How To Use Digital Notebooks In Goodnotes On Ipad

Digital notebook instructions

Thanks for purchasing our Goodnotes digital planner on Etsy.

If you have any questions or concerns of any kind please don’t hesitate to contact us on Etsy. We are definitely here to help.

You will need to download the planner or Journal from the downloads page on Etsy and then save it right to your Goodnotes App.

Once you’ve done that open up the app, select the planner, and then click on the pen icon in the top right-hand corner. This will allow you to write with an iPad pen anywhere in your planner.

You can stretch the page up with your fingers to expand them and make the space bigger for more precise writing.

Touch any of the hyperlinked tabs at the top or side of the planner or Journal to be taken to that section quickly.

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Below are more detailed instructions on how to use Digital products within Goodnotes.

Step By Step Navigation For Your Digital Notebooks Within Goodnotes 


A digital notebook is a PDF document that has links in it.

The links will take you to the front or back, or an index page, and then the tabbed dividers down the side will lead you to months, days, or specific worksheets. It depends on what kind of notebook you’re working with.

To use hyperlinks in GoodNotes, the Pen Icon (top right) must be deselected.

If you are trying to jump to a section in your notebook and the hyperlinks are not working, make sure this icon doesn’t have a line through it. It should be a pen with a circle drawn around it.

notebook instructions

The index page can be accessed from anywhere in the notebooks by clicking on the home button.

This may be a square, hamburger icon, or your classic home button ( house ) depending on your purchase.

It will be found in the top right or left-hand corner.

notebook instructions

To jump to other sections in your notebooks simply tap on the tabs or dates. In the notebook pictured above the months are hyperlinked and you can get to any section simply by tapping on the month name.

Adding New Pages

We do not advise you add new pages within your already prepared digital notebooks ( New Covers are different, however, and we’ll get to that ). Unfortunately, this can be complicated and break the links that were originally set up.

That is simply the way it is with these things and it cannot be helped. All digital notebooks with links are set up in different software and when adding pages the links to pages before and after break among others.

If for some reason you do try this and it causes trouble you are welcome to download the product again and start fresh.

But I know that is not ideal so it’s best to avoid trying to add new things.

digital planner instructions

Adding Stickers & Widgets

To add Stickers and things you will need to have your stickers and widgets saved on your device or in your cloud.

Go in and create a split-screen with the GoodNotes app and your photos app. If you don’t know how to do this I suggest you check out a quick Youtube video. But it’s simple, really.

Navigate to the sticker photo that you want to add.

Tap and hold the sticker you want to use, until it starts to pop up and move a bit.  Then, drag to the GoodNotes window and place it where you’d like. Be sure to have to right page open in your notebook as well because you will not be able to move the sticker from page to page. It will only go on the page you have opened currently.

Adding a sticker or widget to a page will automatically put you in Edit Mode. You can now resize, reposition or delete the sticker.

Tap anywhere outside the sticker to deselect.

If you want to go back and resize the sticker again, just tap and hold for a second to go back into Edit Mode.

We hope this helps make using your Digital notebook or Journal easy to use and enjoyable!

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask!!

We want all of our customers to enjoy their product and be as happy as possible so message us with any questions or concerns and we’ll respond within a 24 hour period to help out in any way we can!

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