

See Nursing in action 

If you can, before you have your babe watch a friend or someone else you know and ask them to demonstrate. Hopefully, they won’t be too shy to show you how.

Skin To Skin Is Always Best 

Having your baby right on your skin without clothing between you two not only feels really sweet, but it helps you produce more milk and it helps the baby bond and breastfeeds better.

Avoid Pacifiers At First 

Babies suck on Pacifiers in a different way then the breast. This can and will cause Nipple confusion and they’ll have trouble establishing a good latch.

Have Good Support For yourself and Your Baby

Having a good way to prop yourself up will make you much more comfortable and your back will hurt less { because holding a baby and nursing does cause your back to hurt without a good pillow! } The pillow down below¬†is what I use and it’s amazing!

Also, a really good breastfeeding pillow like the Boppy is a great option. You can get a free nursing PIllow here with the coupon code Thislittlenest22 as I stated above but their pillows are smallish. If you’re willing to spend a little, Boppy’s are the best!


Avoid Formula At First 

If you offer Formula right away it will definitely affect your milk supply. Just don’t do it. Continue to try breastfeeding even if it gets really frustrating. You’ll get it, just be patient.

Don’t Give up!¬†

Yes, it hurts and it can be frustrating if¬†it doesn’t seem to come naturally to you both, but it’s so very worth it. Plus the convenience of not having to fix bottles all night is awesome. You’ll be glad you were persistent!

In fact, breastfeeding makes those first few months that much easier and that’s a really good thing.

Pumping When You Get Home

Using a breast pump like this one right here will help keep your milk supply up really well. It will also relieve engorgement when your breasts get flooded with milk. Be sure to get an electric one because the manual ones are pretty tedious and you’ll be sitting around all day trying to pump. Let’s face it, You haven’ got time for that!

You can freeze your breast milk with these breastmilk freezer bags and use it later when you do introduce the bottle to your baby. Then maybe dad can have a go at holding the baby and feeding her.

So this is pretty much all the things you need to think about when Breastfeeding.  I hope it helps, and feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions!

I would love it if you would share this post with your friends to help spread breastfeeding awareness and maybe help a new mama out. You can share with the buttons to the left or the Pinterest image below the video. Thanks so much!

I also wanted to add this video from The Yellow Nursery. It is an older Youtube video but I think it’s really helpful. Watching the process can be really helpful.

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Breastfeeding a Newborn


How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

Getting your baby to sleep through the night can be really tough and every baby is different. It can be a real challenge for everyone but especially you mama because you need your rest more than anyone.

We all struggle with finding what works for each individual child but there are a few things that seem to work pretty well and they certainly can’t hurt.

Let’s talk about what can help.

Unique, eco-friendly products chosen just for you and your little one!

This Post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Developing the perfect sleep environment 

When you are preparing your nursery you should consider different elements that will help your baby sleep better. Dark curtains that don’t let in too much light are a good idea.

A fan or a white noise appliance can be very soothing too. There are some great ones on Amazon like this Baby Sleep Soother. We own this and it’s seriously awesome. I used with all three of my little ones and it’s lasted the test of time.

The temperature is important too. You don’t want your babe to be too hot or cold. No one likes to sleep when they’re sweating or freezing and your babies are no exception.


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of swaddling. Swaddling can help calm and control your baby’s startle reflex.¬† When she startles she can suddenly wake up and it can cause a lot of broken sleep for everyone.

Swaddling your baby tight will keep them more relaxed and she will sleep deeper. The Halo Sleepsack is a great option.

Don’t Rush Solid Foods¬†

Rushing solid foods can cause considerable restlessness for babies. Back in the day, the experts would tell you to start solids really early but you can certainly wait till your babe is older.

Waiting will save your child from the gastrointestinal distressed that is caused once they begin adapting to solids. In my experience, once my babies began eating solids, they would lift their legs up and down all night and kick around a bit. I can only guess that their little tummies hurt. This caused so many sleepless nights.

With my last baby, I waited and you know what? This never even happened with her. So my advice? Wait a while, there’s no rush.

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Sleep Associations

If you breastfeed your baby every single time you put him down to rest he will always expect this. In the middle of the night, he’ll wake and want to breastfeed.

It can happen so many times during the night you’ll feel like you don’t sleep at all. In the beginning this inevitable because he needs the nutrients, But a couple of months out, you’ll need to find other ways for him to fall asleep.

When your baby is tired rocking him or rubbing his belly can help. Or perhaps your partner can hold him as he gets sleepy. When he wakes in the night you can use some of these same techniques.

The same goes for Pacifiers. If your baby really loves his pacifier he’ll wake every time it pops out of his mouth and oh boy, does it become a whole lot of trouble.

If you can avoid pacifiers all together that would be helpful, but being a mama of three, I know that’s not always possible,¬†so do what you can and don’t feel bad about it.

Create A Solid Bedtime Routine

Even really young babies can benefit from a good bedtime routine. They can get accustomed to those sleepy time cues and it will help tremendously down the road. A bath, dim lighting, a light massage, and reading quietly are awesome ways to create a routine.


When your baby is still really young and needs all those breastfeeding sessions you can use this technique. Breastfeeding them for a good while right before bed will help them sleep longer because their little tummies won’t be as empty. Once they’re older it’s good to find other ways of soothing them to sleep but before they’re 4 months old you can dream feed them So they’ll sleep more soundly.

Change Your baby before they eat at night ( If they need it )

This is pretty obvious but sometimes you’re tired and you just feed your babe, only to find that she definitely has to be changed right as you get her to sleep. Major bummer. So make sure you do it beforehand and here’s to hoping she doesn’t do it AGAIN while feeding. { cause mama that’s gonna happen too }

Don’t rush in every time your babe cries

Sometimes he will make little sounds or cries at night. He may be dreaming or startling and you may want to rush in to check him. But chances are, at least some of the time, that he’ll go right back to sleep.

So give it a moment and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get lucky.

Last Word

So those were a few good ideas offered up by experts to help get your little one sleeping better. They aren’t miracles by a long shot, but they do help form healthy sleep habits over time and that’s really important.

All you can do is try to make them as comfortable as possible and get them used to sleepy time cues and you’ll both work your way to a better night’s sleep.

Good luck Mama and If you have any techniques you’ve used with your babe that worked share it in the comments below!

It would mean a lot to me if you would share this post with your friends, especially new mamas. You can share with the buttons to the left of the page or with the Pinterest image below. Thanks so much, you’re awesome!

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Help your baby sleep through the night




How To Survive Postpartum Pain Without Crying!

How To Survive Postpartum Pain Without Crying!

Women worry so much about the pain they will experience during labor and delivery that they hardly consider the aftermath. Once you have your babe, you have a whole lot to consider and the pain can be pretty intense during the healing phase right after birth.

Luckily¬†You’ll be distracted by your bundle of joy and that alone is a miraculous painkiller.

But some of it you’re gonna feel and it’s definitely not the fun part of it all. That being said, there are some really great products that can help sooth the pain you feel postpartum and they’re real-life savors.

Looking For Breastfeeding information too? Check out this post right here and this guide right here.

Just Added: 25 Pregnancy Side Effects No one Tells You About! 

Want The Quick and Easy version of this post? Click here to find out just what you need to help avoid Postpartum Pain.

It’s important you keep your postpartum pain under control so that it doesn’t drain every last bit of energy you have left. Because you’ll need that energy, trust me.

Let’s have a look at some of the things I used after my three births and what you should use too.

By the way, this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 


Incontinence Underwear

Ok, so things can get pretty rough down there. You will be super swollen and very leaky and there will be blood. Not trying to scare you but I’m just laying it down like it is.

You’ll need something to wear besides your regular underwear and these right here are perfect. They’re what I used and they are comfy and they work well.



Pain Relieving Spray 



You’ll Need a really good Pain Relieving Spray and Earth Mama Perineal Spray is the BEST. I used it and I loved it. It works really well and is safe with excellent reviews. You can have a look at it right here. It’s a must.


Tucks Pads


These are sooo comforting. I used them every time and they are cooling and cleansing. I highly recommend them! You can Yours here. 


Perineal Ice Pack 


You won’t be able to go without¬†these Perineal Ice packs. You need them to help with the swelling and they will help reduce the pain so much. I loved mine and used them nonstop the first week.



A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


These are the best and some hospitals Will give you one but if they don’t has one you can buy for cheap. You can have a look right here. You’ll also need pads { and these are great},¬†of course even though you have those special undies. You’ll bleed a lot and you’ll need plenty of protection.



The bottle really comes in handy though to clean things up and feels good too because you’ll feel fresher.



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Healing Ointment 


This silver infused ointment is great for tears and hemorrhoids too. It feels good and it helps you heal quickly. It’s another must-have. You can buy it here.¬†

I actually recommend this ointment for any first aid kit. It’s awesome.



Nipple Balm


We’ve talked a lot about bottoms so far but let’s go up a little. Those nipples are gonna hurt. It’s no joke, but don’t let that discourage you from breastfeeding. I’ve nursed all three of mine, each for several years.

But the pain is real when you first start and you definitely have to have a really good nipple balm. This one right here has always been my favorite. it’s called Boob Ease ūüėČ


Gel Nursing Pads 


These are like little ice packs for your nipples and they’re totally necessary. Here’s a really good brand, I used them and they’re awesome.

There are a few other things you may want to pick up like a Donut pillow to sit on, a¬† postpartum Belly Wrap and some K-Y Jelly for when you’re ready to try sex. Just a thought.



I hope this helps and I am wishing you a lovely postpartum with minimum pain.

Was there something you had to have postpartum that you think I should add to the list? If so let me know in the comments and I’ll add it!

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