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Spring is almost here and with it comes warmth, flowers, colors, and fun holidays like Easter. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with some Easter egg crafts with your kids or by yourself.

Today’s Wrapped glittery Easter eggs are something you can use for years to come as pretty holiday decorations or you can add them to the easter hunt to bring a little variety and glitter to their baskets.

You can use colored twine and different colored ribbon and glitter or use the simple cream-colored twine as we did. This is a fun crafting project for all ages! So let’s get into it.

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Wrapped Glitter Easter Eggs With Ribbon 

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First Grab all of your crafting materials. This project is super cheap to recreate and you can find everything you need in the list below on Amazon. Just click the product to find out more.


Here’s your list:

Foam eggs
Flax twine or yarn
Flat Paint Brush
Liquid glue
Textil glue
Decor pearls (optional)

Now let’s grab our glue and our foam eggs. Put glue in the hole in the top and start your twin or yarn there. Stick it in the hole so it will stay put. Be sure to put down a piece of paper underneath so you don’t get glue on your table or counter.

Next, begin wrapping your twine slowly in a circular pattern. Be sure to lay a strip of glue for each circle to hold the twine firmly in place. Taking your time and using the right amount of glue will make these decorations last for years.

Continue to slowly wrap the twine all the way down the egg. As you go push the twine in firmly so that it lays tightly up against the foam egg.

After that, add a thick layer of glue to the bottom half of your egg. This will hold your glitter on a bit later.

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Now we get to the fun part. We get to add glitter! You can use any color you want or add several colors for a more festive Springtime feel. We used a lovely gold shade here.

Simply take the egg in hand and pour your glitter of choice.  As you pour,  turn the craft all the way around until the glitter meets on both sides.

We poured it heavily on so that it would fully cover the egg. It looks prettiest if the glitter is nice and thick.

Now grab your glue again and a good flat brush. Put some glue on your brush and add a thin layer over your glitter. Use a light touch so the glitter doesn’t get wiped away.

This will help secure the glitter onto the egg so that it’s not constantly shedding. When you’re done the results will look professionally made.

Now it’s time to add our ribbon.

Pick the ribbon of your choice and glue it around the egg center. Once you get it wrapped you can cut it so that it’s even and meeting on both sides. Glue it together where they meet.

Next, will add our bow.

And there you have it. The perfect Easter Holiday decoration that you can use for years to come. Happy upcoming Easter and enjoy!


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Glitter Easter Egg Craft

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