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During the early years, what and how your child learns is critical to their intelligence and will affect them into adulthood.

But did you know that you can foster and nurture them and their environment so they can live up to their fullest potential?

There are some really simple things you can do that will greatly improve their intelligence and we’ve got the scoop.

Here’s how to raise a smarter child with proven tips backed by science. Check it out below.

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Raise A Smarter Child With These Proven Tips

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Start Education And Learning Young


Children taught at an early age have improved social skills, a longer attention span, and better grades later on.

Studies have shown that children who participate in a Pre-K education are more behaved and have higher IQ’s than their peers when enrolling in

When you start early, children see education as a part of their daily routine and they are more likely to be focused while in the classroom and adapt easier to structured education in the future.

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Give them opportunities to be social, even at a young age



Communication and language is the key to learning at a young age. When children spend time with others their communication improves.

Studies have shown that children learn habits, good or bad, from those peers they spend the most time with.

Giving them plenty of opportunity for social interaction will help them build the skills they need to succeed later on in life.


8 Ways to raise smarter kids #positiveparenting #parentingtips #parentingstrategies #howtoraisesmarterkids #howtomakeyourkidssmarter



Feed their curiosity


Children are curious by nature.  They are constantly seeking out new experiences and knowledge. Research suggests that the higher the curiosity, the higher the academic achievement.

When you encourage and feed that curiosity you’re helping them stay motivated to learn and setting them up to succeed academically.

Learning opportunities are all around us; teach your child there is something to be learned no matter the environment or situation.


Exploration can lead to greatness


Be present in the moment with them. Talk to your kids, interact with them and show them love and compassion.

When your children have a peaceful, supporting home environment you are giving them the peace of mind and comfort they need to perform at their best.



Turmoil or chaos in your home can make it difficult for a child to feel grounded or safe and can cripple them emotionally.

The more you are available to answer questions and encourage that curious little mind, the more they’ll learn.


8 Ways to raise smarter kids #positiveparenting #parentingtips #parentingstrategies #howtoraisesmarterkids #howtomakeyourkidssmarter


Books, Books, Books


Read to them, have them read to you, and encourage independent reading.

Reading from a young age, and limiting screen time is an exercise for your child’s brain.

Reading enhances language skills and concentration. A great story allows their imagination and curiosity to
run free yet also opens the door to other parts of the world or information that they might not
normally be exposed to.


8 Ways to raise smarter kids #positiveparenting #parentingtips #parentingstrategies #howtoraisesmarterkids #howtomakeyourkidssmarter


Reading takes your child on a journey to new things; children who read regularly typically have higher intelligence and do well in school.


Assign them age-appropriate chores


Chores help children to adhere to a schedule while teaching them responsibility.

Chores show them what is expected and helps them to be able to contribute to the household and work as a team.

As children get older, chores give them a great start at independence and helps them build a strong work ethic for the future.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach children about responsibility, caring for the household and how to come together as a family.



Let them play


Because children learn the most through their peers it’s important to spend time with them playing and having fun.

Not only is this good for their emotional IQ but play allows them the opportunity to continue learning without the stressor of a structured environment.

Imaginative play and games are all part of learning for kids. Playtime shows them it’s important to have a healthy balance of work and play in life.


Make music a part of their life


Expose your children to all kinds of music, starting with classical and soothing music when they are young. Encourage them to sing and dance.

Let them play an instrument, or two, or three.  Music is a wonderful way for children to express themselves.

It has been proven that children involved in music tend to have higher IQ’s.

Music improves a child’s academic, physical and social skills.

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Music makes you smarter.” It does.


Doing these 8 things really will help you provide an environment where your child’s intelligence can fully bloom. If you want even more tips check out this post on Inc. 

Good Luck To you and your family!

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8 Ways to raise smarter kids #positiveparenting #parentingtips #parentingstrategies #howtoraisesmarterkids #howtomakeyourkidssmarter


8 Ways to raise smarter kids #positiveparenting #parentingtips #parentingstrategies #howtoraisesmarterkids #howtomakeyourkidssmarter

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