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There are no words more thrilling to hear than “we are pregnant!” for couples who fervently want to start a family.

After all, expecting another life is a magical moment to relish. What’s even more exciting to know is that your closest family members and friends can get as excited as you do with your pregnancy announcement.

No doubt, the best part will always be seeing your loved ones’ priceless reactions and celebrating this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity with people dear to you.

From pictures to parties and sweet notices to surprise packages, there are countless ways to break this exciting news to your loved ones.

You can do it during a family gathering, casual dinner, or even virtually.

Since choosing which idea to pull off among many choices can be a bit daunting, we’ve prepared a fun-filled array of pregnancy announcement ideas to help you decide better.

Article written by Kat Sarmiento.

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10 Unique Baby Announcement Ideas

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Ways To “Spill The Beans”

To help you take your pregnancy announcement up a notch, we have curated some unique baby announcement ideas

  1. Woof-worthy announcement

Skip the storks and get your family dog to announce that a baby is en route! You’ll only need to get your dog to wear a cute bandana flaunting its new role as a big sibling or the ultimate protector of its human sibling. You can have your first (dog) baby announce it during your next family gathering or snap a photo of your dog in its element alongside a fancy chalkboard sign that reveals your due date for social media posting. It will surely be a paw-some surprise!


  1. Pamper Package with a promotion notice

Surprise your parents and other loved ones with a thoughtful care package containing customized mugs or t-shirts labeled grandfather, auntie, among others, to notify them of their new status. To spark up their mood, you can also add a coffee bean bag, scented candle, handmade soap, bath bomb to each pamper box. Have these gift boxes delivered with a note that says, “call before you open.”

As soon as they dial in, ask, “how would you like a promotion to [new status]?”

baby announcement ideas

  1. Baby on (cheese) board

Make your pregnancy announcement glamorous by hosting a virtual or physical wine and cheese party virtually with your family and friends. Celebrate the new baby on board with different types of cheese and a bottle of wine with a personalized message. Don’t forget to say “cheers” for this pleasant news! For safety, the mom can opt to have an alcohol-free drink at that moment.


  1. Photo-pulling cake surprise

To carry this out, you should volunteer to bring the cake to your next family or squad gathering.

Tell your marriage journey and reveal your sweet surprise through photos. To jazz up your announcement, you can opt for a photo-pulling cake. Simply order one online and have it personalized. You can start adding your marriage or couple pictures followed by a copy of your sonogram. To prolong the thrill, insert the “We’re having a baby” announcement text near the bottom edge of the plastic wrap. On the event day, get everyone’s attention and start pulling the photos to reveal your sweetest surprise.

The gathering, the cake, and the announcement—indeed, a triple treat!


  1. Surprise shot

If you want to keep it simple and smooth, you can ask your loved ones to pose for a souvenir photo and request someone to take the picture. To discreetly announce your pregnancy, you can prepare a mini sign or t-shirt that says, “I’m pregnant!” and show it only once the camera shutter clicks. If they haven’t noticed yet, you can let them look at the photo. Be prepared, though, as this may create some serious waterworks!


  1. Baby bump painting

If you are an artsy soul or simply an art-lover, you can spice up your first maternity photoshoot with a belly painting. You can do it yourself or tap a talented belly painter to tell your motherhood story through spectacular belly art! Many opt for galaxies, landscapes, and some cute characters. But of course, you can have the design customized to fully express your own art.

Usually, the best time for belly painting is around 35 weeks onwards because the belly is big enough to accentuate the art. Just make sure that the paint is water-based, all-natural, and is hypoallergenic for safety.

baby announcement ideas

  1. Coming soon: movie

Rock your pregnancy announcement by creating a movie poster featuring two expectant parents starring in their film entitled “Pregnant”, “Here comes the baby”, or whatever you want to call it. Keep it real with crazy cravings and eerie expressions, plus the words “based on a true story.”

Share your poster on social media to announce the news. Then, make sure to document your pregnancy journey, beginning from the first sign of your pregnancy up to the present. This way, you can host an actual movie night featuring your pregnancy process, with your loved ones as your audience.

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  1. Virtual game night

If you want to do it safely and hassle-free, you can also opt for a virtual announcement. Host a game night via Zoom or Skype and invite your loved ones to join. Announce your pregnancy through the game called “Pictionary” and witness their priceless reactions. Take screenshots, too!


  1. Baby clothes aesthetics

If you’re that modern, stylish momma who loves aesthetic Instagram feeds, you can announce your pregnancy while keeping it cool by posting flat lay photography on Instagram. Pull out a cute onesie with the print “coming soon” and your due date. You can also add a bib, pair of shoes, and sonogram to spruce up your design. Once you hit upload, your friends will surely be delighted to hear the news!


  1. Bun in the oven

Reveal the “real bun” by sending baked goodies to your family and friends. You can add a handwritten note announcing your pregnancy. They’ll surely squeal in excitement as soon as they get your message.

baby announcement ideas

The bottom line


Do what you think will help you announce your pregnancy in the best way possible when you’re ready, and with the right people. we hope you love these unique baby announcement ideas and we wish you much love and success with your pregnancy. 

Remember to also keep a pregnancy journal, so you can track your progress while having a keepsake you can cherish for life. Cheers to your parenthood journey!

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