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Getting your baby to sleep through the night can be really tough and every baby is different. It can be a real challenge for everyone, especially you mama, because you need your rest more than anyone.

We all struggle with finding what works for each individual child but there are a few things that seem to work pretty well and they certainly can’t hurt.

Let’s talk about what can help.

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Developing the perfect sleep environment 

When you are preparing your nursery you should consider different elements that will help your baby sleep better. Dark curtains that don’t let in too much light are a good idea.

A fan or a white noise appliance can be very soothing too. There are some great ones on Amazon like this Baby Sleep Soother. We own this and it’s seriously awesome. I used it with all three of my little ones and it’s lasted the test of time.

The temperature is important too. You don’t want your babe to be too hot or cold. No one likes to sleep when they’re sweating or freezing and your babies are no exception.


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of swaddling. Swaddling can help calm and control your baby’s startle reflex.  When she startles she can suddenly wake up and it can cause a lot of broken sleep for everyone.

Swaddling your baby tight will keep them more relaxed and she will sleep deeper. The Halo Sleepsack is a great option.

Don’t Rush Solid Foods 

Rushing solid foods can cause considerable restlessness for babies. Back in the day, the experts would tell you to start solids really early but you can certainly wait till your baby is older.

Waiting will save your child from the gastrointestinal distress that is caused once they begin adapting to solids. In my experience, once my babies began eating solids, they would lift their legs up and down all night and kick around a bit. I can only guess that their little tummies hurt. This caused so many sleepless nights.

With my last baby, I waited and you know what? This never even happened with her. So my advice? Wait a while, there’s no rush.

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Sleep Associations

If you breastfeed your baby every single time you put him down to rest he will always expect this. In the middle of the night, he’ll wake up and want to breastfeed.

It can happen so many times during the night that you’ll feel like you don’t sleep at all. In the beginning, this is inevitable because he needs the nutrients, But a couple of months out, you’ll need to find other ways for him to fall asleep.

When your baby is tired rocking him or rubbing his belly can help. Or perhaps your partner can hold him as he gets sleepy. When he wakes in the night you can use some of these same techniques.

The same goes for Pacifiers. If your baby really loves his pacifier he’ll wake every time it pops out of his mouth and oh boy, does it become a whole lot of trouble.

If you can avoid pacifiers altogether that would be helpful, but being a mama of three, I know that’s not always possible, so do what you can and don’t feel bad about it.

Create A Solid Bedtime Routine

Even really young babies can benefit from a good bedtime routine. They can get accustomed to those sleepy time cues and it will help tremendously down the road. A bath, dim lighting, a light massage, and reading quietly are awesome ways to create a routine.


When your baby is still really young and needs all those breastfeeding sessions you can use this technique. Breastfeeding them for a good while right before bed will help them sleep longer because their little tummies won’t be as empty. Once they’re older it’s good to find other ways of soothing them to sleep but before they’re 4 months old you can dream-feed them So they’ll sleep more soundly.

Change Your baby before they eat at night ( If they need it )

This is pretty obvious but sometimes you’re tired and you just feed your babe, only to find that she definitely has to be changed right as you get her to sleep. Major bummer. So make sure you do it beforehand and here’s to hoping she doesn’t do it AGAIN while feeding. { cause mama that’s gonna happen too }

Don’t rush in every time your baby cries

Sometimes he will make little sounds or cry at night. He may be dreaming or startling and you may want to rush in to check on him. But chances are, at least some of the time, that he’ll go right back to sleep.

So give it a moment and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get lucky.

Last Word

So those were a few good ideas offered up by experts to help get your little one sleeping better. They aren’t miracles by a long shot, but they do help form healthy sleep habits over time and that’s really important.

All you can do is try to make them as comfortable as possible and get them used to sleepy time cues and you’ll both work your way to a better night’s sleep.

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