10 Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

10 Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant there’s nothing harder than that two-week wait.

It seems like the weeks stretch out into a month and you notice every little twinge in your body. You can think of nothing else!

Some will tell you there’s no way to know if you’re pregnant before the one month mark but that’s not true.

If you are really in tune with your body there will be signs.

I knew with all three of mine before I got my big fat positives and if you listen closely to your body you may be able to tell too!

Below is a list of very early signs that you’re pregnant.

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10 Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period


You May feel Implantation Cramps


A few days after you’ve had sex you may get some strange cramping if you’ve conceived.

This is implantation cramping and it can happen anywhere from 4 to 12 days after.

They often feel different from regular cramping according to women who’ve experienced them.

You will often feel them in one place and on one side. It will feel like a slight stabbing feeling with little cramps.

It’s not unusual for women to feel them but it doesn’t always happen when you conceive.

But I can say that it did happen to me in all three of mine about 5 days after conception. It was very obvious and it would last about 24 hours then suddenly stop.

That’s when other symptoms would start to come in.



I told my obgyn that I knew when I was having implantation because I could feel it, and she told me NO, that’s not possible.

She even laughed at me. Pissed me off to tell you the truth.

She was wrong. I felt it each time and many women we have interviewed over the years for our blog have also said they felt implantation too.

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You May Have Spotting 


This is in line with the implantation cramping.

You may get a few drops of blood with implantation that can indicate something is happening.

It happens to some women but not all.

So if you feel the cramping but don’t get spotting, don’t write that month of trying off just yet.


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You May Feel Little Twinges Of Nausea


It’s still really early in the game before your actual period is due, but many women get little twinges of nausea.

It starts a few days after implantation occurs and usually happens when you get up at night from lying down.

This occurs once your ovum is implanted because your body begins to get flooded with hormones.

As with all of these other early symptoms, some women will experience this and some will not.

It is an individual and varied experience for all.



You’ll have A Lot Of Extra Discharge


Normally when no pregnancy has occurred you’ll get dryer as you move toward menstruation.

But when fertilization has occurred, you’ll get an increase in wet discharge.

This discharge is called leukorrhea which is the thin, milky white vaginal discharge that many women first experience in early pregnancy.

The discharge is related to the thickening of the vagina’s walls, which starts almost immediately after conception. The increased growth of cells lining the vagina causes the discharge and it is usually quite noticeable if you’re looking for it.

This is a good way to tell that something is going on.

Of course, you can get discharge for other reasons.

But if you’re following your cycle and trying to get pregnant and you suddenly get an increase in discharge about a week after your last sexual encounter, you may be pregnant!


Tingly Or Sore Breasts


Your breasts may feel heavier or extra sore a week or so before your period if you’re pregnant.

This is often a normal sign of PMS but it may seem more intense if you have conceived.

You may also get some tingling feelings as well as your hormones shoot up. It may be a new feeling you experience that you’ve never noticed before.

But again, some women have this symptom before their period comes so it can be hard to decipher the reason behind it.




Your Temperature Will Go Up A Degree


If you know about charting your temperature for fertility, you’ll already know that you get a small increase in temps after you’ve ovulated due to increases in Progesterone.

( If you don’t know about charting your temps you should check right here. )

This increase will last until right before your period gets ready to start when your Progesterone drops rapidly.

But if you have conceived you will have a one-day temp decrease while the embryo is implanting.

This dip would occur anywhere from 4 to 10 days or so.

Then your temps would go back up due to even more Progesterone production.

This is a really good way to see what’s going on with your cycle while trying to get pregnant ( or any time ).

You need to take your temp first thing in the morning before you get up to accurately chart what’s happening.



You’ll Likely Be Very Tired


Once your embryo has implanted and you’re officially pregnant you’ll start to feel more and more fatigued.

It will start off slow at first, but right around when your period is supposed to start it will get more intense.

Everyone gets tired around that time of the month but this will feel somewhat different and boy does it get worse from there.

Pregnancy fatigue is no joke, but at least those first days are not so bad and it gets much easier after the first trimester.

If you conceive you’ll notice that you are just feeling very exhausted.


You May Get Headaches 


You may get headaches that increase as your hormones begin to rapidly increase.

Unfortunately, if you’re prone to these types of monthly headaches this can be pretty miserable.

They may feel more intense and piercing because of the changes that you’re going through.

Talk to your doctor if they become too much to bear.



Sensitivity To Smells


This is another weird sign that you may notice out of nowhere.

Things will smell really strong. Smells you wouldn’t have noticed before are suddenly assaulting your senses.

This will happen all throughout pregnancy but this symptom can start very early on as your hormones shift.

Things may smell off or offensive when they didn’t bother you before.

If you notice this during the third week or so of your cycle along with other signs we’ve listed above you may be pregnant!


And Last But Not Least……


The last big early sign that you’re pregnant is…..drum roll please…..

A big fat positive on an early pregnancy test!

Some of the tests they have today can detect pregnancy REALLY early compared to older ones.

The older ones would only detect pregnancy after the first or second day of your missed period.

So if you have sex around ovulation and you wait one more week, when implantation is likely to occur, right after that you can usually take a test and get your positive.

If you don’t right away you can take a test each morning until you do, but these tests are very good at detecting very early pregnancy hormones.

Here’s a box of three you can get from First Response that will detect your pregnancy 6 DAYS BEFORE YOUR MISSED PERIOD.

That’s awesome right?!

Baby Dust and good luck to you!!

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10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period


10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period


10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period



10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period


10 early pregnancy signs before your missed period



What It’s Like To Be A First Time Mom

What It’s Like To Be A First Time Mom

Being a mom for the first time is super exciting. There’s no other feeling like it in the world.

But despite all your joy you will also be exhausted and hormonal like never before during those first months.

No words can really prepare you but I want to at least give you an idea of what’s to come.

Below is the raw emotional account of many first time mothers that we’ve interviewed as well as my own. I tell you exactly how it is without sugar-coating it.

Read on to get a view of what to expect in those first amazing days.

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What It’s Like To Be A First Time Mom

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what it's like to be a new mom

You’ll Feel Out Of Control 


Right after you have your baby you will have a lot of help. You’ll be in the hospital most likely for a couple of days and everyone will help you take care of any needs you have for you and your babe.

And then you go home… and there’s something about getting there that just hits you. The feeling of overwhelm is one of the heavest feelings you will ever feel.

It happened to me with all three and to ALL the women we interviewed. It’s a thing.

The first time is the hardest though, the feelings are just so intense.

I’m not telling you this to scare you or fill you with dread. It’s just better to know it ahead of time so you can do everything you can to prepare.

Nothing really helps, of course, it is what it is, but knowing it may give you some idea of what to expect, and that alone is comforting.


what it's like to be a new mom


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You May Not Sleep For Days


A lot of times women have their babe and assume they’ll sleep when they sleep and all that.

But the truth is that there’s a good chance your baby may come in the middle of the night.

Then there will be all this hustle and bustle around you and your little one.

Once things settle down the nurses will come and massage your stomach every few hours, take your blood pressure, and all that.

When I say every few hours I mean all night too.

It’s so exhausting and annoying but they’re just trying to take care of you.

And that’s just the staff. Your baby will want to be held night and day, or at least most do.

They feel most comfortable in your arms after all the strange events that have suddenly been happening to them.

You’ll have to try to breastfeed constantly because that’s how you get your milk to come in and how the baby learns to latch well.

But holding your baby and breastfeeding will be something that you want to do so even though you’re tired it will give you drive, warmth, and energy.

Then you’ll go home and your baby will still want to be held all the time until you get into some sort of routine.

My first baby didn’t know the difference between night and day for the first week and he wanted to be nursed constantly.

I literally sat up all night long with my baby to my breast so he could sleep.

Yet the morning would come and I would still have the ability to keep happily moving forward.

It’s like you have this motivation and adrenaline rush those first weeks. It’s all pretty incredible.





There is no hunger like after childbirth hunger. I am not kidding.

To this day I have never felt anything like it. Many other mothers agree it’s crazy.

Your body will want to heal, you will be so hungry and food tastes so much richer. It’s fantastic.

So refuel yourself and listen to your body those first few weeks. Enjoy it.


The First Few Weeks You’ll Feel Like You’ve Been Hit By A Truck 


You will be physically uncomfortable. I’m sure you already know that, I mean you just gave birth after all.

But I don’t think women really understand to what extent until it happens to them.

You should read this post to prepare for postpartum accordingly.

That way you can actually enjoy your baby instead of not being able to concentrate on anything other than your own body.


what it's like to be a new mom


You’ll Feel Paranoid About Everything


When I had my first I didn’t want ANYONE to hold him except me. This is not at all uncommon.

I was afraid something would happen to him. I didn’t even want my own mom to hold him for more than a few minutes.

I felt paranoid and worried he needed me.  It sounds a little neurotic, I know but lots of new moms feel this way.

Usually, by the next babe, mama has chilled a bit.

I also worried about SIDS a lot. I would sit up at night and just watch him breathe.

I did this with all three so I cannot say that changes much from baby to baby.

Some of the other mamas that we’ve talked to did the same. If you are really worried about SIDS you should this post

It gives you some really good, Science-backed advice on how to prevent it just by doing a few simple things.


what it's like to be a new mom


You’ll Spend All Your Time Changing Diapers 


I had no idea I would spend so many hours changing diapers. Newborn poop is no joke.

I mean I expected to change diapers daily but not 10 to 15, sometimes more!

I felt like the second I changed him I would have to do it again.

We were knee-deep in dirty diapers.

Do you know that Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick raise a clam and Spongebob shows Patrick all the diapers?

Well not only is it super funny, but they really get the whole newborn diaper situation right.

If you have kids you’ve likely already seen it, but in case you haven’t, you should watch it below. I couldn’t resist putting the clip in.

The whole diaper changing scene is at the end.



You May Feel Lonely Or Even Sad


Not all days with your new baby will feel happy. You’ll have a lot of mixed feelings that you can’t quite pinpoint.

Just something weighing over you and pressing down.

For most, this is fleeting but for others, Postpartum Depression can set in.

If this happens, be sure to let your health care provider know immediately.

If you need a way to express and release your worries and emotions check out our mental health journal here. You can download it instantly.


Breastfeeding Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds


Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but it does not come easily or naturally to mother and babe.

Most think it would but that is not the case at all, and you need to educate yourself beforehand if you plan to breastfeed.

Some hospitals can help, but others are very ill-equipped to do this so you can’t count on them for advice.

Here’s a great online breastfeeding course that’s only $19. It’s called Milkology and it’s THE online resource for breastfeeding.



You Have A Whole Mind-Life Shift With Your First Babe


Once your babe arrives you have this whole reality shift.

You go from everything being about you to being selfless and caring about someone more than you do yourself.

It’s fairly intense. Your whole world changes.

You know that it will be like this after your baby arrives but you can’t really prepare for it.

It’s strange and interesting but it’s a good feeling.


In The End…..


Having your first baby is the most elating experience you’ll likely ever have.

It will feel great to have your other little ones too, but there’s nothing like the first.

It’s just a really special experience. A difficult one too.

I hope this information has prepared a bit for the ups and downs you’ll experience during your special time.

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what it's like to be a new mom



what it's like to be a new mom


what it's like to be a new mom


what it's like to be a new mom

15 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life In A Big Way

15 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life In A Big Way

I have been learning more about self-improvement lately and what a girl can do to make life richer and better.

I have read books and articles about the routines and attitudes of highly successful women and I’ve learned a thing or two about self-development that I want to share with you.

If you feel stuck in life right now and you want to live on your terms then you need to make active changes.

They don’t have to be big at first, but taking baby steps towards a life you’ll love will have a huge impact on your future.

So check out the list below and you’ll be on your way to a happier, more fulfilled you!

15 Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life In A Big Way

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15 Ways to improve your life


Read Daily

Reading something every day is so good for you.

It enhances your creativity and increases dopamine in your brain.

In short, it makes you feel good and if you don’t have time to actually read, you can grab an audiobook online, a Bluetooth headset, and listen on the go.

I encourage you to pick a creative novel but I also think you should be reading a book in the Self Development genre at all times.

Even if you only read three pages a day, it will improve your life in all areas.

Also Read:


Plan Ahead


Planning ahead will help you take tiny steps toward your goals.

You should be using a weekly planner and writing everything you need to do down.

You should update it daily to meet your needs.

You should use daily planners as well.

Making lists and using planners has helped me accomplish everything from finishing school, to starting several businesses and successful blogs that now create a full-time income for me.

It will help you feel prepared and you’ll get shit done.


15 Ways to improve your life


Have a Morning Routine


Following a morning routine that allows you to maximize the use of your time will help you start your day successfully.

After all, the more you get done in the morning the better you’ll feel.

Doing things like journaling, getting exercise and some meditation done will help you be at your very best.

Also, allow time for grooming because looking good will make you feel good too.



Journal Daily


I just mentioned journaling as part of your morning routine but it can and should be done at some point every day.

Journaling will help you understand who you are and what you want better.

I cannot say it enough. It’s an enlightening experience that will help you find your true self and it feels good.

Here’s a Journal we created that I think you’ll love!


15 Ways to improve your life


Eat Well


Your body is your temple and you should treat it as such.

Stop treating it like a garbage can, respect yourself by feeding your body the fuel of a champion.

This will make you feel better and prouder.

Having self control in all areas of life, but especially with your diet. It will make you feel like a stronger person.


Exercise Too


Same thing with exercise.

Work out like a warrior and you’ll feel like one.

You’ll become stronger physically but also mentally.

You’ll find clarity in life with strength of the body and exercise can also help you deal with negative emotions.

You will feel centered and strong when you adopt a solid exercise routine.



Stop Drinking


This is about discipline too and I can tell you straight up that if you’re partying every night you’re not living your best life.

You can do better than that.

Alcohol is not good for you and it will weaken your mind and body.

Long term use also causes brain damage. Look it up, it’s true.

You will be amazed at the clarity you feel once you drop the booze for good and then you can really get on with life and begin accomplishing your goals.


15 Ways to improve your life



Live In The Moment


Living in the present will make your life richer.

You will notice and appreciate the finer details and you will be able to respond better to what’s going on around you.

Here’s a great article that has 10 Tips For Living In The Present. 


Focus On The Positive


Achieving a positive mindset is good for your body and your mind.

Thinking Positive has proven health benefits and you’ll have better-coping skills during hardships and times of stress.

Once you condition yourself to see the bright side of things life really does get better.

I use to think this was bull but as I grew into an adult I started practicing more positive thinking and it really did work, to my surprise.

It has made me a happier person overall and it will work for you too.


Pursue Your Passion


Pursing something that interests you will release dopamine in your brain, make you feel good, and make you smarter too.

You can learn any small skill or just read about something that interests you.

There are tons of online class platforms that can teach you anything.

So look up your interest and dig in, or start a hobby.

Just DO something that excites you.


15 Ways to improve your life


Do Some Yoga


Doing Yoga can help improve your well-being.

Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves stress, relaxes you, and helps keeps your muscles healthy and long so you’ll age well.

Plus it just feels so good.

Taking up yoga will help improve your life all around so go for it, even if it’s just a youtube video or DVD.


Spend Time Alone


Spending time alone helps you center your mind and calm your body.

You can journal, read a book, meditate, or just think something thru.

Learn to love your own company. It will make you a stronger person if you do.


Be Social


Being alone is great but it’s also important to be social.

Hanging out with your Tribe gives you a chance to blow off steam and stress and catch up.

Humans are healthiest and happiest when they have a large social network, so go out once a week, or go meet some new people and make real connections.

It will make your life better.



Plan To Travel More


Traveling is such an enriching experience.

You can learn so much and it gives you something to plan and look forward to.

It also helps you learn to save responsibly.

Everyone should go on a big trip by themselves or with just one close friend.

It should be a grand adventure so plan it well and begin saving now.


Make A Plan To Pay Off Your Debt


There’s nothing worse than debt looming over you all the time.

Believe me, I know, I’ve been through it and it’s a feeling of constant anxiety and stress.

The best thing to do is to stay away from all Credit Cards and create a plan to pay off any debt and stick to it.

It will make you feel good about yourself to do it and when it’s finally paid off, there’s nothing like the freedom you feel.

In The End….

Incorporating these 15 tips daily will help you make big improvements in your daily life that will help you change and grow.

You will know yourself better and you’ll know what it takes to actively seek out happiness and accomplishment.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

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15 Ways to improve your life


15 Ways to improve your life


15 Ways to improve your life


15 Ways to improve your life


Cupcakes For Halloween | Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cupcakes For Halloween | Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes

The time will change soon, decorations will go up and festive treats will be in order!

Fall is my favorite time of year and we love making it special. We like to make crafts and bake fun things like these Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes ( No real blood required, lol ).

You make these cupcakes as simple or as festive as you want.

We’re keeping ours simple but if you really want to spice up Halloween you can add something fun like red sauce on top with some little hatchets or candy eyeballs, and cats.

While the name might sound gruesome. You can dig in with a smile knowing they are actually a devilishly fun take on the always popular Red Velvet recipe!

Check it out below!

Cupcakes For Halloween | Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Red Velvet Cupcakes for Fall


Cupcake Recipe:

  • 2½ cups flour
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1½ tsp. baking soda
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ½ cup butter, softened, plus 4 tbsp.
  • ¼ cup softened shortening
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 TBSP Red Velvet extract
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp. Red gel food color



Directions for Cupcakes:


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Line cupcake tins with paper liners.
  3. Sift flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt altogether.
  4. Mix the dry ingredients with a wire whisk for 3 minutes
  5. In a separate bowl using an electric mixer, beat the butter, shortening, and sugar until it is light and creamy.
  6. Add the egg, vanilla, red velvet extract,  and red gel food coloring.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Add flour mix and milk, 1/2 portion of each at a time, mix until completely combined.
  9. Spoon the batter into the lined cupcake tins until 2/3’s filled.
  10. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-22 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
  11. Cool for 10 minutes
  12. Remove from cupcake tins to a wire rack until totally cooled.


Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients:


  • 1 C. unsalted butter softened
  • 1 C. cream cheese softened
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 C. powdered sugar
  • 5 tbsp. heavy whipping cream



Frosting Directions:


  1. Cream the butter and cream cheese until creamy.
  2. Mix on low.
  3. Slowly add powdered sugar until blended.
  4. Add vanilla and heavy whipping cream and beat until thoroughly combined.
  5. Scoop the frosting into a pastry bag with a large frosting tip.
  6. Frost the cupcakes and place the icing transfer into the center of the cupcake


Blood Icing Ingredients:


  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 3/4 C powder sugar
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • 1 rubber bbq brush
  • red gel food coloring
  • 1 package of Wilton edible knife icing transfers



Blood Icing Directions:


  1. In a standing mixer, combine the egg white, cream of tartar, vanilla and powder sugar.
  2. Mix until white in color and stiff peaks about 7 minutes
  3. Mix in red food coloring
  4. Add a few more drops of red to get a deep shade of red, about 5 drops.
  5. If the icing is thick add in 1 tsp of water
  6. Place the cupcakes into an area where you won’t mind getting ‘blood’ on items
  7. Dip the bbq brush into the blood and shake the brush towards the cupcakes to give them the blood effect.
  8. Let dry for 10 minutes before enjoying.


Red Velvet Cupcakes for Fall

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Red Velvet Cupcakes for Fall


Red Velvet Cupcakes for Fall

Signs You May Be Having A Boy According To Old Wive’s Tales

Signs You May Be Having A Boy According To Old Wive’s Tales

So you’re having a baby and wondering if you’ll be having a cute little boy or a sweet baby girl?

Well according to old gender Wives’ tales, there are some pregnancy symptoms that can tell you if you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

But it’s definitely not science and the only way to really predict this is with an ultrasound at the right time.

You can still make a good guess though. Even though these are old Wives’ Tales, a couple are based in Science.

So read on and play the guessing game with your baby bump because it’s good, clean fun!

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you.


Signs You May Be Having A Boy According To Old Wive’s Tales

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signs it's a boy


You’re Only Putting On Pounds Around Your Belly


It has been said by many that if you only gain weight in the front around your tummy that you’ll have a boy.

Of course, it really varies from pregnancy to pregnancy but a lot of times this proves to be fairly accurate.

It did for me and many women we have interviewed.

It may be due to differences in hormone levels. There IS a difference between hCG and oestrogens when having a boy versus a girl.

This may explain why a couple of these Old Wive’s Tales seem to have some merit.

Must Read:

  1. Mega pregnancy to-do list from first trimester to childbirth and beyond. 
  2. Complete pregnancy shopping list: Everything you’ll need for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, AND baby. 



You Carry Low


Boys are said to be carried low.

But in truth, your belly shape can change very often due to many factors.

Your baby can carry low no matter what if you’ve had more than one pregnancy because your muscles are more stretched.

And at the end of pregnancy, once your baby has dropped and engaged you will appear to be carrying low no matter what the sex.

Have you taken a Prenatal course yet? Well, you can take one online and learn everything you need to know in just 3 short hours. Here’s the most highly rated and well priced prenatal course you get online today. 


Your Skin Is Glowing


Your mother or Grandmother may tell you that you are glowing and that means you a pregnant with a boy.

Or if your skin breaks out with cystic bumps that you’re having a baby girl.

This is another that seems to be true pretty often.

It was for me. My skin looked pretty great with both my boys but I did get terrible, irritating acne with my girl. It was not fun.

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 5 Painful Ways You’re Making Your Labor Worse

And 18 Pregnancy Hacks That Will Change Your Life

And The 6 best Ways To Induce Labor Naturally At Home


    Your Baby’s Heartbeat is Below 140


    I have heard this one many times but as far as I can tell from research it’s a complete myth.

    But still, it’s fun to ask and ponder.



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    You Don’t Really Have Morning Sickness


    Out of all the things we have listed here this one seems to be the most likely sign to hold some truth to it.

    You do have higher hCG when you’re pregnant with a girl.

    This is the hormone that will cause you to get sick.

    If you have really bad morning sickness you may be told that you’re having a girl and they may very well be right.

    There are always exceptions like I mentioned before but this one is often correct.

    So if you’re pregnant with a boy you may sail through it without too much sickness. This is often the case.


    You Crave Meat and Protein


    This is another on the list that doesn’t seem to mean much other than someone decided it must be true and it spread from there.

    You will have many cravings and lots of aversions too during pregnancy and none will have a single thing to do with the sex of your baby.



    Your Hair Gets Thicker And Shiner


    With boys, you may sport a thicker, shinier mane.

    Not sure if this would be true but it could have something to do with the hormonal differences we mentioned earlier.

    Some hormones cause the hair cycle to last longer while others will make your hair fall out more often.


    And Some Funnier Things


    There are some other Old Wives tales about pregnancy that are a bit out there. I simply cannot take them seriously and I doubt you will be able to either.

    Things like Your partner gaining weight, your feet always being cold, laying on the left side while sleeping, your pillow facing North, and more meaning you’d be having a boy.

    These ideas are just too far out for me, but entertaining nevertheless.


    In The End….

    While some of these symptoms seem to hold some truth when it comes to predicting the sex of your baby, most are just part of a guessing game that has gone on since the beginning of mankind.

    It’s all just part of the fun when it comes to pregnancy.

    The only way to really know the sex of your baby is to get a scan or blood test.

    I hope this information allowed you to make a good uneducated guess about your pregnancy 😉

    I wish you and your babe all the luck in the world!

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    signs you're having a boy


    signs you're having a boy


    signs you're having a boy


    16 Habits Of Women Who Are Attractive And Always Look Great

    16 Habits Of Women Who Are Attractive And Always Look Great

    Feeling attractive always makes a girl feel good, doesn’t it? Especially after having a couple of kids.

    But it’s not really about how you look. It has a lot more to do with the way you carry yourself, your confidence, and your emotional maturity.

    Sure your actual face fits in there somewhere with being attractive.

    But we all know pretty women who are downright ugly.

    So it doesn’t always boil down to great bone structure or fantastic hair. It’s much more complicated than that.

    There are things you can do to make yourself an even more attractive person to others.

    I have read some posts like this online and I’m gonna be real with you. Most don’t get to the heart of the matter.

    But that’s what we’re going to do today. We’re going to put aside being a mother for a second and concentrate on something for ourselves.

    If you want to find out how to put your best self forward and be more alluring then read on!

    Habits Of Very Attractive Women

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    16 habits that will make you look and feel better


    First, let’s talk about personality traits and then we’ll move on to more physical things.


    They are healthy


    Being healthy and strong is inspiring.

    It says a lot about who you are. It says you respect your body and you want to live your best life.

    That is a very attractive trait for anyone to have.

    Good nutrition and enough sleep will make you look fantastic too.

    It may be harder if you have children but you have to make time to take care of yourself.

    Doing simple things like getting plenty of Vitamin A will make your skin bouncy and thick and staying hydrated will give you that moist glow.

    So make sure you sneak workouts in and eat to live, don’t live to eat.



    Self Confidence 


    Being confident and sure of yourself is very attractive. It makes you look like you know where you’re going and you know where you’ve been.

    You can be more confident by setting yourself up to win.

    Be prepared for life by knowing what you’re doing at work or preparing yourself for any situation you think you may find yourself in.

    Make eye contact and speak with assurance. This will take you far.


    Be Positive


    Nobody likes a whiner. Or someone who spouts negativity all. the. time.

    This is the worst, and on the top of the most unattractive traits of all time.

    Always be the sunshine. Find the positive in everything and show gratitude.

    People will respect you more and look up to you for this. Trust me.

    It’s good for your kids too. It sets them up to be positive individuals as they grow.



    True Kindness


    Being kind and nonjudgemental puts people at ease. You’ll be the person everyone is drawn to.

    They will feel like they can come to you.

    Kind people have deeper relationships and more life satisfaction.

    It shows a sense of emotional maturity that real men ( and women ) will find extremely attractive.

    It will make you approachable as a mother to so you’ll have more ‘ mom friends ‘ and that’s awesome.


    Supports Other Women


    This is a bit like what we talked about above.

    Always be kind, positive, and always support your fellow sisters and mamas.

    Whining, talking negative, and cutting other women down makes you look like you have low self-esteem.



    Being Open-Minded


    Being Open-Minded falls under being non-judgemental. But it needs to be said again.

    In a world with so many problems like we’re facing today, you need to go into life with an open heart.

    People are all just these vulnerable individuals and deep down, underneath their inner child is still existing and watching.

    You need to see behind people’s anger, hurt and hate and see they’re acting out as that child.

    Look on with kindness, and non-judgment.

    If you look into their eyes you’ll see that child. Smile deeply and comfort them if you can.



    Being Witty 


    Being funny, quick with words, and having a sense of humor will make you the highlight of any gathering.

    It makes you glow and people will always enjoy being around you.


    A Great Smile


    Smiling helps people put down their guard and feel at ease.

    It also makes you feel happier too according to science.

    So smile at everyone including yourself when you see yourself in the mirror.

    And while you’re at it tell yourself ‘ I love you and appreciate you ‘ too.



    A Passion For Life



    Having hobbies, interests, and passions gives you more to say, and people like a well-rounded individual.

    Just because you’re a mama now doesn’t mean you cannot still keep the side of you that’s just ‘you’ so don’t forget to do what you love.

    Just being happy and singing a little helps too.

    Wake up every day with appreciation and show it to the world.



    Well Spoken


    Being well-spoken is definitely attractive.

    There are so many women in the world right now that say ‘ like ‘ every other word, curse all the time ( there’s a time and a place ;), and are generally just too loud and obnoxious.

    This isn’t cute and it makes them look ignorant.

    So just stop.

    Speaking well and being considerate makes you look intelligent and attractive.

    It also sets a good example for your little ones.





    Mystery evokes curiosity and interest.

    Being mysterious is hard to define but it means you radiate a bit of magic. It’s a bit of an aura that people can’t see but feel.

    Just don’t let it all hang out all the time.

    Don’t be so predictable.



    Now let’s move on to the more physical traits.


    Planning Your Outfits 


    Struggling in the morning to find something to wear usually means you throw something together and you don’t look your best.

    But with a little planning each night before, you can look absolutely stunning daily at work or where ever.

    This alone will give you a huge confidence boost.


    Making An Effort


    Get up early enough to curl your hair or take a shower AND get the kids ready.

    Make sure you have time for you.

    You’ll feel so much more pulled together if you do.



    Excellent Skin Care


    Taking care of your skin is a must if you want to look your best.

    You can do all of the above that I’ve mentioned but if you have flaky skin and giant pores you won’t feel that good.

    You’ll still be awesome, you just won’t feel awesome.

    And skincare goes a long way as you get older.

    Start using Retin A  and sunscreen NOW.



    Good Posture


    Body language says a lot about people and the way you carry yourself is important if you want to be your best self.

    Nobody looks confident all hunched over with their head forward.

    Learn to stand up tall and strong always and hold your head up high.


    Doing the tips I’ve listed for you here will help improve your confidence and appearance as well as how others see you.

    In The End, You simply need to respect and love yourself and others.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

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    16 habits that will make you look and feel better


    16 habits that will make you look and feel better


    16 habits that will make you look and feel better


    16 habits that will make you look and feel better




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