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The holidays are always amazing and having a new baby during Christmas really brings back the magic.

It makes everything that much brighter and more exciting and it’s something you’ll want to remember.

You’ll want to make it very special, and there are some really fun ways to do that.

You can start a new tradition and take some amazing photos that will create unforgettable memories for instance.

Below is a fun list of ways to make your baby’s first Christmas very special.

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Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

baby's first Christmas activities

Baby’s First Christmas Stocking


Getting your baby’s first Christmas stocking is a great way to start Christmas off right. There are so many cute and special choices to pick from.

You can get one that is customized, you can make one or you can pick something unique off Etsy. 

Whatever you choose, it will be something you can keep forever and then pass down to your babes when they’re grown.


Baby’s First Christmas Photos


This is another Christmas Holiday must.

There are so many great options for baby’s first Christmas photos. You can take pictures beside the Christmas tree and with cute little Christmas hats on.

You may also want to get professional photos done too.

Or you can do it yourself with some awesome Christmas props.

I especially love these full-body baby stockings if your little one is still really small.



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What To Buy For Baby’s First Christmas


If you’re wondering what on earth to buy for your baby’s first Christmas then look no further.

You can buy some special custom toys that they can keep forever and some keepsakes that will be very special.

Here’s a name puzzle that can be custom made from Etsy. I love Etsy for gifts of all kinds but especially for kids. You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for baby and toddler gifts.

baby's first Christmas ideas


You should also check out Crate And Barrel. They have all kinds of very special baby keepsake gifts that you’ll fall in love with!

Like this special Duck Baby Cup. What a beautiful keepsake gift this would be for any babe.



baby's first Christmas ideas


Any of the things on this Crate And Barrel page would make awesome gifts for your little one.


Baby’s First Christmas Card


Taking your baby’s first Christmas photos is so much fun. Putting them on Christmas cards and proudly sending them to everyone you know is even more fun and so festive.

You can keep a couple of the cards as a momento of your first Christmas holiday together.


Have A Photo Ornament Made


Speaking of photos, another fun keepsake to make for that first year is a photo ornament.

You could make one yourself or have one made for you.

I mentioned Etsy earlier and I’ll mention it again. It’s the absolute best place to have stuff like this made.

Check out this lovely page and I know you’ll find something beautiful that you’ll love for years to come.


AND Make Your Own Footprint Ornament


There’s another type of ornament you’ll want to hang on your tree this year.

Creating a footprint ornament with your new baby is super special.

You’ll get to immortalize their little feet forever so you can marvel for years to come at how small your babe once was because baby feet are so sweet.

You can do their cute little handprints as well.

Here’s a kit from Amazon that is cheap and easy to use.

Here’s another lovely ornament for baby’s first Christmas too.


Baby’s First Visit With Santa


Going to visit Santa for the first time is always a festive holiday adventure.

Whether it turns out good depends on how your baby feels about big bearded guys in red suits.

Some babies enjoy a visit with Santa while others will shy away or become frightened.

Either way, you won’t know until you go see him. It’s all part of the experience for baby’s first Christmas.


Baby’s Christmas Pajamas


Of course, you’ll want to dress your babe up in some fun holiday clothing.

A cute pair of striped or plaid pajamas will fit right into your little one’s Christmas wardrobe.

They help make great holiday-themed photos too.

Better yet, get matching pajamas for the whole family to make it really fun. Here’s my favorite set!



Baby’s First Christmas Story


Reading stories is a tradition for most families during the holidays.

And Picking the right one for baby’s first Christmas story is all part of the fun.

There are so many good stories to choose from but did you know you can get a personalized Christmas board book especially made for your baby?

Here’s a cute option and here’s another.



Family Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Ugly Christmas sweaters are so much fun! They can really put a funny spin on the holidays and many people really enjoy them.

It has become a whole pop culture thing.

One way to kick off the season with your baby is to buy the whole family matching ugly Christmas Sweaters.

You can wear them to a Christmas party if you go to any or you can take your holiday card photos wearing them.

Here’s a really cute option for the whole family.

If you just want to get one for your baby here’s one from Etsy that is super cool. It’s from-


ugly Christmas sweater for family



Attend A Tree Lighting Ceremony


Tree lighting ceremonies can be enjoyed by all ages including your tiny baby.

Her eyes will look on in amazement at the beautiful decorations, trees, and sparkling lights.

It’s so much fun to watch your little one have new, special experiences like this. That’s what really brings the magic back to the holidays.

So find a local event, bundle up and head out!


Decorate Your Baby’s Room


Decorating your babe’s nursery with some festive holiday decor is another way to make things special.

He’ll look on with delight in all the new and interesting things surrounding him.

Just make sure that he cannot reach any of the Christmas decorations if he is mobile in any way.


Baby’s First Christmas Movie


When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to watch the old classics each Christmas. You know, the old Rudolph? and Frosty the Snowman?

Now I share them with my 3 kids each year and they love them too.

These movies are good for all ages and they’re absolutely magical.

Even if your little one is super young these are the very best Christmas movies to start with.

You can buy the disk with 5 of these classics right here on Amazon for super cheap.


In the end…

Christmas will be special with your new baby no matter what but adding these Baby’s First Christmas Ideas and Christmas Baby Activities will make it all so much more memorable.

I wish you the best Holiday season you’ve ever had, and I hope it’s full of magic and joy!

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christmas activities for babies

Christmas activities for babies

baby's first Christmas activities

baby's first Christmas activities







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