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Spring is in the air, and the season of blossoms and bunnies is upon us.

As we eagerly anticipate the joyous festivities that come with Easter, why not kickstart the celebrations with a touch of creative flair with your child?

From charming bunny bunting to engaging scavenger hunts and delightful coloring pages, we’ve curated a list of fantastic free printables that promise to add a sprinkle of magic to your Easter preparations. Your little ones will have a blast really getting into the Easter Spirt.

So, whether you’re a parent seeking entertaining activities for your kiddos or just someone looking to infuse your space with Easter charm, join us on a journey through the wonderful world of printable Easter delights.

Let the crafting, coloring, and creativity begin.

Easter Printables- Hop Into Creativity: 11 Free Easter Printables for Kids

Easter Printables

The Most Epic Easter Egg Hunt with Clues (Printable Scavenger Hunt)

Easter egg hunts just got a serious upgrade.

Head over to The Savvy Sparrow and discover the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Clues – a game-changing twist to the classic egg hunt that’ll excite your little adventurers.

This free printable transforms your typical egg hunt into a full-blown scavenger hunt adventure.

Armed with clever clues, your kiddos will embark on a journey, decoding hints and discovering hidden treasures along the way.

It’s not just about finding eggs; it’s about solving the mystery and adding a dash of excitement to your Easter celebrations.

Ready for an egg-citing twist to your Easter festivities? Print the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt with Clues here and watch the fun unfold.

easter scavenger hunt


Red Ted Art has really cute Easter Lacing Cards for your little ones.

These are delightful free printables that turn crafting into a hands-on, fine-motor skill-building adventure.

Red Ted Art’s Easter Lacing Cards are not just about creating cute designs; they’re a subtle way of developing those crucial motor skills.

Dive into the world of Red Ted Art and grab your Easter Lacing Cards for Preschool here. Let the lacing fun commence, and watch those little fingers turn Easter shapes into mini masterpieces!

Printable easter cards


This hidden gem of creative Easter delights awaits at Artsy Fartsy Mama’s blog.

This cute little masterpiece is more than just a printable; it’s a ticket to an Easter extravaganza that will keep the little tykes entertained for while.

Whether they’re navigating through egg-shaped mazes or adding a splash of color to cute critters, the Artsy Fartsy Mama’s Easter Activity Page is the key to unlocking springtime fun.

Dive into the Easter magic here: Artsy Fartsy Mama’s Free Printable Easter Activity Page.

Free easter printable

Printable Hoppy Easter Cards & Easter Crayon Gift For Classmates

Feast your eyes on the Easter Crayon Shapes – a super cool and free printable that’s not just an activity but a mini adventure for your little artists.

At Simplify Create Inspire, you’ll find this fantastic Easter Crayon Shapes printable, a nifty way to turn ordinary crayons into Easter magic.

Your kids can color away with crayons shaped like bunnies, eggs, and all things Easter – it’s like a coloring party with a twist.

This printable is not just about making art; it’s about creating memories and sharing giggles with your little ones.

Head on over to Simplify Create Inspire and grab the Easter Crayon Shapes printable.

Easter coloring page


Over at In The Playroom, they’ve cooked up a ‘ Decorate Your Own Easter Bonnet Craft Printable Activity ‘ that’s pure crafty goodness for your little ones.

In The Playroom’s free printable is not just a craft; it’s an invitation to a bonnet-decorating extravaganza.

From cute bunnies to colorful eggs, this printable provides the perfect canvas for your kids to let their imaginations run wild.

You can see their creation here. 

free easter printable

Easter LEGO Challenge Cards

Brace yourselves for a block-tastic Easter treat.

Little Bins for Little Hands has some printable Easter LEGO Challenge Cards that turn your ordinary LEGO play into an eggstraordinary adventure.

They are a set of challenge cards that’ll have your little architects constructing everything from LEGO bunny burrows to egg-cellent creations.

It’s not just about stacking bricks; it’s about unleashing creativity and embracing the Easter spirit, one LEGO masterpiece at a time.

Dive into the world of Little Bins for Little Hands and grab your Easter LEGO Challenge Cards here and let the LEGO fun begin, and may your creations be as epic as the Easter Bunny’s.

This Or That Easter Questions FREE Printable

Here’s an Easter gem that’s about to inject a dose of laughter and creativity into your Easter celebrations!

Mom Hacks 101 has cooked up a delightful game with their This or That Easter Questions – a free printable that’ll have your family making tough choices and sharing some eggstraordinary laughs.

This printable offers quirky dilemmas like “Peeps or chocolate bunnies?” and “Egg hunt in the morning or evening?” that will have your family in stitches. It’s not just a game; it’s a recipe for hilarious moments and bonding around the Easter table.

Print your This or That Easter Questions here. Get ready for some tough decisions and endless laughs.

Easter questions printable


In The Kids’ Kitchen has a crafty Easter adventure with their Easter Egg Potato Stamping – a free printable activity that transforms humble spuds into artistic masterpieces.

Your little Picassos can play with potato stamps, dipping them into an array of vibrant colors, and creating Easter egg-inspired art that’s both fun and festive.

In The Kids’ Kitchen’s free printable guide takes potato stamping to a whole new level, making it an eggstraordinary crafting experience for your little ones.

Grab your Easter Egg Potato Stamping guide here.

 Easter Egg Potato Stamping w_ Printable Template - In the Kids' Kitch_ - www.inthekidskitchen.com

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages PDF

Easter coloring extravaganza alert! Prepare to ignite your little one’s creativity with Cendu Param’s Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages – a treasure trove of adorable designs that will have your kids reaching for their crayons in no time.

Cute bunnies, Easter eggs, and springtime scenes waiting to be brought to life with vibrant colors.

Cendu Param’s collection of free coloring pages is more than just a printable; it’s an invitation for your little artists to unleash their imagination and add their unique touch to the Easter festivities.

Snag your Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages here. Let the coloring fun begin, and may your Easter creations be as bright and cheerful as the spring sunshine.

See one of the pages below.

Easter coloring pages


My Poppet has a pretty printable of an Easy Bunny Bunting that’s about to add a touch of whimsy to your space.

No need for complicated crafts – just print, cut, and hop into the world of adorable bunny decor.

My Poppet’s Easy Bunny Bunting is not just a printable; it’s an effortless way to infuse your space with Easter charm. Perfect for crafters of all levels, this project promises maximum cuteness with minimal effort.

See the printable at My Poppet and snag your Easy Bunny Bunting here. Let the bunny festivities begin, and may your space be adorned with the charm of these adorable Easter creatures.

Easter bunting printable

Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages For Kids

Simple Everyday Mom has a treat for you with their Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages – a collection that’s sure to spark your creativity and bring a burst of color to your Easter celebrations.

Simple Everyday Mom’s free coloring pages are more than just a printable – they’re a canvas for your child’s imagination to run wild. Get those crayons ready, because it’s time to turn these eggs into vibrant works of art!

Ready to embark on an Easter coloring adventure? Dive into the world of Simple Everyday Mom and grab your Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages here.

Easter egg coloring


My Poppet is here to sprinkle a dash of artistic joy with their Printable Easter Coloring Page.

My Poppet’s Printable Easter Coloring Page is not just a piece of paper; it’s an invitation to create a masterpiece that captures the essence of the season.

So, grab your favorite coloring tools, and let the coloring magic begin! You and your child will love this detailed and expressive coloring activity.

Head over to My Poppet and grab your Printable Easter Coloring Page here. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, this coloring page promises a delightful journey into the heart of Easter joy.

egg coloring pages easter

As we wrap up our exploration of these delightful Easter printables, it’s clear that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to celebrating this joyous season.

Whether you and your child embarked on a scavenger hunt adventure, added a pop of color to your space with bunny bunting, or enjoyed moments of artistic expression through coloring pages, we hope these printables have brought a sense of whimsy and festivity to your Easter preparations.

As you gather with loved ones to celebrate, may the spirit of creativity and joy continue to bloom, making this Easter a truly memorable and crafty affair.

Wishing you all a hoppy and colorful Easter celebration!

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Easter Printables

Easter Printables

Easter Printables

Easter Printables

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