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Walking into the Dollar Store and exploring all the fun items and great deals is always a lot of fun. There are so many great ways to save money as you wander the aisles. However, among all of the bargains you can find, there are a few things that you should never buy at the Dollar Store.

Shampoo And Conditioner 

Many times the shampoo and conditioner that you find at the Dollar Store are often watered down so the quality of the product isn’t quite up to par. You’re better off buying well-known discount brands at a grocery or drug store. They have been found to carry fake products in the past as well, unfortunately.

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The batteries sold at Dollar Stores are usually not well made and they won’t last as long as brand name batteries purchased elsewhere. Skip them and splurge on the good stuff.

Cooking Utensils 

Often the cooking utensils that you can find at discount stores are made of plastic or an unsafe coated metal.  While this may seem like a steal for items you don’t use often, there are sometimes dangerous chemicals in the plastic and metals that could possibly leach into your food. It’s not worth the savings.

10 things to never buy at the dollar store

Pet Food

Pet food ingredients in dollar store formulations may be low quality and could cause your pets to become sick. Also, it can be difficult to tell if the pet food you are purchasing has been sitting on shelves for an extended period of time.

Extension Cords and Power Strips 

Because of the manufacturing quality of many of the Dollar Store items, electrical products are probably not a safe purchase. Malfunctioning extension cords and power strips can become a fire hazard.

Trash Bags and Plastic Baggies

Trash bags, sandwich bags, and similar products from the Dollar Store are not a great choice due to their quality. They tear easily and closures don’t always work well – just not a great purchase.

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Most of the jewelry found at discount stores are not well made. It will break easily, discolor quickly, and items made of metal can cause your skin to discolor, as well. Save your money and invest in a couple of better quality, classic jewelry pieces that will go with multiple wardrobe looks. Besides, they don’t have anything nice anyway.


There have been reports in recent years that lead has been found in some of the toys at Dollar Stores. Also, the toys often break easily, resulting in a choking hazard for little ones. So this is a big one. Just don’t buy that junk!!

Food Items

Expiration dates on the food items at a Dollar Store can be questionable, plus the package sizes are often smaller than in standard stores. Even if you’re able to find brand name, safe foods, you might be spending more for them by volume than in a grocery store.

Makeup and Beauty Products

The ingredients and shelf life on the makeup and beauty products found at the Dollar Store are questionable at best. You run the risk of using toxic compounds on your skin or having reactions to unknown ingredients.

Though there are many things at the Dollar Store that are a great deal, take the time to consider your purchases. Quality and package size, combined with dangerous ingredients could turn those fabulous bargains into a really bad deal.

So just be considerate of the things you buy and stay away from these troubled products!

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10 dollar store items to never buy

10 things to never buy at the dollar store

10 things to never buy at the dollar store


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