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Having children and being a mom is both fulfilling and rewarding.

But it can take so much out of you. Many mamas lose their sense of self along with other problems that can arise.

You may find that you have postpartum depression or a difficult child. Or perhaps there’s a significant strain on your relationship with your partner.

Other problems can be present as well. Maybe you are already prone to depression or anxiety.

One thing you can do to really help yourself with any of these situations is journal for your mental health. Having a guided journal or a regular Diary can improve how you feel on so many levels.

Research shows that journaling works as well as therapy and it’s cheaper 😉

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When my kids were younger I was such a mess. I was anxious, angry and full of rage at moments.

I felt like I had totally lost myself and I wasn’t being the best parent because of this.

I began using a guided journal that helped me weed out patterns and negativity in my life. It helped me get to know who I was so much better and create more positive patterns for myself.  I haven’t looked back since.

It literally changed my life and it was such a simple thing to do and I wanted to share that with you.

Here are some of the awesome ways that you’ll benefit from taking that pen to paper. Check it out below!

The Benefits Of Journaling For Your Mental Health As A Mom

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Writing Down Your Feelings Will Bring Peace of Mind:


Journaling is a form of writing therapy that can significantly reduce stress and help calm an anxious mind.

It is an effective way to prioritize racing or scattered thoughts and is a great tool for anyone struggling with anxiety or situational stress.

It can really put things into perspective and calm you down. It’s a really good way to promote self-care.


A Path to Healing:


Writing is also a productive outlet for emotions. It’s a safe space to put negative or painful thoughts and can be a powerful release.

You can tell your journal the unspoken, the things you might not want to share with anyone else.

Your journal is a bridge to acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness that leads to healing from within.

So make time to write every single day.


How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression


Clarity of Purpose:


Putting your thoughts on paper can bring clarity to a situation or offer up a new perspective.

If you’re struggling with uncertainty, finding your purpose, or making a decision your journal can guide you.

When you journal regularly you’ll notice a clearer mind, keen focus and improved memory.

You’ll also likely have less anxiety and depression. It’s just that powerful.


Personal Growth:



Journaling for your mental health is an excellent way to get to know your true self.

Writing out your behaviors, along with your feelings, gives you a greater understanding of who really you are.

As you spend more time writing, you’ll become more self-aware and start to recognize the behavior patterns that influence your life.

It gives importance to your decisions and everyday actions.


How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression


Spark Creativity:


Writing is a wonderful way to tap into your creative side.

It opens the door to storytelling, helps to refine big ideas and is a fun way to explore the world of possibility.

All it takes is a spark of creativity to make things happen.

We all create in our own way, and journaling can help you find your true creative self.


Improve Your Health:


Taking the time to journal can have a profound impact on your physical health.

When incorporated into your nighttime routine it can help you sleep better, and longer.

Writing is known to boost mood and improve memory.

Journaling 3-5 times per week is an excellent way to take care of your emotional health and well-being.

When all systems are working properly, and your mental and emotional health is good, your physical health reaps the rewards.


How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression


I hope you take a moment to think about the impact that writing could have on you and the ones around you.

Going on a journey of self-discovery through writing is one of the most enlightening things I’ve ever done and I hope you will follow in my footsteps to become a better you.

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This Journal has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and we get rave reviews from our customers saying that it has helped them understand themselves better in ways that they never thought they could.

I have used it myself and I can say that without a doubt it has helped me change the negative patterns in my life and become a better parent to my children. It creates an enhanced sense of self-awareness. Click this link or the pic below for more information.

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Good luck to you mama!

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How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression


How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression



How Journaling can help with depression and anxiety #journaling #bulletjournal #anxiety #depression




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