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There’s nothing cuter than a baby with a unique Viking Or Swedish Name. Their names conjure up images of Game Of Thrones Characters and the like.

I have created an awesome list of 22 Viking Baby names that I think you’ll love. They will fit your little princess or King quite well.

Just a note: I love the idea of helping you pick out a name for your baby. I think it’s really special, plus you’re gonna really enjoy the sassy photos that go along with each name. Check out these kiddos below.

Check out these Earthy Nature-inspired names that are trending right now! This list does not disappoint.

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22 Cute Viking Baby Names That You’ll Love



Aaron means mountain of strength. What a strong, interesting twist to this age-old traditional name. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


This is the name of one of my favorite characters on The History Channel’s Vikings. He is awesome, wild, and strong. He has something in him that cannot be tamed and he has strong family roots believing family comes above all else. The name Bjorn means Bear.  I really love this one! 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Asha is a baby girl’s name that means life. How Cool is that? I’m loving it!

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames 


Myrcella refers to Princess. What better name for your little princess? I like this one because it sounds old yet it’s unique and new at the same time. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Asger means the spear of god. Just wow, how powerful is that? 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames



Nymeria means strong warrior queen. Are you having a little queen?

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Benjen means the son of the south. Pretty cute, am I right? This is a unique boy name and I dig it. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames 


Theon means Godly. I think it’s quite lovely, Don’t you?

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Aslaug means Woman engaged to god. I love this name so much because once again, it reminds me of one of my favorite characters on the Vikings show. She was the princess who married Ragnar. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


 Ragnar, as mentioned above, is the most well-known king of the Viking Tribes. It an awesome, commanding name and it’s not something you’re gonna hear any other parent calling their child.

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Dagny means a new day started. What an absolutely perfect name for a newborn girl. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames


Freja is a truly beautiful name that means like a lady. How lovely is that? If I had another girl I think I would name her this one. 

Viking Baby Names #vikingbabynames #babynames

And Here’s A List Of 10 More Viking Names:

  • Ros (Girl)
  • Sansa (Girl)
  • Shae (Girl)
  • Jorah (Boy Or A Girl)
  • Kevin (Boy)
  • Loras (Boy)
  • Talisa (Girl)
  • Yara (Girl)
  • Jojen (Boy)
  • Olenna (Girl)

I hope you found something that inspires you on this List of Viking Names. Perhaps you found that one of them is just right for your new babe. Enjoy! 

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