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Are you giving birth to your baby girl in 2022 and wondering what to name her?

Choosing a baby name is one of the funniest things parents get to do before their baby is born. But it’s also an important decision.

These days parents to be are picking names that are positive and adventurous. Some love earth, nature-inspired names while others are interested in unisex names.

The possibilities are endless.

Below we have picked our 10 top picks on unique baby names for 2022 ( and they really are quite unique!! ). Check it out and see what you think.

10 Most Unique Baby Girl Names For 2022

unique baby girl names 2022



The name Birdie is really cute and trendy. It has a bohemian ring to it.

Birdie means little bird, birdlike or bringing victory. It has often been used in short for Bernice or Bertha.




Pixie is a feminine name that comes from the name of the mythological creature known as a fairy or the fae.




The name Lotus is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means the flower.



Nova is a lovely name of Latin origin that means new.

Sometimes when parents name their baby this they’re referring to a supernova.   A supernova is the explosion of a star. It is the largest explosion that takes place in space. So in this instance they would be referring to the birth of their precious child as great and powerful event.




The name Ocean is primarily a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means Sea. It’s being primarily used for girls though and it’s super unique.

This may be our favorite on the list!




The name Honey is a female name of American origins,

It typically means sweet or sweet as honey.  It has also been used as a nickname for the name Honora.

unique baby girl names 2022



The name Winter is of American origins that means The Season. It has gained popularity after the legendary ‘ Game Of Thrones ” series. It is our second favorite on this list.




The name Shiloh is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning tranquil and while this name is not extremely unique it has regained popularity due to a famous ex-couple.

They named their first biological child Shiloh and she is coming of age. This has led to a rise in popularity for this particular name.




The meaning of the name Promise is a pledge. It is of English origins.

A variant spelling is Promyse which is also super cute and unique too.




Astrid is a super trending name and it is an old Scandinavian name that means divinely beautiful.

So cute!

unique baby girl names 2022



This is an Old English name that means a pile of rocks. It doesn’t sound glamourous but the name itself is very cool.

It also refers to a child who will climb the tallest mountain. So it has a meaning of strength behind it.

It can be used for both a girl and a boy.


So these are our top ten picks for most unique names for 2022. They are all beautiful and interesting. You really can’t go wrong with any of them!

We wish you so much luck in 2022 with your new babe!

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unique baby girl names 2022

unique baby girl names 2022


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