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The holidays and Wintertime are the most wonderful time of the year and it’s a great time to let everyone know that you’re expecting.

It adds to the merriment of the holiday season and it’s an extraordinary gift to grandparents.

Below are some creative ways to spread your special news to friends and family.

Unique Holiday Baby Announcement Ideas | Fun Winter Baby Announcements That Will Surprise Everyone

baby announcement ideas for the holidays. Pregnant woman and man at Christmas sitting together

Make A Snowman Family 


A Snow day can provide the perfect medium for a Winter baby announcement.

This announcement was created by Gina from Popcorn And Pandas on a particularly snowy New York Day.

snowman baby announcements



Snow Day Photo 


Here’s another great way to take advantage of a snowy day to create the perfect announcement photo.

Cassandra Skelly grabbed a special balloon and waited for the right day to come along and it turned out breathtakingly beautiful.


Winter baby announcements


I absolutely love this photo and it’s my favorite by far of all these baby announcements. It’s so classy and elegant.


Bring In The Elf On The Shelf 


There’s nothing more Christmas-y than those little mischievous elves.

Creating a baby announcement around the elves is a delightful way to let the world know that you’re expecting your new baby.

Below Dan Mcgnity put this idea to work and it turned out really cute and funny.

baby christmas announcements


You can get your own elves to recreate this idea right here and here. 


Christmas Wreaths And Pregnant Bellies


Why not create a baby announcement that is both festive for the winter season and artsy too?

In the photo below, Hillary from Grace Oaks Designs creates a beautiful pregnancy photo with a cream and forest green color palette.

Winter baby announcements


It has a very holiday and winter feel to it. You can see more about Hillary here. 

She uses lots of natural and neutral colors in her work and I really love it.


Go To The Tree Farm


Here’s another cute baby announcement with a classic holiday theme.

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas tree at the tree farm!

It’s beautiful yet simple, and It easily gets their message across.

baby Christmas announcements

This lovely announcement was created by Danielle from Holistically Stanbury, and you can read more about their adventures here.

I love her Instagram account. She has great style.


Create A Felt Letter Board


Creating a felt board with your announcement is an awesome way to get your message across.

These have become really popular for all kinds of things, especially on Instagram and they can be used for every event.

But they are especially good for things like baby announcements.

Here’s one that Emma from big.mama.loves created and we love it.

winter pregnancy announcementsI like the Christmas-y message this announcement is sending to the world. And she’s not wrong about those silent nights 😉

You can get your own felt board here. 

In the end…..

There are a lot of ways to announce your pregnancy to the world.

The six above are creative and cute but there are so many different ways to express your news, especially around the holidays.

We’d love to hear what you’re planning. Comment below and we may add your ideas and photo to this post!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!!

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