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I love handprint art, so naturally, I fell hard for these 6 Handprint Christmas Crafts!

This list has ideas for early learners, elementary-aged students, and the whole family!

Handprint art is so special to me as a mother because it preserves a moment in time, of when they were this small, the handprint serves as a lovely reminder as they grow!

Incorporating them into holiday decor means that each year we will be able to see the changes in the children from the time they made the decoration!

Below are links to 6 awesome hand print Christmas crafts your kids will love to make!

Christmas Tree Handprint Art

Christmas Tree Handprint Art

Rudolph Christmas Card 

Handprint Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Craft

Family Handprint Tree

Santa Handprint Craft

Which of these 6 Handprint Christmas Crafts do you want to make with your kids first?

I think my kids will love the Santa Handprint Craft!

If you have a favorite Christmas Handprint Craft idea please tell me all about it in a comment!

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6 fun Christmas hand prints for your child to make this holiday


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