Want A Free Pregnancy Journal?

Want A Free Pregnancy Journal?

A special Journal is a great way to chronicle your pregnancy experience. It will help you remember these wonderful, precious moments and you can share it with your babes when they’re older. It’s a beautiful thing.

And once again I have created an awesome one for my readers. You can download it now for free!

My other Pregnancy Journal was so popular on Pinterest that I had to do it again. I wanted to make it better, more professional and prettier.  It’s a lovely watercolor design that you’ll absolutely love. It is most definitely as good as any of the pregnancy journals you’d have to pay for on Etsy, but it’s free! There are 57 pages included in the journal and below is a small sample of what you’ll get.



There are planning pages, appointments, photo pages and weekly milestone pages that tell you how big your baby is that particular week. You will be able to journal each week about how you feel or whatever else you want.

I would love it if you would download it and use it to keep a record of your journey.

You can download it with the form below.


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The Prettiest , Most Unique Baby Names For 2025

The Prettiest , Most Unique Baby Names For 2025

It’s funny how baby names can come and go. Baby girl names for 2025 are no different.

What’s old often makes its way back around. Pop culture has really been influential in creating new, and never heard of baby names in the past 10 years or so.

There are just so many interesting choices these days.

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be a tricky business though. It feels like a huge decision and it is!  There are so many awesome choices you may not know where to begin but we’re here to help!

If your babe is coming soon, Congrats! We have created this amazing list of predicted popular names for 2023 and 2024 to give you inspiration and food for thought. Some of these names are really unique and interesting! I bet you’ll find something you love!

We also have some pregnancy journals, Milestone Cards, And Closet Separators you can download and print a bit lower in the article, so look for that if you like nice things❣️

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The Most Popular Names For Your Unique Baby Girl 2025

baby girl names for 2025

First, we will go over some of our favorite choices and the meanings behind the names. Then we’ll list our runner-up names, and finally, we’ll list all the popular upcoming names. Check the lists below:


Alexandra is a very commanding and royal name. It has Greek origins and it means the one who comes to save warriors.

Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, born on 25 December 1936 was a member of the British royal family.

She was the daughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark.


Camilla is Italian and it refers to helping the priest.

It comes from camillus, a term used to refer to a young person serving as an acolyte in the church in Ancient Roman religions.


This name is French, and German, meaning Free Woman, Free Spirit, and Free Thinker.


The meaning of Charlotte as a name is- free man or petite which is strange because it’s traditionally a female name.


A Clementine is a small fruit as you know, but it’s also an adorable name for a little girl that’s been gaining popularity.

Clementine is a girl’s name of French origin. It generally means sweetness and has a really pretty ring to it.


Gabriella is a beautiful and commanding name. It’s unique and feminine.


Cosima is a very unique name. This name is Greek and Italian and means beauty and order.


Lucia is the feminine form of Lucius and is of Italian origin. It means bringer of light.

Lucia is both a first name and a surname and comes from the Latin word lux.


Mia is believed to originally stem from the ancient Egyptian word Mr, which means beloved.

The name is also linked to the Italian word Mia which means mine and is recognized as a derivation from the Slavic word Mila, meaning dear or darling.


Rosalind is a name inspired by an equestrian background, meaning gentle horse.

Strange meaning, but beautiful name.


Savannah is Spanish and means the treeless plain. It’s a lovely classic that is making a comeback.


Yasmin is a girl’s name of Persian origin, and it means Jasmin flower.

The national flower of the Philippines, this plant is native to warm, tropical regions of the world.


This name is a unique Latin name that refers to the glowing light.

Another meaning of the word is a soft breeze in Greek.

Aura was also the name of a Greek Goddess.


The baby name Rowan can both be Feminine and Masculine. It has a magical ‘ Lord Of The Rings ‘ kind of sound to it.

It’s of Scottish/Irish origin meaning Rowan tree or little redhead.

Rowan is also the name of a tree with red berries that are commonly found in Scotland.


Starling is an interesting, old English name meaning the little bird.

It often has been used as a nickname but has become popular as a first in recent years.

It refers to someone that is chatty.


Clove is a German name that is gender-neutral, but it’s most often used for girls.

The word itself is Latin meaning clavus or a nail.



The name Willow is an English name and it refers to the grace and elegance of the Willow tree.


Astrid is a Scandinavian name that means the beautiful and divine.

It’s a whimsical and spiritual name that is getting more popular each year.


Beautiful Greek name meaning origins of the earth.

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess and Mother Earth.


Winter is a pretty bohemian name.

It has been around for a while but has recently gained a lot of popularity again. I think maybe ” Game Of Thrones” had a little bit to do with that.

The name Winter itself is of English Origins.


Nova is from the Latin word Novus, which means new.

Nova is a beautiful name for your little girl, and hands down one of our favorites. If I had another this name would be in the top five picks as well.

Check out This post: Pregnancy Milk Bath Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away! 


Raven is a nice name for a dark-haired child. It’s really just perfect.

It refers to the dark bird in the crow family.


Cherry is an American name.

The meaning behind this cute and unique name is Dear one or darling.


Olive has become quite the trending natural name in the past five years or so.

It is typically a girl’s name of English origin meaning “olive tree”.


Phoenix is a really interesting New Age name symbolizing rebirth and immortality.

It’s whimsical and very bohemian.


Sophia is a classic Greek name that means wisdom.

It’s a classy and elegant choice for your little girl.


Scarlett refers to the bright color red and it has become a very popular name over the years.


The name Chloe is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning young, small plant shoot.

Chloe appeared in Greek mythology as an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter.


The name Madison is primarily a gender-neutral name but it’s mostly used for girls.

It’s of English origin and it means Son Of Matthew.


Violet is a cute English name that represents the color purple.

It also represents the flower, Violet.

Here are some of our favorite runner-ups. 

Amethyst: It refers to the violet stone that the Greeks believed protected its owner from death.

Ava: this name is of Latin origin and means bird.

Clementine: A small citrus fruit similar to the tangerine

Celeste: This is a Latin word meaning celestial

Estelle: This is a cool Latin name meaning the Star.

Luna: The Latin word for moon

Ruby: The red gemstone known as Ruby

Sierra: The Spanish word for mountain

Evangeline – Evangeline means the bringer of good news.

Nessa – Nessa refers to a miracle.

Here are popular baby girl names for 2025 Some are new. Some are Old. All are Pretty! 

  • Madelyn

  • Olivia

  • Isla

  • Cora

  • Charlotte

  • Lilly

  • Aria

  • Violet

  • Kennedy

  • Violet

  • Abella

  • Madison

  • Amelia

  • Savannah

  • Ava

  • Aurora

  • Maia

  • Isabella

  • Abriana

  • Acacia

  • Adaila

  • Azalea

  • Paisley

  • Penelope

  • Regan

  • Sophie

  • Milia

  • Keira

  • Scarlett

  • Luna

  • Brooke

  • Bianca

  • Pea

  •  Adalynn

  • paisley

  • Blossom

  • Bambie

  • Adaline

  • Bellona

  • Nova

  • London

  • Bellissima

  • Everly

  • Leighton

  • Bristol

  • Gianna

  • Vivian

  • Caroline

  • Lennon

  • Kaylee

  • Camille

  • Adley

  • Chelsia

  • Harper

  • Lila

  • Ava

  • Crystal

  • Mia

  • Celeste

  • Coralynn

  • Skyler

  • Makayla

  • Harper

  • Blakely

  • Henley

  • Daisy

  • Delilah

  • Stella

  • Briella

  • Reign

  • Dharma

  • Monroe

  • Dakota

  • Esmeralda

  • Juniper

  • Fiona

  • Karter

  • Toni

  • Rayden

  • Raylee

  • Freda

  • Fae

  • Gia

  • Blake

  • Gwendolyn

  • Gisela

  • Arya

  • Harmony

  • Cleo

Free gender neutral pregnancy Journal printables and more

  • Willow

  • Harlow

  • Penny

  • Jasmine

  • Piper

  • Haven

  • Jessa

  • Iris

  • Sage

  • Ivy

  • Iliana

  • Star

  • Zeppelin

  • Evangeline

  • Jolie

  • Berry

We hope you found the perfect baby girl name on this list of baby names for 2025. So many to choose from. One may be just right for you and your family.

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Postpartum Survival Kit | Everything You Need To Minimize Your Pain

Postpartum Survival Kit | Everything You Need To Minimize Your Pain

By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This post is a quick reference guide for everything you need postpartum. It’s a quick and easy list. If you want more details on what Postpartum is really like and what you can do to minimize the pain you’ll experience then have a look at this post right here. 

Here’s the list of things you’ll need and they’re all found on Amazon:


Just click the items below on the list and it will take you to them.


Incontinence Underwear

Pain Relieving Spray 

Tuck’s Pads

Perineal Ice Pack

A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


Healing Ointment

Nipple Balm

Gel Nursing Pads

✅ Donut Pillow 



That’s it. Those are the main things you’ll need and they will help Tremendously, believe me.

Here’s a quick List For a Breastfeeding Kit as well:



Courses you May Want To Take:


The Easy $27 Breastfeeding Course will have you nursing like a pro on the first day. Check it out here.  

Pumping Course For Moms who are going back to work while breastfeeding. This is also a $19 Video Course Created by the same nurse. See it here. 

And If you’re still pregnant but You haven’t taken a birthing class yet, there’s a great online course by Hilary Over at Pulling Curls. She’s a nurse and this is the best birthing class online today and at a great price point and part of the course is totally free. Have a look here. 

You can also get a free birth plan right here.


Posts that may be helpful:


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If you want to download this post as a PDF, there’s a button at the very top that will allow you to do so. You could save the information on your computer.

What did you use to soothe your postpartum pain? Or do you have any tips you would like to share as well? Leave a comment below!



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How To Keep Your Breasts From Becoming Engorged And Painful

How To Keep Your Breasts From Becoming Engorged And Painful

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Engorgement is one of the not so fun parts of breastfeeding. You are excited to nurse your babe then suddenly your milk comes in and your breasts are hard as rocks and throbbing. It can suck, no pun intended. This happened to me with all three of mine and it was pretty intense.

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It’s all part of the process though and it’s mostly unavoidable.

Within the first two to three days after you have given birth, you will find that your breasts feel swollen, tender, throbbing, lumpy, and overly full. Sometimes, the swelling will extend all the way to your armpit, and you may run a  low fever as well.

Let’s talk about it.

The causes

Within 72 hours of giving birth, an abundance of milk will come in or become available to your baby. As this happens, more blood will flow to your breasts and some of the surrounding tissue will swell. The result is full, swollen, engorged breasts.

breastfeeding video

Not every postpartum mom experienced true engorgement. Some women’s breasts become only slightly full, while others find their breasts have become amazingly hard. Some women will hardly notice the pain, as they are involved in other things during the first few days.

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Treating it

Keep in mind, engorgement is a positive sign that you are producing milk to feed to your baby. Until you produce the right amount:

1. Wear a supportive nursing bra, even at night – making sure it isn’t too tight.


breastfeeding and engorgement #breastengorgement #breastfeeding #breastfeedingandpain


2. Breastfeed often, every 2 – 3 hours if you can. Try to get your baby to nurse as long as possible, at least at first. If your baby seems satisfied with just one breast, you can offer the other at the next feeding.

3. Avoid letting your baby latch on and suck when the areola is very firm. To reduce the possibility of nipple damage, you can use a pump until your areola softens up.

4. Avoid pumping milk except when you need to soften the areola or when your baby is unable to latch on. Excessive pumping can lead to the overproduction of milk and prolonged engorgement.

5. To help soothe the pain and relieve swelling, apply cold packs to your breasts for a short amount of time after you nurse. The Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pack is the perfect ice pack for this and it’s made to help relieve Engorgement Pain.

6. Look ahead. You’ll get past this engorgement in no time and soon be able to enjoy your breastfeeding relationship with your
new baby. The whole ordeal can be pretty painful but it will be over soon and things will be going smoothly.

Engorgement will pass very quickly. You can expect it to diminish within 24 – 48 hours, as nursing your baby will only help the problem.

During this time, you can and should continue to nurse. Unrelieved engorgement can cause a drop in your production of milk, so it’s important to breastfeed right from the start. Keep an eye for signs of hunger and feed him when he
needs to be fed.

There’s not too much you can do about engorgement but the things I listed above will surely help. I hope it’s not too painful for you.

How did you relive your engorgement? Tell us in the comments below.

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breastfeeding engorgement and what to do about it #engorgement #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedinghacks #breastfeedingproblems #howtobreastfeed #howtolatchyourbabytothebreast



Breastfeeding and engorgement #breastfeeding #engorgement #howtorelieveengorgement

Breastfeeding Guide | Quick And Simple Guide To What You’ll Need Plus Educational Resources

Breastfeeding Guide | Quick And Simple Guide To What You’ll Need Plus Educational Resources

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

This is a quick resource guide on what you’ll need to breastfeed your newborn. Sort of a breastfeeding kit Post. It’s quick and easy and gets straight to the point.


breastfeeding video


Ok So Let’s Get Right To Our List:


The Things You’ll Need In your Breastfeeding Kit are—


The List above has definitely got you covered. It’s all you’ll need in your breastfeeding Mama Kit. The things listed above will help you tremendously with your breastfeeding, making success much more likely and most of them are dirt cheap on Amazon { as listed in the links }


Here’s a good list of Posts you Can Read If you Want More In-Depth Info:



{ Check out my Pinterest Breastfeeding Board here for TONS of info and make sure you follow me for more great stuff! }


Get Free Stuff!

Don’t forget to pick up your Pregnancy And Baby Freebies from this post. You’ll get $300+ full-size freebies for you and your little one. Really!


Here’s an amazing post that will teach you how to breastfeed quickly like a pro and if you want to watch someone breastfeed and teach you on video, this course right here is the best online and it was written by a Nurse and lactation consultant.

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breastfeeding tips #breastfeeding #babyfeeding


How To Breastfeed A Newborn | The Easiest way to Learn Is Right Here

How To Breastfeed A Newborn | The Easiest way to Learn Is Right Here

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. 

I write a lot about How To Breastfeed a Newborn.


It’s one of my favorite subjects. I have been doing it for a very long time and I like to help others learn to do it too.


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When you first have your baby you may expect it to be easier then it is and if you don’t have a great lactation consultant at your hospital it may seem impossible.

Want FREE BABY STUFF? I have partnered with many companies to give you the best baby freebies online including Nursing Pillow, Pregnancy Pillows, Nursing Covers, Baby Leggings, Baby Clothes and so much more. You can find out how to get your freebies in this post right here.

The pain may hold you back or the baby just cannot seem to latch. It can get pretty difficult.

I think the very best way to Learn to breastfeed a newborn BEFORE you even get to the hospital is to take a quick and easy online course.


breastfeeding video


Yes, there’s an online course for this and it’s only $19! I wish there had been something like this when I had my first son, I would have jumped at the chance to take it.

How to breastfeed a newborn


Other Posts on Breastfeeding and pregnancy:



It’s a baby breastfeeding video course that teaches you how to breastfeed in 90 minutes, Guaranteed {30-day money-back guarantee }

The course is called MILKOLOGY and it’s by Stacey who is a Certified Lactation Educator through CAPPA, a mom of 3 and the founder of Milkology®. You can check out the online course right here. It will provide you with all the breastfeeding help you need. 


The course has 13 videos and you get three other products with it. You get a Troubleshooting guide, A class notes guide and an ebook called the LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF BREASTFEEDING SECRETS.


Here are a few things you’ll learn if you take this awesome course:

  • Breastfeeding For Beginners
  • The biggest breastfeeding mistakes and how to correct them.
  • The best position to get a deep latch.
  • 2 ways to make sure baby is well fed and getting enough milk.
  • A powerful strategy to make more milk whenever you need to.
  • Places you can go to for support and so much more.


This is hands down the best online resource to learn to breastfeed and you can sit down and do it in an hour and a half.  It also has rave reviews online.

** : 23 Amazing Breastfeeding Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!  And 10 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply Overnight

I highly recommend this baby breastfeeding video course if you’re are planning to breastfeed. It is more difficult than most understand and it can become a real stressor after birth when you’re already exhausted.

I hope this helps to ease your worry and nervousness about Learning to breastfeed your newborn.


Enjoy the experience because there’s nothing more special in this world!

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