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Let’s face it. We all need a mood boost these days.

Times are strange and sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side.

Especially if you’re stuck home with small children and you feel like you have no one to talk to.

We all suffer from bad moods occasionally and sometimes it’s hard to snap out of ‘ The Funk ‘

So what can you do? You don’t have to sit idly by and simmer in misery.

The habits I have listed below are some things you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you change your mood to happy.

They really work! So check it out below.

How To Change Your Mood To Happy | 10 Daily Habits That Help Boost Your Mood

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How to turn your mood happy



Get Some Sunshine


Getting light first thing in the morning is just SO important.

It will reset your circadian rhythm, give you a big dose of vitamin D, and make you feel happier.

So take a moment to yourself and drink your coffee outside.

Or take your little ones with you and they can get a shot of sunshine too, because they likely need it as much as you do.

This is a great way to spend your morning and it will bring you satisfaction and quiet your mind.


Write In A Journal Every Day


Journaling is a really powerful tool.

It allows you to better understand yourself and your feelings.

It can be especially helpful if you’re feeling down. Writing how you feel can help you release pent up emotions.

It’s something you should practice every day but especially when you’re having a bad one.

We have a great 64-page Journal with all kinds of mental health prompts from weekly emotion trackers, anxiety and anger trackers, and negativity worksheets that help create permanent thought pattern changes. You can find it here. 



Feel Gratitude


Taking a moment to think about how you’re blessed and what you’re grateful for can help shift your mood.

You can do this by simply thinking about it or writing it down in a gratitude journal.

You could do this after you journal your feelings like we talked about before.


Exercise Can Improve Your Mood And Energy


Getting exercise in the morning can make all the difference in how you feel.

Trust me and you don’t have to do it for long. Just get your heart pumping.

5 minutes will work but 10 minutes is even better.


how to change your mood to happy


Dress Up Nice Will Help You Get In A Good Mood When You’re Depressed 


Putting on something nice when you feel bad can help you feel better.

Especially if you’re a mama who feels like a hot mess.

You’ll feel better when you’re pulled together nicely and it will boost your confidence.

So pull out something really nice and dress yourself up.


Eat Good Food And Drink Plenty Of Water


Eating good food makes you healthy and strong and that helps make you feel good.

Eating a protein-based breakfast with a bit of fat and a small number of complex carbs is the best way to fuel your body and brain.

Just make good choices. Don’t be afraid of fat.

It’s just so good for you and it will boost your mood and make you feel full so you don’t get hangry.

Make sure to pick healthy fats and skip the junk food.

Being hydrated is extremely helpful too. It will boost your energy and your brain.

So drink up.


Practice Some Self Care 


Practicing some intentional self-care can make you feel better when you’re really down.

You could meditate for a few minutes or just drinking your coffee outside in the sunshine in the morning like I mentioned before can help.

When you get home take a walk or run a special bath. Just try to breathe deep and quiet your mind. That’s the point.




Do Daily Affirmations


Daily affirmations may sound silly but they work.

Pop onto Youtube and you’ll find a wealth of videos to help you.

They will help change the little negative voices in your head. Over time they can create permanent positive changes.

You can do it while riding in the car or while drinking your morning coffee.

Just start a practice and stick to it.

You’ll thank me.


Plan Something You’re Passionate About


This is important every day but especially on days when you don’t feel your best.

Plan something that you love to look forward to.

Don’t let being a mom drown out your passions. Don’t lose yourself in that one role.

Doing something where you can be actively creative is best but if there’s nothing you can do that particular day, just planning on binge-watching your favorite Netflix show can give you something to look forward to too.


Hang Out With A Friend


Being with A friend is a great distraction.

You can hang out or even vent a little about how you’re feeling. Talking about it can definitely help.

So plan a dinner date and then maybe she can stay over and watch that Netflix series with you!

Maybe she can bring her kids and you can have a double sleepover.


how to change your mood to happy


We all have bad days and sometimes we just have to push through.

But taking a few moments to think about it and actively trying to change the way you feel can be really helpful in shifting your day and helping change your mood to happy.

Good luck!

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How to turn your mood happy

how to boost your mood and energy

How to turn your mood happy




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