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Historically, when we think of The Word ‘Finances’ we automatically picture “men playing with big money” but the times have changed my friends.

It’s 2017 and women are competent {as always} and dominating in every field. Women have surely beaten men at their own game and have shown the ability to handle money issues and corporate finances Like A Queen.

Here’s a List of The Top Women Finance Bloggers you should definitely check out today. Their all awesome and they really know their stuff.

Farnoosh Torabi

Found On: DivineLiving

Farnoosh started her career in 2003, as a researcher/reporter for Money Magazine. She has written 3 famous books on the topic of personal finance. One of her best books ‘When She Makes More’ about women and finance, released in 2014, made her a well-known female financial journalist. Her expertise has appeared in many famous magazines and she does a podcast as well. Learn more about Farnoosh here.

Nicole Lapin

Found On: Nicolelapin

This Gal understands money very well, and the best part is that she makes it easier for others to understand it too.  Nicole Lapin is a popular financial news anchor (MSNBC, CNN, CNBC). She has also written books titled  ‘Rich Bitch’ and ‘Boss Bitch.’ Get to know her here.

Michelle Schroeder

Found On: Forbes

She is just 27 years old, an MBA degree holder and a digital nomad. She is the proud owner of a well-known personal finance blog called MAKING SENSE OF CENTS.  Her blog has received many awards and  She really enjoys helping others by writing and teaching them how to make/spend money, pay their debts, save money, etc. She also teaches a bit about the blogging industry and has a great course on affiliate marketing { that I have indeed taken }. It’s called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and it’s as awesome as she is.

Catherine Alford

Found On: catherinealford

Catherine Alford is a finance expert and has been writing for big publications such as Yahoo Finance, U.S. News, Investopedia, and Business Insider to name the few. She is an inspiration to moms and women everywhere who want earn more and play an active financial role in their families. Learn more About Catherine here.

Lauren Bowling

Found On: Lauren Instagram

Lauren Bowling is the creator of the award-winning blog Financial Best Life. She started her career as an actor but things didn’t go as planned. After that, she got an awesome job on Wall Street which sparked her interest in personal finance.

Stefanie O’Connell

Found On: stefanieoconnell

She is a financial expert, more precisely a millennial money expert. She’s also a professional speaker and author of the book titled ‘The Broke And Beautiful’. The book covers living debt free and living well with good financial Health. It’s a good Read!

Jessica Moorhouse

Found On: juliekinnear

Jessica Moorhouse is an award-winning blogger, millennial financial expert, and podcaster. She’s also the founder of Millennial Money Meetup where you can learn about money and how to invest your money in the best possible way for financial health and wealth.

Whitney Hansen

Found On: whitneyhansen

She is known as the ‘Money Nerd’ and teaching the millennials how to tackle their debts and pay it off is her game. Isn’t she cute!? She blogs and podcasts here.

Jessi Fearon

Found On: jessifearon

Jessi Fearon is another great personal finance blogger. Her mission is to teach people that money is controllable and you should control it before it controls you. Get to know her more here and learn how to get your financial freedom back.

Tess Wicks

Found On: tesswicks

Tess is a public speaker, coach, Finance and digital marketer, podcaster, blogger and the list goes on. If you want to learn how to live wealthy she’s the gal to follow!

So there you go. If you’re interested in learning more about money { and there’s a lot to learn! }, These are some of the best female finance bloggers online today. You can’t go wrong. Follow a couple of these Finance Gurus and you’ll be a money expert in no time.

Can you think of anyone else I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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10 Female Finance Bloggers to follow now

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