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A crying baby can be gut-wrenching. You want to soothe their every pain but you’re exhausted and you don’t know what to do.

It can make you feel completely helpless.

But babies cry for all kinds of reasons and most of the time you can figure out what they’re trying to tell you.

They may be hungry, tired, or wet. Other times they may cry because of colic or tummy pain.

That is the worst kind of crying and it usually lasts long enough to make you really worry.  I know I’ve been there.


How to soothe a crying baby


Having a few tricks up your sleeve can really help distract your babe or help lull him into slumber during these difficult moments when nothing else seems to work.

Below I have listed my favorite ways to soothe a baby so that you can use them too.

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6 Genius Tips to Calm a Crying Baby

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How to soothe a crying baby

Turn On the Music


Lullabies are nice but you should try letting your baby listen to other genres and songs. Think about what you like to listen to when you want to chill out and start there.

My firstborn was absolutely fascinated with Bob Marley. Particularly the song ‘ Three Little Birds ‘.

That song would stop him in his little crying tracks and his face would turn to wonder.

Music calms the nervous system and can decrease heart and respiratory rates for babies, just like it does for you.

Infants especially are soothed and comforted by the familiar sound of Mom’s voice, even if she can’t carry a single tune. So sing out loud if you don’t want to put something else on.

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Remember baby’s ears are sensitive so keep the volume to a minimum.


Shhhhh, Rock, and Bounce


Infants get a calming response when they are being carried or rocked, heart rate slows, and muscles become more relaxed.


How to soothe a crying baby


Gentle movement combined with a soothing shhhhh sound gives the baby something else to focus on besides crying.

The combination of sound and movement can be a very effective way to comfort your baby and stop them from crying.


Lights Out


Newborn babies are used to the quiet and darkness of the womb and can easily become overstimulated by what’s happening around them.

Bright lights, new sounds, a lot of activity, and even unusual smells can overwhelm them.

Turning the lights out and creating a dark, quiet, and peaceful environment will help your efforts to calm them down.


Make a Little Noise


More and more parents are using white-noise to soothe their baby, and they swear by it. It is thought that a white-noise machine or app can mimic the sound that infants hear in the womb.

White-noise can mask out other sounds that might normally be a nuisance. Here’s one made especially for babies. 


How to soothe a crying baby


A fan or vacuum cleaner might have the same result.

If kept too loud, too close, or left on too long white-noise machines can lead to hearing loss. Keep the volume low, across the room, and limit how long baby is exposed.


Change Up the View


Giving the baby something new to look at might just do the trick. Baby’s are naturally curious and just switching to another room can be enough to take their attention off of crying.

This is the same reason that babies might stop crying when you hand them off to another caregiver, someone new to interact with in the

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Take Care of Yourself


Babies can sense stress, anxiousness, and depressive mood, and if Mom is struggling they will too.

If you’re feeling tired, exhausted, or overwhelmed at the moment it will be a struggle to soothe and calm the baby.


How to soothe a crying baby


Not everyone has the luxury of handing the baby off to another caregiver when it gets tough, so it’s important you have strategies and coping methods in place to keep a positive mindset and remain calm.

Going for a walk around the house or outside, deep breathing, counting to ten and taking a few minutes for yourself are quick
and effective ways to manage your own stress and put you in a better place to soothe and comfort your baby.

If nothing works and you just need a moment you could use something like the Graco Sense2Soothe Cry Detection Baby Swing. 

It’s super awesome and it will help distract your baby while you take a break. Every mama and baby should have one of these. 

I wish you all the luck in the world. There will be good times and harder times.

Those tearful moments when your baby can’t stop crying will come and go. Knowing how to handle those moments will make life a little bit easier for both of you.

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How to soothe a crying baby


How to soothe a crying baby


How to soothe a crying baby

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