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How to Fix Flat Head And Avoid The Helmet

Babies often lay flat these days with all the things mamas use to assist them. Strollers, car seats and swings all play a role in the rise of the problem. Luckily the issue is usually very benign and can be fixed fairly easily.  Nearly 50% of babies are affected...

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How To Get Through Labor Transition Without Crying

You've gotten through most of your labor and things have really kicked up a notch. The intensity is peaking and you may want an epidural at this time. If you are wanting to give birth naturally then these will be your weakest moments.  But I know you can do it,...

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The 4 Stages Of Labor

  When you think of labor you see yourself in a hospital or on a table pushing out your baby, but truthfully it starts long before any of that.  You can be in the first stage of labor at home for more than a week without even knowing it.  In this...

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22 Cute Viking Baby Names That You’ll Love

There's nothing cuter than a baby with a unique Viking Or Swedish Name. Their names conjure up images of Game Of Thrones Characters and the like.  I have created an awesome list of 22 Viking Baby names that I think you'll love. They will fit your little princess...

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