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Times are strange right now with everyone quarantined inside due to the Corona Virus Outbreak.

You may be running out of things to do with your kids.

You may fall back on television and tablets and that’s certainly fine to an extent.

It helps you get a break and your kids love it.

But make time for constructive activities that will help strengthen the bond between you and your child too.

Below are some screen-free activities that are fun and wholesome that allow plenty of learning and creativity.


No-Screen Activities for Your Child During The Corona Virus Pandemic

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screen free activities for kids


Start a Garden:


Gardening is a wonderful way to bond with your child, and it’s the perfect activity for children of any age.

Letting them grow and care for fruits and vegetables encourages healthy eating and introduces them to science.

Gardening teaches patience, responsibility and how to care for the environment.


screen free activities for kids


For them, it may seem like they are just playing in the dirt but Mom knows better.


Host a Sleepover:


Sleepovers are a fun way for your child to spend time with friends, and most kids love having them.

Even at a young age, sleepovers can help your child build relationships and improve communication.

Socializing is a critical part of your child’s development and sleepovers give them an opportunity to do that in the comfort of their own home.


screen free activities for kids


Spending time with other children teaches your child how to share and take turns, but also how to navigate situations on their own.

My favorite activities for sleepovers are building a fort, arts, and crafts, having a dance party and playing games.

Let the children lead the way and you’ll find they enjoy doing much more than turning on the screen.


The Cardboard Box: 


Let them keep the large cardboard box from your latest package.

Children very often enjoy a large box more than some of their favorite toys.

To a child, this cardboard box is full of possibilities.

Your child will use their imagination to decorate, put stuff in, take stuff out, and maybe even fall asleep there.


screen free activities for kids


A cardboard box is a car, a house, a wagon, a castle and more. Keep the crayons and markers nearby, you’ll both be glad you did.

Huge boxes are especially fun, like the ones large appliances come in. You can help them make a clubhouse or a rocket ship with it!


Arts and Crafts:


Arts and crafts allow your child to experiment with things in a calm and accepting environment.

They’ll discover new colors, shapes, and textures.

They’ll improve their fine motor skills and have an outlet for expressing themselves.


screen free activities for kids


Children who participate in arts and crafts at a young age are typically more creative and productive throughout their school years.


The Plastic Pool:


Just like a cardboard box, a small pool has a lot of potential and they are cheap.

There’s always splashing around in the summer to stay cool but it’s actually useful all year round.

You can easily move it indoors for a swim or turn it into a play center for your child; dolls, balls, and cars
are popular toys for playing in the pool.

Bringing the outdoor pool they know and love indoors is a great way to demonstrate thinking outside of the box and trying new things.

It’ll also win you some brownie points because they’re going to have a lot of fun with it.


Field Trips: 


The more your toddler is exposed to, the more they learn.

Field trips are an excellent way to share with them the big world outside.


screen free activities for kids


Field Trips feed a child’s curiosity, enhance their vocabulary and getting outdoors ensures they get much-needed exercise.

The zoo, science center and a picnic in the park are all great choices for a toddler’s day out.


There are so many other fun activities to do during The Corona Virus Pandemic or any time you’re stuck inside for extended periods of time.

Screen time is totally ok, but make sure you spark creativity and imagination.

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screen free activities for kids


screen free activities for kids


screen free activities for kids


screen free activities for kids


screen free activities for kids


screen free activities for kids

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