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There are so many things you’ll need to do once you find out you’re pregnant and even more to buy.

To make things easier for you we have created a list of things you’ll need while pregnant and all that you’ll need for yourself and your newborn after birth as well.

It’s a large, comprehensive list that includes everything that you could possibly need.

We have made stylish choices that have been tested and approved by our staff here at This Little Nest.

Most of the things we have used ourselves during our own pregnancies.

There’s a link for each item on the list and there are pictures for some products as well.

This will help streamline your shopping so you can get to all those things that need to be done on your Trimester to-do lists.

Check here for a full to-do list for all three trimesters.

Read on to get started.

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By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Your Complete Pregnancy Shopping Checklist | Postpartum, Breastfeeding, And Baby List Included

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complete pregnancy list


First Let’s Start With Our Pregnancy List. Then will move on to the Breastfeeding List, Postpartum List, and then finally The Baby Must-Haves List.

Pregnancy Must-Haves are listed below. 

Prenatal vitamins 

Book On Pregnancy

***Have you taken a Prenatal Course Yet? Well, you can take one online that will teach you everything you need to know in about 3 hours. Here’s the best one online with the best reviews. 

Belly Band- Gentle belly support that doubles as clothing extender, layering piece, and nursing cover!

Maternity Clothing- If you’re looking for Simple, Stretchy, and Durable Maternity Clothing, I highly recommend you Check Belly Bandit Right Here. 

They have everything you could imagine and they make the best maternity clothing and products on the market today.

Pregnancy Pillow- Here’s the best, most unique pregnancy pillow on the market that will help you stay in position and keep you comfortable.

Or you could try this one too.

Car Seat- All parents want the safest baby equipment in case something happens.

A good car seat is no exception to this rule and it may be one of the most important things you buy for your baby.

Here are some really great options from Pish Posh Baby. 


Crib Mattress- If you’re looking for a quality crib mattress then you need to check out Newton Baby.

They make the only washable cover crib mattress. It’s safest and cleanest and they’re made with the highest quality materials.

Crib Sheets- You can also get great sheets at Newton Baby. All of their Sheets are organic cotton.

Crib Bedding- Pish Posh baby has AMAZING bedding options that include everything from blankets, sheets, bumpers to pillows, curtains, lamps, and mobiles all in matching sets.

It’s my favorite place for decorating the nursery. Check them out here. 

Rocking Chair Or Glider- Here’s the glider I used for all three of my children and I can honestly say I have spent so much time in it over the years.

Even now we use it and so do the kids.

Baby Monitor

Baby Carrier- Boba Makes the best looking and safest baby carriers you can buy today.

They are lovely and reasonably priced. See them here.

You can get front carriers or back carriers for when your child gets older.

Soft Newborn Wrap


Diaper Changing Table


White Noise Machine

Dock A Tot

High Chair-Here’s a really stylish high chair that will look good in any kitchen.

Baby Rocker-Finn And Emma have incredible products and I love the Rocker they currently have.

It’s so stylish and cool.


Diaper Pail 


Breastfeeding Pump- Medula makes the best Breastfeeding products and this kit has two pumps and everything else you need.

I had the same one during my breastfeeding years.

Stroller- Here’s a stroller for newborns that has a car seat included.  Here’s another great option too.

Pregnancy Journal


Belly Butter- The Spoiled Mama has some great Belly Butters as well as other natural skincare for mamas to be.

Shield Belly Wrap – A Shield Belly Wrap is a wrap that creates a comfortable, protective shield against wireless radiation.

This will help protect your baby from the assault of radiation coming from your phone, tablet, and WIFI devices that are all around you.

The picture a few links above of the pregnant gal with the hot pink wrap is a Shield Belly Wrap.

The picture below is of a shield wrap hat on the babe. Yes, they sell hats and protective bibs too.



Shield Blanket- This is another protective shield against wireless radiation.

Safe and convenient, it provides an effortless way to protect your little one from exposure to cell phones, laptops, and other smart devices while at home, around town, or at the office.


Now Let’s move on to what you’ll need to ensure a comfortable Postpartum Recovery. All of these are necessary to help control pain and discomfort so that you can enjoy your babe. 

Postpartum Belt- Postpartum belts are really important if you want to prevent permanent abdominal separation after pregnancy. Here’s a great option from Belly Bandit. 

You can read about the effects of Abdominal separation and what to do about it right here.

Incontinence Underwear

Pain Relieving Spray 

Tuck’s Pads

Perineal Ice Pack

A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


Healing Ointment

Nipple Balm

Gel Nursing Pads

 Donut Pillow 


Here Are Some Things You’ll Need For Breastfeeding 


Breastfeeding Course

Breast pads 


Storage bags 

Nipple cream

Nursing bras 

Breastfeeding Pillow




Lastly, Here’s the list you’ll need For Your Baby. Everything Is here. 

Let’s start with baby clothing and move on to other essentials.

3 Swaddles

8 Onesies- Finn And Emma sell the cutest baby Onesies among other things.

They are the best site to find baby essentials. Check them out here. 

8 shirts – Kimono style is best- Wild Dill has a great, unique selection of interesting baby clothes.

8 pants-Janie And Jack are one of my favorite places for baby clothes too.

Here’s a selection of pants for your little one.

8 one-piece pajamas

3 Rompers- Here are some awesome little rompers for your babe.

3 sweaters or jackets 

8 Bibs

7 socks or booties

3 newborn hats 

No-scratch mittens

 Fleece suit for the winter- Here are some pretty cashmere choices.

Lightweight and heavy stroller blankets

Gentle laundry detergent


Diaper Essentials


2-3 large boxes of disposable newborn-size diapers, or 6-10 dozen cloth diapers and 6-8 diaper covers- The stuff they put in diapers is whacky.

They are full of toxins and strange things. That’s why we choose Honest Brand Diapers. 

They are safer and better for the environment. They’re so much cuter than your typical Pampers too.

Here are cloth diapers if that’s what you prefer.

3 large boxes of baby wipes

2 large tubes of diaper cream

Diaper bag- Here’s a really cute and stylish Diaper bag that will last and can be used for a regular bag when you’re done carrying diapers.

Here’s another really cute one if you want to announce your new role as Mama to the world.


Bathing Essentials


Baby bathtub

Baby shampoo 

4 hooded baby towels

Soft baby washcloths

Baby lotion


Other Things You’ll Need

Baby Teethers- Wild Dill has a fun and unique assortment of baby teethers and toys too.

Baby Rocker- Baby swings are a fun way to distract your baby.

Finn and Emma have this cool Macrame swing. But please note, this is for a slightly older baby.




Baby nail clippers 

Baby thermometer

A shopping Hammock

First aid kit

Cradle cap brush

4 pacifiers 

Car Seat Cover



That pretty much sums up everything that is essential and this list will provide you with quality products that are safe for your baby.

If you get started early it won’t all feel like such a financial burden and you’ll likely get some things from your baby registry and at your baby shower too.

I hope you found this pregnancy shopping checklist helpful and I wish you all the luck in the world!

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pregnancy and baby buy list of products

pregnancy and baby buy list of products







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