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So You’re about to have a baby and you want to make sure everything is ready right? Yes, of course! You’ve been thinking about it a lot and you don’t want to leave anything out.

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Well, we have the perfect list for you so that you are well prepared. I wish I had looked at a post like this before I had my babes. I always got to the hospital and no matter how hard I tried to prepare I would leave something behind.

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Here’s the list real quick if you’d rather see it.:

The basics:

Your ID, Insurance Card, and paperwork.

For you:

Bring your phone, charger, camera, and batteries. Bring something to read, a tablet to watch movies on. Bring a newborn book to read and maybe a novel. Music too.

Bring your pillow from home, a Maternity robe and gown or two, slippers and socks.

For Baby:

Bring outfits, receiving blankets, socks, an installed car seat, and a quilt or wrap around if it’s colder.

For Nursing:

Bring nursing bras, nursing pillows, nipple pads and nipple ointment.


Bring Toiletries, a soft towel from home, snacks, and a photo of siblings so they know you’re thinking about them during this transitional time.

What you won’t need:

Diapers, diaper ointment, a breast pump, or valuables.

Have a look at the cute stuff I put together for you mama!

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