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Paying monthly bills is one of the most dreaded tasks of adulthood. Sometimes it feels like you’re just throwing away your money at utilities, insurance, and other regular monthly charges.

And chances are, you actually are wasting some of your hard-earned cash every month. How can you find the places where you’re leaking cash from your budget?

Here are ten simple ways to save on monthly bills that you can get to work on today!

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Check Your Lighting

Though you may already have started to make the move away from classic light bulbs, be sure to take some time to check all of the fixtures in your home. Switch any incandescent bulbs that remain for CFL bulbs and reduce your energy bill. You can find CFL Light Bulbs right here for a great price.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Drop your thermostat by a degree or two in the winter and raise it a little in the summer. It won’t take long to see the savings in your energy bills. Check your hot water heater thermostat as well and see if you can reduce the temperature there for even more savings.

Check Monthly Subscriptions

How many subscription services do you have that you aren’t using? Check over your bills and see what costs you can cut. If you’re subscribed to multiple streaming services, for example, see if you can reduce down to just one.

10 ways to save money on bills #savemoney

Have a website subscription that you aren’t using anymore? Get rid of it!

Combine Insurance Plans

Find out if you can bundle your insurance plans, such as medical, dental, homeowners, life, and auto. Often when you handle multiple insurance products through one company, you are able to reduce the premiums that you pay each month by a percentage.

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Take Defensive Driving

With most auto insurance companies, there are discounts available for those who have taken defensive driving courses. In many states, these classes can be taken online for a very low cost, making them even more convenient for consumers.

Select a Higher Deductible

Insurance plans with a higher deductible can bring huge monthly savings for those in good health or who are good drivers. Though you may have more out of pocket expenses in the case of a claim, if you’re unlikely to need to use your plan, a higher deductible can save a lot of money each month.

Ditch the Landline

If you’ve got great cell service and rarely use your landline, let it go and eliminate that bill altogether. At the very least, take a look at any extra services that are included in your phone bill and have those removed to reduce your overall costs.

Regularly Negotiate with Service Companies

Shop around periodically to see if there are better deals with other companies on services that you need and use, such as cable and internet.

If there is a cheaper package available, give your service provider a call and see if they will match the deal or offer you something better.

Shop Smarter with Credit Cards

Use your credit card to make regular purchases and pay bills but pay those bills off each month. You’ll be able to take advantage of rewards and cashback programs but won’t have to deal with paying the interest on your credit cards.

Look for Incentive Savings

See if any of your service providers offer a discount for paperless billing or using automated monthly payment plans. Even small discounts can add up over time and put more money back into your budget.

Though you can’t avoid paying your monthly bills, there are ways of saving money every month. Give some of these tips a try and put more cashback into your pocket for the things you enjoy.

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10 ways to save money each month #savemoney #moneyhacks

10 ways to save money each month #savemoney #moneyhacks

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