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Your Gut Health Is extremely important to your overall health. It has a huge impact on your sense of well being. When your gut is not healthy and it’s giving you trouble you’ll feel unwell and it’s almost impossible to enjoy anything.

But there are some great teas that can help you sort out your tummy troubles when you need them most. Most people reach for some sort of medication to combat their nausea or indigestion but these can really upset the balance of your gut and should be avoided unless you’re very ill.

Today I will share some types of healing teas that will help soothe your tummy.

Tea to help soothe the worst tummy aches


Fennel Seed Tea


In ancient times, fennel seeds were associated with gut health. Ancient doctors and medicine men would grind or crush the fennel seeds to avail their patients of hunger pains, treatments for poisonings, and all manner of ailments.

Today, you can see fennel’s presence in recipes aimed at settling the stomach. In some cultures, fennel is used to prevent indigestion and is often nearby and ready to be eaten at the end of a meal.  It’s no wonder that someone once said that fennel could soothe men’s worries.


Chamomile Flower Tea


This pretty little flower has been known to help the stomach for over 2000 years. People of the past used this flower to create drinks that were used to treat fevers and nausea, and it was quite effective. A lot of this positive effect comes from chamomile anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation in the gut is one of the primary causes of stomach discomfort, so the elimination of that inflammation would result in a more tolerable experience.

Chamomile is also very relaxing. Stress can aggravate acid production in the gut, and cause damage to your digestive tract. A little relaxation and the anti-inflammatories in chamomile make it a great tea to have during tough times.


Peppermint Tea


It’s amazing to think about the large stretches of time that species of plants have been on this planet. Peppermint has been found in archaeological digs that contain artifacts that are over 10,000 years old.

This little green leafy plant has earned its place among people for its antispasmodic properties, and its soothing flavors. It’s also great at dissipating nausea before it becomes too severe, so if you’re feeling a little green, reach for a cup of peppermint tea. Your stomach will thank you.

I hope these wonderful teas help soothe your aching tummy.

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3 herbal teas to soothe your worst tummy ache

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