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Breastfeeding can be a big adventure but it doesn’t come easy. You’d think it would be the most natural thing in the world, but most really struggle with it.

But there’s plenty you can do to prepare and you should start well before your babe arrives.

It will ease your mind and make you feel much more prepared.

Learn what you can do ahead of time below so when the big day arrives you’ll be confident and have once less thing to worry about.

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6 Ways to Prepare for Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

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How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.

Educate Yourself


You may have heard that breastfeeding is second nature and that there’s “nothing to it”; unfortunately that’s not always true.

Although some women easily adapt, breastfeeding actually has a steep learning curve.

It can be challenging for both mama and baby and it could take a while to get the hang of things.

Taking the time now to educate yourself and learn the basics will put you at an advantage when the baby arrives.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


Understanding and focusing on why you’re breastfeeding can help you stay committed early on while you and baby are adjusting.

Prepare yourself by getting to know the challenges that could come up, understand the most common problems, and know where to go for support.

I recommend that you take an online breastfeeding course. Here’s one called Milkology that I recommend to all my readers.

It is so easy and it only costs $19. It is extremely popular and will teach you how to breastfeed in just a couple of hours.



Learn All About Latching Baby


If you haven’t breastfed before then you may not realize that it takes time for babies to learn the skill of latching themselves.

Most people assume that babies naturally attach but it doesn’t usually happen that way. You have to guide them and you need to know exactly what to do.

Without a proper latch you can suffer from poor milk supply and painful sore nipples; and your baby could have a hard time getting enough milk for proper weight gain and nutrition.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


It’s the most important thing. Here are a few basic tips that might help when it comes time for your baby to latch.  But again seeing it in action and having a lactation consultant teach you is best.

 Ensure your baby’s nose is not up against your breast or body; the baby needs to be able to breathe freely and have adequate room.
 Wait for your baby to tilt her head back and open her mouth; when her mouth is open wide gently push her mouth into your nipple. Baby should have most of the areola in their mouth. You may then need to use your fingers to curl their lips around and guide
 While nursing it’s important that you control and support the baby’s head at all times. Be gentle and be patient; they’re trying to figure it all out, too.

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Get Familiar with Breastfeeding Positions


I’ve found that many new moms have a vision in their head of what breastfeeding looks like and so it doesn’t occur to them that there might be other positions or other ways to get it done.

Knowing the different positions and when they might come in handy will make things easier while you and baby are adapting.

Different positions will also help keep your nipples from getting so sore.

You can learn all the good positions in the course I mentioned earlier.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


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Prepare Yourself for a Newborn’s Feeding Pattern


Milk supply is critical for your baby’s health. It’s important that you’re able to build up a proper milk supply and you can do this by nursing on demand.

It won’t be easy and it can come with challenges.

The first 4-6 weeks you will feel like you’re nursing around the clock; and you kind of are.

At a minimum, you will breastfeed every 2-3 hours (probably more than that) and if the baby takes 15 minutes per side you’re looking at about 30 minutes each time.

It can be rough but I never minded it. In fact, I enjoyed every minute of this special time.

But knowing what to expect and having realistic expectations can reduce stress and increase the odds of breastfeeding success.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


I love the picture of the baby breastfeeding above. She is about to fall asleep and it’s such a lovely, sweet photo. It reminds me of when I breastfed my own little ones, especially my baby girl.

Enjoy it while you can!!


Become Aware of Common Problems


With determination, you can be successful at breastfeeding and will get to a point where it feels natural and becomes a normal part of your life; it just takes time to get there.

Because breastfeeding problems can come up from the beginning it’s important you be aware of common problems.

Breast engorgement usually occurs between 3-5 days postpartum and is a result of your real milk coming in.

This extreme engorgement can make your breasts feel heavy, painful, and hard like rocks. It’s pretty miserable.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


When breasts become engorged moms might suffer from clogged milk ducts because the baby isn’t able to empty each side.

Here are some tips on engorgement that should help.

Milk flow will be slower and during this time your baby might be more fussy than usual.

Sore nipples, tongue ties, low milk supply are all common problems that could come up while Mom and baby are getting the hang of breastfeeding.

Knowing what to look for and when to take action ensures you have every chance of nursing successfully.


Get Ready


Have supplies and your essentials readily available for when the baby arrives: breast pads, pumps, and storage bags; along with nipple creams, nursing bras, and pillows are all helpful supplies to have.



You’ll need them all, trust me.

You should also start preparing your body with a proper diet and nutrition to support your baby’s growth.

You should be doing that from the beginning but if you want a hardy milk supply to arrive right on time, it’s even more important in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


You can work on creating a peaceful environment and know where to go for support.

A support group in the area or even online can be a great resource for those that don’t have family or spousal

You can join our Facebook group here is you’re so inclined.

All these things will get you well on your way to breastfeeding your babe successfully. I wish you all the luck in the world on this special journey.

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How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


How to prepare for breastfeeding before your baby comes.


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