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Why you should Start A Blog and Quit your Job. The Blogging Blue Print that Really Works!

Do you know that many people have become very wealthy Blogging? It’s very possible and some do it in just a few years. Stay at moms and young women just like you and me… That blows my mind.

While I’ll admit reaching for millions is a bit over ambitious, you can make really good money and create total financial freedom. Amazingly it’s not nearly hard as you would think. You need determination, ambition and consistency. Oh and you need to enjoy writing as well!

So do you want to know how to be a successful blogger and become wealthy doing it? There’s a Blue Print you need to follow and it works every time.

Let’s talk about a few things before we get into the success blueprint. First, you need to know that you DO NOT become a successful blogger by screwing people over. Those that are dishonest rarely make any real money and when they do it’s usually short-lived.

You become Successful by creating value in the world, and by solving problems.

Another thing you need to know is that Ads and affiliate sales are NOT the most profitable ways to make money. If you have any hope of making real money blogging you need to think about other ways of monetizing. Sure you can use those ads and affiliate links but You need a very high volume of page views, like about 100,000 per month to generate enough income to pay your bills.

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But don’t let that discourage you….There are other better ways to make money blogging. Now let’s get into the perfect blogging formula...

Assuming you have a niche narrowed down and some great blogging ideas here’s the formula you will need to follow~

  1. You need to understand that your blog is your business and you need to treat it as such. You need to put in just as much effort as you would with a full-time job, Maybe more. There’s no magic bullet to anything. You have to work your little ass off.
  2. Create a product when you’re ready. This can be a course, Ebook, Software, Membership site, or whatever.
  3. Grow your email list because it’s one of your most important assets.
  4. “Sell” your product. I put sell in quotes because you could sell your product for money or you could sell it for an email address. But understand that the concepts are the same. You create products that solve problems and charge for them. That email address is more valuable in the long run than a single sale for money.
  5. Pay for ads to drive traffic to your landing pages where you encourage people to sign up for your email list in exchange for your product.
  6. Understand that marketing is a multi-step process. Don’t bother asking cold traffic to buy something for money. Marketing is a seduction. Keep drawing them closer to you with free or small offerings. Your real goal is not to sell products, it’s to build a relationship with them based on trust. Once they know, like and trust you, they are MUCH more likely to buy from you.
  7. Then when you have gained a lot of trust you can sell your real, valuable courses, or products to your list.
  8. Lastly, keep growing your list and adding value and keep selling those high-value products.

This is the blueprint bloggers use to become millionaires and it absolutely works. It’s pretty hard work but it’s well worth it and the financial rewards are really great. It usually takes 3 to 8 years of hard work to get to the big bucks. But you can start doing really well within a year.

If you're not ready to create your own products right away you can promote other’s products and do really well, but if you want to maximize your profits you will eventually need to create your own.

That sounds like a big job huh? Well once you really dive into blogging,  ideas will start bubbling up and you will be working on your own stuff in no time.

So do you think you can do it? Do you have what it takes?

If so here’s a link to the Blog set up Tutorial with screenshots.

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why you should quit your job and start a blog! Three Bird Nest

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