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Pregnancy will be one of the best… and the most difficult times of your life.

It has it’s downfalls but for the most part it’s absolutely wonderful. In fact, most women miss it when they’re done having babies.

I know I do, I’ve had three and I would give anything to be pregnant again. So enjoy every minute of it.

The good ones and the rough ones too.

Below is a list that will really make you see the beauty in pregnancy. It will help you be mindful of your experience during this very special time.

Enjoy it and appreciate it all. I worked hard on this list just for you. Check it out below.

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The 6 Positive Things That Make Pregnancy So Special!

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6 positive reasons pregnancy is so special #pregnancytips #pregnancy #impregnant



You get to experience the miracle of life


Every step, from growing a child inside of you, all the way to delivery is a miracle of its own.

The journey and transformation that your body and soul go through is something that can only be experienced through pregnancy.

Pregnancy is hard on the body but it’s oh so worth it once baby arrives. AND you get to name another person…how cool is that.

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Worry-free sex


For a lot of people, pregnancy will be the first time they can enjoy sex without the worry of getting pregnant or the work that comes with trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancy sex can feel like sweet freedom and it’s a wonderful time to be intimate with your partner.

You will also have out of this world, earth-shattering orgasms. During sex AND while sleeping at night!

All those hormones cause night orgasms to be a fun and frequent event. Sweet Dreams….


Not having a period


Bye-bye monthly.

People don’t talk about this part, but it’s an amazing perk of pregnancy. Enjoy this while you can.

If you breastfeed, it can take even longer for that monthly crimson tide to show up.

Plus breastfeeding has a ton of benefits for you and your babe. Click here to read more about it. 


You get extra attention


Your husband, friends, family, and coworkers are all more attentive and considerate to your needs during this time.

Even if you’re catered to now on a regular basis, pregnancy attention is on a whole other level.


6 positive reasons pregnancy is so special #pregnancytips #pregnancy #impregnant


You may not be a person who loves tons of extra attention but during pregnancy, you’ll need it and it does feel good to have extra help, love, and people buzzing around you and making a fuss.

It’s a nice feeling and one that you’ll miss very much later on.


Guilt-free eating


You’ll be able to eat more food ( within reason) and it’s totally awesome.

The food tastes extra good and eating for two means you can have a little of everything.

You can indulge and satisfy those pregnancy cravings, all without judgment.

You’ll be able to eat whatever, whenever without shame for the most part, as long as you don’t go crazy. Enjoy this while it lasts!


6 positive reasons pregnancy is so special #pregnancytips #pregnancy #impregnant


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Baby shower and baby things


Baby showers can be a lot of fun. You get to spend time with your closest friends and family who are all there to support you and baby.

The games are fun, and the gifts are precious. Baby stuff is adorable!


You get to watch your partner grow into being a parent and it’s fascinating


To be honest, having a baby hits your partner a little differently for obvious reasons.

Some will change and grow quickly while others will take longer, and for a few, it won’t hit home until the baby actually arrives and is in hand.

But throughout your pregnancy, you’ll witness these little moments where you get to see them in a whole new light.


6 positive reasons pregnancy is so special #pregnancytips #pregnancy #impregnant


It might be when they’re kissing your belly, putting together the baby crib or talking about the future.

Pregnancy can be stressful for relationships but these little moments are true gems; take it from a mom who’s been there.

Enjoy and be aware of those special moments.

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I hope these six things will help you appreciate your pregnancy just a bit more. Even when it feels like it will never end and like you just can’t get out of bed in the morning. Take it in stride and know it’s all part of a very special experience meant only for you.

Best of luck to you!

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6 positive reasons pregnancy is so special #pregnancytips #pregnancy #impregnant


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