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26 Critical Things To do In 3rd Trimester

The Third trimester has crept up on you and here you are, about to have your baby. It's a very exciting and busy time and the things you have to do to prepare seem endless.  So I have created a monster list just for my readers of all the things that need to be...

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The Amazing Benefits Of Delayed Cord Clamping

Delayed Cord Clamping is a really good idea and the health benefits of this practice are so compelling.  When your babe is born, as much as 25-60% of the fetal blood supply remains inside the placenta. Waiting to clamp the umbilical cord, for just 30-60 seconds...

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15 Ways To Speed Up Labor And Delivery

Having a baby is totally exhausting and it can sure take a while. A first-time mama will labor for 12-24 hours on average. Sometimes longer.  But there are things you can do before and during labor that will help make the process just a bit easier and...

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9 Ways to Help Avoid Tearing During Childbirth

Tearing during childbirth is very painful and ranges in different degrees of severity.  Many women birth large babies without a tear at all and others tear birthing tiny babies. It just depends on your body.  There are things you can do to prevent tearing or...

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Is It Braxton Hicks Or Real Contractions?

It's hard to tell when you're at the end of pregnancy if you're having real contractions. After all, Braxton Hicks can be uncomfortable just like real contractions. Braxton Hicks are practice contractions so that your body can prepare for labor, in case you weren't...

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13 Ways To Cope With Labor Pain Without An Epidural

Many women are very fearful of the pain of childbirth. Yet they want to experience it as naturally as possible. After all, women are made to create and birth babies and have done it since the beginning of time.  It's a great honor to experience childbirth in all...

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What To Expect The First Week Home With Your Newborn

What You'll Learn In This Post: The Ride Home Can Be Rough You Will Miss The Hospital  You'll Be Really Uncomfortable  You'll Feel Sad And Strange You'll  Be Extremely Tired Yet Energetic  Breastfeeding May Be Really Difficult  You Should Have...

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