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A special Journal is a great way to chronicle your pregnancy experience. It will help you remember these wonderful, precious moments and you can share it with your babes when they’re older. It’s a beautiful thing.

And once again I have created an awesome one for my readers. You can download it now for free!

My other Pregnancy Journal was so popular on Pinterest that I had to do it again. I wanted to make it better, more professional and prettier.  It’s a lovely watercolor design that you’ll absolutely love. It is most definitely as good as any of the pregnancy journals you’d have to pay for on Etsy, but it’s free! There are 57 pages included in the journal and below is a small sample of what you’ll get.



There are planning pages, appointments, photo pages and weekly milestone pages that tell you how big your baby is that particular week. You will be able to journal each week about how you feel or whatever else you want.

I would love it if you would download it and use it to keep a record of your journey.

You can download it with the form below.


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