25 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

25 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

There is nothing like sitting down with family and friends to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.

With lots of laughter and good foods be sure to save room for one of the amazing desserts on my list below.

They’re easy to make and your family will love them!

Pick any or several from the 25 recipes below.

25 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

25 thanksgiving dessert recipes

Click on the links to see the full recipes. 


Easy Pumpkin Cream Pie

Who doesn’t love Pumpkin pie? But a pumpkin CREAM pie puts a new twist on an old classic.


Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey cupcakes are festive and funny.


Pumpkin Dessert

Another oldy but goody.


Caramel Apple pie

Carmel Apple pie is my favorite. It’s hands down the best and your family will think so too!


Pecan Pie Bars

Everybody loves pecan pie. But why not make bars so they’re more convenient. The whole crowd will want to grab one later for second dessert.


Pumpkin Pie Ice cream


If you’re an ice cream lover and it’s your dessert of choice then why not make some for Thanksgiving and put a holiday spin on it?


Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies


These are to die for. If you want to make cookies for the kids these should be your go-to recipe. They will all be very thankful.


Pumpkin Cake with brown butter

This speaks for itself.


Pecan dried cherry tart maple

Pecan and cherries are a lovely and tart flavor combination!


Pecan Pie Shortbread

If you’re a shortbread fan then you’ll love this recipe!


Spiced pumpkin bundt cake

Anything pumpkin spice for Thanksgiving is Perfect!


Pumpkin cheesecake

If you want a rich and full-bodied pumpkin dessert this should be your first choice.


Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler is a Thanksgiving staple that never gets old.


Maple apple pudding

If you want to try a unique holiday flavored pudding this year then this is the recipe you should choose.


Mini Pumpkin Pie bites

These are perfect for the little pumpkin lovers at your dinner party.


Pumpkin spice cake cups

This is another good choice for the little ones.


Pumpkin dip

Pumpkin dip is an excellent and festive appetizer for the big day.


Pie in a jar

This puts a new twist on pie that is interesting and fashionable.


Maple syrup cheesecake

Here’s another fantastic cheesecake recipe.


White chocolate cherry banana bread

For those who love a mix of chocolate and fruit.


Oatmeal raisin cookie cups

For the oatmeal lovers among the group.


Pumpkin cake cookies with maple icing

This is a good ‘ before dinner dessert ‘ to hold everyone off before the meal.


Homemade apple pie

What list would be complete without a good homemade apple pie recipe?


Pumpkin frosting Pie

AND you can never have too many pumpkin pies, can you?


Karo pecan pie

This pecan pie is made with Karo syrup and it’s divine.


Have a Very Happy Holiday!!

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25 thanksgiving dessert recipes

Baby’s First Christmas Ideas | Christmas Baby Activities

Baby’s First Christmas Ideas | Christmas Baby Activities

The holidays are always amazing and having a new baby during Christmas really brings back the magic.

It makes everything that much brighter and more exciting and it’s something you’ll want to remember.

You’ll want to make it very special, and there are some really fun ways to do that.

You can start a new tradition and take some amazing photos that will create unforgettable memories for instance.

Below is a fun list of ways to make your baby’s first Christmas very special.

By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

baby's first Christmas activities

Baby’s First Christmas Stocking


Getting your baby’s first Christmas stocking is a great way to start Christmas off right. There are so many cute and special choices to pick from.

You can get one that is customized, you can make one or you can pick something unique off Etsy. 

Whatever you choose, it will be something you can keep forever and then pass down to your babes when they’re grown.


Baby’s First Christmas Photos


This is another Christmas Holiday must.

There are so many great options for baby’s first Christmas photos. You can take pictures beside the Christmas tree and with cute little Christmas hats on.

You may also want to get professional photos done too.

Or you can do it yourself with some awesome Christmas props.

Here’s a whole page full of well priced Christmas photo props for babies on Amazon.

I especially love these full-body baby stockings if your little one is still really small.



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What To Buy For Baby’s First Christmas


If you’re wondering what on earth to buy for your baby’s first Christmas then look no further.

You can buy some special custom toys that they can keep forever and some keepsakes that will be very special.

Here’s a name puzzle that can be custom made from Etsy. I love Etsy for gifts of all kinds but especially for kids. You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for baby and toddler gifts.

baby's first Christmas ideas


You should also check out Crate And Barrel. They have all kinds of very special baby keepsake gifts that you’ll fall in love with!

Like this special Duck Baby Cup. What a beautiful keepsake gift this would be for any babe.



baby's first Christmas ideas


Any of the things on this Crate And Barrel page would make awesome gifts for your little one.


Baby’s First Christmas Card


Taking your baby’s first Christmas photos is so much fun. Putting them on Christmas cards and proudly sending them to everyone you know is even more fun and so festive.

You can keep a couple of the cards as a momento of your first Christmas holiday together.


Have A Photo Ornament Made


Speaking of photos, another fun keepsake to make for that first year is a photo ornament.

You could make one yourself or have one made for you.

I mentioned Etsy earlier and I’ll mention it again. It’s the absolute best place to have stuff like this made.

Check out this lovely page and I know you’ll find something beautiful that you’ll love for years to come.


AND Make Your Own Footprint Ornament


There’s another type of ornament you’ll want to hang on your tree this year.

Creating a footprint ornament with your new baby is super special.

You’ll get to immortalize their little feet forever so you can marvel for years to come at how small your babe once was because baby feet are so sweet.

You can do their cute little handprints as well.

Here’s a kit from Amazon that is cheap and easy to use.

Here’s another lovely ornament for baby’s first Christmas too.


Baby’s First Visit With Santa


Going to visit Santa for the first time is always a festive holiday adventure.

Whether it turns out good depends on how your baby feels about big bearded guys in red suits.

Some babies enjoy a visit with Santa while others will shy away or become frightened.

Either way, you won’t know until you go see him. It’s all part of the experience for baby’s first Christmas.


Baby’s Christmas Pajamas


Of course, you’ll want to dress your babe up in some fun holiday clothing.

A cute pair of striped or plaid pajamas will fit right into your little one’s Christmas wardrobe.

They help make great holiday-themed photos too.

Better yet, get matching pajamas for the whole family to make it really fun. Here’s my favorite set!



Baby’s First Christmas Story


Reading stories is a tradition for most families during the holidays.

And Picking the right one for baby’s first Christmas story is all part of the fun.

There are so many good stories to choose from but did you know you can get a personalized Christmas board book especially made for your baby?

Here’s a cute option and here’s another.



Family Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Ugly Christmas sweaters are so much fun! They can really put a funny spin on the holidays and many people really enjoy them.

It has become a whole pop culture thing.

One way to kick off the season with your baby is to buy the whole family matching ugly Christmas Sweaters.

You can wear them to a Christmas party if you go to any or you can take your holiday card photos wearing them.

Here’s a really cute option for the whole family.

If you just want to get one for your baby here’s one from Etsy that is super cool. It’s from-


ugly Christmas sweater for family



Attend A Tree Lighting Ceremony


Tree lighting ceremonies can be enjoyed by all ages including your tiny baby.

Her eyes will look on in amazement at the beautiful decorations, trees, and sparkling lights.

It’s so much fun to watch your little one have new, special experiences like this. That’s what really brings the magic back to the holidays.

So find a local event, bundle up and head out!


Decorate Your Baby’s Room


Decorating your babe’s nursery with some festive holiday decor is another way to make things special.

He’ll look on with delight in all the new and interesting things surrounding him.

Just make sure that he cannot reach any of the Christmas decorations if he is mobile in any way.


Baby’s First Christmas Movie


When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to watch the old classics each Christmas. You know, the old Rudolph? and Frosty the Snowman?

Now I share them with my 3 kids each year and they love them too.

These movies are good for all ages and they’re absolutely magical.

Even if your little one is super young these are the very best Christmas movies to start with.

You can buy the disk with 5 of these classics right here on Amazon for super cheap.


In the end…

Christmas will be special with your new baby no matter what but adding these Baby’s First Christmas Ideas and Christmas Baby Activities will make it all so much more memorable.

I wish you the best Holiday season you’ve ever had, and I hope it’s full of magic and joy!

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baby's first Christmas activities

baby's first Christmas activities







Breastfeeding Care Package For New Moms

Breastfeeding Care Package For New Moms

So it’s gift time and you have a new, Breastfeeding mama on your list?

Or maybe you’re the new mama and you’re into self-care and want to make your own gift care package, which is great!

Unfortunately,  there’s not a lot of good premade care packages for breastfeeding out there. But that’s no biggie because it’s easy to make your own.

Below is a list of things every new breastfeeding mama needs. You can grab a few things or grab them all to make a big care package.

Believe me, she’ll really appreciate it.

Check it out below.

By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Breastfeeding Care Package For New Moms

gift list for breastfeeding mom

Nipple cream

Breastfeeding is really tough on a girl’s nipples and after a while can leave nipples dry, cracked, and sore.

A good cream or salve is an absolute must.

Here’s some great Nipple salve from the Honest Company.


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Your complete pregnancy shopping list from A to Z. 

Here’s your Full Mega TO-DO list for all three trimesters!


Nipple pads


Because leaking from the breast will most definitely happen, nipple pads are another must-have.

They come in a variety of materials (disposable or reusable) and they can be tucked in your bra so you don’t have a wet t-shirt disaster.

These Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads are the best. The pack comes with 14 Washable Pads + Wash Bag. You can find them here on Amazon. 

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Booby Ice Packs


These are a favorite of all new breastfeeding mamas and a great gift too!

You freeze these little ice packs and when those nipples burn you can put them inside the bra to soothe the pain.

Grab them here on Amazon. 


Breastfeeding care package


Lactation Massager

A lactation massager provides support for issues like Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, Milk Flow, and Engorgement.

It’s such a good gift idea and should be in every breastfeeding care package.

Here’s a good option that has 2,500 good reviews.


Breast Milk Storage Bags


Breastfeeding bags are essential for moms that pump. They will safely store her milk in the freezer until needed.

Here’s a good product by Medela.


Lactation Cookies


Lactation cookies are a fun way to add a special treat to your breastfeeding care package.

These Lactation Cookie Bites taste terrific too!


Breast pump


A breast pump is an essential tool for every breastfeeding mom.

Here’s a good option if she wants to hand pump. Haakaa makes a great product.

If you prefer an electric pump bra this one is the way to go. It has rave reviews and it’s comfortable.


Nursing pillow


A nursing pillow is a c-shaped pillow that fits around mom’s belly for support while nursing.

It helps support the babe and raise them higher up to the breast. This is important for saving a mama’s back and neck.

It’s a great gift for a new mom who needs one.

Here’s a fantastic pillow that is well priced.


Nursing bra


Breastfeeding bras are awesome because they have these little clasps that open the cup for easy access.

They are essential and it’s a great gift to add to a good nursing pillow.

Here’s a great option that is super comfortable. I own this bra in several colors myself and I wouldn’t go without it.


Breastfeeding Cover Up


This is another great gift idea for the breastfeeding mama. There will be times she’ll need to breastfeed in public places.

This will provide her with privacy from prying eyes.

Here’s the one I recommend to all breastfeeding moms.

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These are all great options for a breastfeeding care package.

You could buy some of the smaller things if your budget is tight or go all out and surprise a mama with lots of goodies.

Either way she’ll be happy you thought of her.

Happy gift giving!

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gift list for breastfeeding mom


gift list for breastfeeding mom


gift list for breastfeeding mom


The Shettles Method Worked For Us. Learn How To Sway The Sex Of Your Baby

The Shettles Method Worked For Us. Learn How To Sway The Sex Of Your Baby


With regular intercourse, you have a 50/50 chance of conceiving a boy or girl obviously, but what if you could increase those odds and influence the gender of your baby? Would you want to do it?

There’s a lot of information out there that suggests diet, body chemistry, and timing can determine the sex of your baby, and there is some truth to it.

Many parents will swear by gender selection through a variety of at-home methods.

But reproductive experts will tell you there is no foolproof method for conceiving a boy or girl at home, but you might be able to sway the odds in your favor.

With that being said the Shettles Method worked for us. Not once but three times! 

the shettles method worked for me!

Timing sex around ovulation is the most well-known natural gender swaying method for choosing the sex of your child and this is known as the Shettles Method.

The Shettles method is very popular and was developed in the sixties by Dr. Landrum Shettles, MD, Ph.D.

He had the idea that timing intercourse to a woman’s cycle and assuming certain sexual positions can influence gender. He Was Right. 

Dr. Shettles believed that the X sperm that creates a girl were slow swimmers but survived longer, while the Y sperm that creates a boy were faster swimmers but had lower stamina.

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He believed conceiving a girl was done by having sex a few days before ovulation, and conceiving a boy was done by having sex the day of or after ovulation.

Dr. Shettles shows that the environment affects the survival of sperm too.

The female sperm survive better in acidic environments whereas male-producing sperm perform better in a high alkaline environment.

Women’s secretions are most alkaline as ovulation approaches and become more acidic further away.

Dr. Shettles felt that the timing of intercourse was the most crucial part of determining gender selection. Intercourse that occurs near ovulation, more times than not, will produce a male offspring.

Amazing Right?

By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 


Shettles Method: To Have a Girl


( To use this method you’ll need an ovulation kit )

To have a girl, time your intercourse during the transitional days, two to three days before ovulation.

The Shettles method suggests that the woman should avoid having an orgasm and shoot for shallow penetration, furthest from the cervix.

A missionary position or some variation that allows for a shallow penetration is recommended.

Male sperm will have a more difficult time making the journey to the cervix and this favors the slower, more resilient “female sperm”


the shettles method worked for me!


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Your Complete Pregnancy Shopping List From Beginning To Breastfeeding, Postpartum, and Baby


Shettles Method: To Have a Boy


If you’re wanting to conceive a boy it’s important you know your ovulation cycle and have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible and with deep penetration.

The idea is that since the Male Y sperm is faster it’ll get there first and fertilize the egg.

To improve your chances of a boy you’ll want to refrain from having intercourse for 5 days prior to ovulation and have intercourse just before and at the time of ovulation.

This timing is thought to be the most crucial part of gender selection. You should choose a position that allows for deep penetration such as “doggy style” so the sperm will be deposited closer to the cervix.

The “boy sperm” will have less distance to travel and is more likely to survive.

When you are trying to conceive men should avoid wearing tight clothes. Although heat can kill both types of sperm, it kills off the smaller “boy sperm” faster.

Women should have an orgasm which increases the alkaline in the vagina and creates an ideal environment for conceiving a boy.

If possible, the male should try to have an orgasm right before or at the same time.


Dr. Shettles claims an overall 75 percent success rate when using his method for choosing gender.

So if you want to have a boy or want a girl you should try the Shettles Method!


In The End….

The Shettles Method is a fun and easy way to try to sway the gender of your baby.

Like I said before, The Shettles Method Worked For us not once but every time we got pregnant. So it is absolutely worth a try.

Good Luck and I’ll be sending baby dust your way…


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the shettles method worked for me!


the shettles method worked for me!




9 Things To Do RIGHT Before Going To The Hospital Once Labor Starts

9 Things To Do RIGHT Before Going To The Hospital Once Labor Starts

Once you go into labor you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of your next move.

It all just seems to hit you at once even though you felt prepared before. These are very common feelings.

But knowing this and doing everything you can to prepare will help make things go much more smoothly when the big event starts!

Below is a quick and easy list that will help you get those last couple of things done that you may have not thought of.

Check it out below.

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By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

9 Things To Do RIGHT Before Going To The Hospital Once Labor Starts

9 things to do right before going to the hospital

 Take care of the odds and ends


Before labor starts there’s a small list of things that I always recommend you get done early.

It’s best to get a head start on all the ‘stuff’ so that you can focus on what’s important when the time comes. Here’s that list.


  • Arrange care for your other children, aging parents, or pets.
  • Purchase a car seat and arrange transportation.
  • Recruit a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.
  • Post phone numbers for labor and delivery of the hospital and your doctor or provider.



Check your bag. Again


Ideally, you’ve packed a bag for the hospital weeks ahead of time; you can’t predict labor so early is better, you don’t want to be caught off-guard and not have the things you need with you.

Go ahead and check it again. This will make you feel more prepared and you can grab any extras that come to mind.  Here are a few things you may have overlooked.


  • An extra-long phone charger. Hospital rooms don’t always have outlets in ideal places. A longer cord will allow you to keep your phone charging where you can reach it.
  • Hair ties. Delivery is hard, hot, and sweaty and babies tend to curl their fingers around anything in reach. Plan to tie your hair back at some point. If you have longer hair, you’ll be so glad you brought this.
  • A small amount of cash. Don’t leave yourself without funds for vending machines and odd items. If anything comes up, you’d rather be prepared.
  • Dry shampoo. Depending on your personal situation you might not be able to shower right away. You’ll want to wash up best you can, and dry shampoo can leave you feeling clean and refreshed even though you might not be.


9 things to do right before going to the hospital during labor


 Here’s a complete list with EVERYTHING you’ll need. 

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Here’s your Full Mega TO-DO list for all three trimesters!


Gas up the car


Make it a habit of filling up the car more often during those last months.

The last thing you want is to be in active labor and having to stop for gas. If it’s a time of day where you’ll run into traffic that gas will be even more important.

Not a bad idea to plan out an alternate route, too.



Eat Some Good Food


Before labor gets really intense you should eat a really good meal.

Once you’re in labor and at the hospital, you likely won’t be able to eat.

This is standard so eat a fantastic meal before you go.

Labor can last SO long and you’ll be famished afterward so indulge yourself and enjoy!


Tidy up the house


Nobody wants to come home to a messy house. Recruit help if needed but get the house done and ready.

You’ll want to be able to tidy up quickly and get ready to get out the door when those contractions begin.

This will allow you to come home to a stress-free zone, and that will be so very important, believe me.


Prepare for baby’s arrival


You’ll want to make sure that diapers, blankets, burpees, bottles all are out of the package, clean and accessible, and within reach.

Read directions and know how to use lights, monitors, and other items you purchased or were gifted.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all those things, all your baby needs is you and a car seat (it’s the law).

There are several local charities and government programs available if you need help acquiring a car seat. Just look it up on Google to find a local resource near you.


Best labor advice ever


Charge your phone


Don’t get stuck on the highway without a phone if you can help it.

And because you’ll want to stay in contact with family and friends, charge ahead of time.

It could be several hours before you’re in your own room and if you’re in labor you sure don’t want to be digging chargers out of a bag and trying to hunt down a plug.


Call your team at home


Once contractions start, you’ll need to get everyone else squared away so you can focus on yourself.

Contact the neighbor that’s going to watch the house and the sitters taking care of your other children, pets, and any of your other responsibilities.

If you’ve decided to notify your parents, now’s the time.


Make THE call


After you’ve timed your contractions contact your provider. They’ll tell you when you should head to the hospital.

Confirm that they’re letting the hospital know that you’re on your way.

Call transportation if you need to, it’s time to get this done so that you can be on your way.


In the End…

Once you go into labor your head may start spinning with excitement and being prepared for the chaos will make you feel more at ease.

Doing these 9 things to do right before labor starts will make you feel happier and more relaxed once you get moving.

I wish you luck and Congrats on your little one!

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9 things to do right before going to the hospital


9 things to do right before going to the hospital


What It’s Like to Have an Epidural During Childbirth

What It’s Like to Have an Epidural During Childbirth

 If you’re having any reservations or anxiety about the idea of getting an epidural that’s perfectly normal.

You may be wondering about how it would go and when you would get one or if you should get one at all.

It’s not a decision to take lightly, but if you think it will help you get through the experience, then go for it.

Many women make the decision to have one and it can create an easier, more pleasant birthing experience.

I had one for all three and I actually enjoyed the birth of my babes! I could even say it was fun.

In this post I want to help prepare you, alleviate some of the worries, and shed some light on what it’s really like to have an epidural.

***This post may contain affiliate links at no cost to you.

What It’s Like to Get an Epidural During Childbirth | Things You Need To Know

It won’t happen right away


You should know upfront that you’re not going to get your epidural as soon as you ask for it.

It can take a few minutes or a couple of hours or more. How long it takes will depend on how many people are ahead of you for the procedure and when they can get the medicine in the room and the availability of the anesthesiologist.

Because it does take some time, don’t wait until the pain is excruciating to ask for it. There’s no prize for suffering through it.

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The anesthesiologist will numb the area first


Before the epidural is administered, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area a bit.

It’ll take effect within minutes and will make the procedure more comfortable.

Initially, you might feel the tube threading down your back and minor pressure and prodding but it shouldn’t be too painful.

So it doesn’t really hurt to get an Epidural unless they hit a nerve. If that is the case, you’ll feel quick, dull shooting pain, but it passes quickly.

For most women, it’ll be a breeze once numb.

***Have You taken a prenatal birth course yet? Don’t have time? Here’s the best Premium online birthing course that will teach you everything you need to know in a few hour’s time online.


You’ll get immediate relief


Once the epidural is complete, you’ll feel relief right away. And because contractions and labor can be tiring, the epidural will help relax you enough so you can rest or get some sleep.

Resting is important because it will prepare you for pushing and the task of delivery.

An epidural can help you be more focused and present during delivery because you won’t be distracted by the pain.


Epidurals and pain management

13 Ways To Cope With Pain Without An Epidural 

12 Things You Need To Know Before Having An Epidural


You May Be Wondering If it Will Hurt When You Push With An Epidural


You might have heard that you’ll be completely numb after an epidural but that’s not always true; you’ll still feel sensation and the urge to push so you can deliver your baby.

You will also still be able to feel the baby come out with an Epidural but it will feel mostly like intense pressure rather than a burning pain.

It can make the experience much easier for you if this is the route you choose.

What it's like to get an epidural.

The epidural may not work


Although disappointing, it’s important you know that your epidural may not work.

It could fail entirely or only work a little bit. Depending on your unique situation you might have to go through the process more than once.

If your epidural fails it’s possible your doctor will adjust your position and try again, maybe even more than once.

If your epidural doesn’t take, don’t worry. There are other pain management options available for you.

Ask your doctor about your alternatives ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect if the epidural fails.



You might need a urinary catheter


Since the epidural numbs the lower part of your body, you may need a urinary catheter put in place if your labor lasts more than a few hours.

It’ll be removed once the epidural wears off, but you might feel some discomfort for a while after the catheter comes out.

Because the catheter wouldn’t be placed until after you are numb you shouldn’t feel any pain from the catheter being inserted.

Alternatively, they may do an ‘ in and out ‘ catheter several times during your labor.

When they do this they simply put a quick catheter in and let your bladder relieve itself, then remove it and get it out of the way.


Shaking or shivers is completely normal


After the epidural medication is administered some people experience shaking or what they describe as the shivers.

This is a physical reaction to the medication and although it feels strange and uncomfortable it is completely harmless.

This is not a health concern for you or the baby and should settle down after a while.

You should also be aware that shaking during childbirth happens too, with or without an epidural.

It’s a natural part of your body’s recovery process and it’s extremely important that you have a comforting and supportive environment to heal in.


An epidural can mean a severe headache for some


Although uncommon, epidurals do come with a risk of severe headaches.

This type of headache is referred to as a spinal headache because it can only happen after a spinal injection or epidural.

It can be dull and mild, or it can be severe and incapacitating. It occurs in the very front or back of the head and usually gets worse with sitting or standing up, while lying down flat may make it better.

These headaches are a rare side effect, but they do happen and can be debilitating.

Treatment is usually hydration, caffeine, and taking it easy for a couple of days. Your doctor may opt to prescribe an oral pain reliever.

It’s important to communicate any pain or concerns with your doctor.

They are here to help you deliver your baby safely but also to make you more comfortable and eliminate pain where they can.


Your epidural could last too long.


There is a chance that the epidural can last longer than expected and beyond when you want it to.

Once the medication is stopped and the catheter is removed you should expect to get back full feeling, but that doesn’t always happen.

Numbness from an epidural can linger. It can last for minutes, hours and in rare cases, days.

When this happens, there isn’t much you can do to speed up the process but it’s still important that you share any concerns about numbness or tingling with your doctor.


Epidurals Can Wear Off During Labor Too


Sometimes the epidural will wear off before you’ve even begun to push.

In this case, they can either give you another or give you another method of pain management.

Or you can rough it.

This leads to the next question..


When Is the best time to get an epidural during labor?


Experts have always said that it’s best to wait until active labor before getting your epidural.

They want you to wait because some believe if you get one too early it can slow your labor or even stop it.

This does seem to be true for many. It can also increase your chances of needing a C-section according to some doctors.

But you can have an epidural whenever you ask at most facilities. I do believe it’s best to wait until your labor progresses a bit though.


In The End….

Epidurals can be a wonderful option for many women but do come with a risk of side effects, most of which are rare.

An epidural offers pain relief, rest, and improved focus and concentration during labor and delivery.

You should keep in mind that anesthesiologists perform epidurals every day, and although it’s new for you it certainly isn’t for them.

If you’re considering an epidural talk to your doctor ahead of time.

They can answer any questions you have and prepare you for what to expect. Even if you decide now you don’t want an epidural, you can change your mind once you’re in labor.

Pain relief is available, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

We wish you luck!

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What it's like to get an epidural.

What it's like to get an epidural.


What it's like to get an epidural.


What it's like to get an epidural.


What it's like to get an epidural.



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