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Having a baby is expensive business.  There are so many things that you know you need and then there are things you don’t even realize you need just yet.

Luckily, there are tons of resources for Moms to be and lots of companies give free samples and free full-size products too, you just have to pay a small shipping fee.

I am working with a lot of companies to bring you some of these exclusive free products.  All the sites below offer a bunch of free or deeply discounted baby items that you will need and this helps a lot when you’re on a budget.

Below are some of the things on your baby list that you can get for free! You can use the Coupon Code ” Thislittlenest22 ” On all the sites on the list. This code is Just for my readers and you can’t find it anywhere else! There may be other coupon codes on the sites themselves but they’ll be for a percentage off, not for free so make sure you use the code.

Make sure you share the code with your friends too so nobody misses out! Let’s take a look at what you can get and how much you can save.


One of the best things on this list that you can get are these baby shoes. You can get two pairs, a $60 value for free and there are many different styles. Below is just one of the styles you can choose from.   These moccasins are perfect for newborns or toddlers. Go to Little Wanderers and use the code Thislittlenest22 to get $60 off ( equals two pairs ) Right Now!

free baby stuff with the code thislittlenest22

You can go to And Get a Totally Free Car Seat Canopy Like the one shown below with the code thislittlenest22. That’s $50 of savings.

Free Car Seat Canopy Coupon code thislttlenest22

Want an amazing Free Baby Carrier?! Go to and get it with the coupon code I gave you. You’ll save $40! Have a look at the Pic below.

You’ll need a nursing cover for when you go out and you need to breastfeed. Grab yours for free at That’s a savings of $35. The coupon Code is the same for every site. { thislittlenest22}

Want free baby leggings for your little one? This is my favorite freebie! I got 5 pairs for my little girl and they were SO cute!! You can get the FREE baby leggings at This freebie is valued at $50 big ones.

Free baby stuff Coupon code thislittlenest22

Ever heard of milk bands? It’s a band you wear on your wrist that helps you keep up with when you nursed and on what side. They’re really cute. Get yours free at They’re  $35 without the coupon!

{ Don’t Forget The Freebie I offer Too! It’s a $20 Value and you can get it instantly! See Below! Also, don’t forget to visit my Printables shop, we have nursery art and Milestone printables. You can check it out here }

Have you seen those cute little bloomers they make for babies? Well, will give you some great freebies that will give your babe the cutest little bootie in town 😉 Go to and use the coupon to save $60! and get some great free stuff. This one is also one of my Favorites!!

Free Baby Stuff coupon code thislittlenest22

A pregnancy pillow is an absolute must especially once you’re stuck sleeping on your side after the beginning of your pregnancy. I want to give you one for free. You’ll save $50 by going to

free baby stuff with coupon code thislittlenes22

Eskimo kids is an amazing site with cold-weather clothing and accessories for your little one. This is another one of my favorites, the stuff they sell is so cute! You can get a freebie and save #35 when you use the coupon code at

free baby stuff with coupon code thislittlenest22

If you’re going to nurse then you’ll need nursing pads. You can get $35 worth of free nursing pads at


You can get $30 worth of free Custom Pacifiers at These are awesome!

Free baby stuff with code thislittlenest22

You can also get Custom Snappies with the coupon code at so don’t miss that as well! You get $50 worth!

Hooded towels are the cutest! Get yours free at

Free baby stuff with coupon code thislittlenest22

You can also get another free baby carrier with the coupon code at They have super cute ones so be sure to check it out!

Belly bands are an invaluable tool during and after pregnancy. Get yours free at

free baby stuff with the coupon code

Here are a few more freebies to add to the list. Just use the same coupon code you’ve used for every other site { Thislittlenest22 }. You’ll save %60 at Little Wanderers.

Get free books at Babsy Books. A $40 value. Savings of $60. $30 of freebies. $35 savings.

Wow, that’s a lot of great stuff! I hope this helps you save a lot. Now you can use all that money for something else important like a really good car seat or stroller.

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Free baby stuff with code thislittlenest22 #freestuff #freebabystuff #babystuffffree #howtogetfreebabystuff


Free baby stuff with code thislittlenest22 #freestuff #freebabystuff #babystuffffree #howtogetfreebabystuff


Free baby stuff with code thislittlenest22 #freestuff #freebabystuff #babystuffffree #howtogetfreebabystuff


Free baby stuff with code thislittlenest22 #freestuff #freebabystuff #babystuffffree #howtogetfreebabystuff




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