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Being pregnant is so exciting and we all want it to go well.

There are so many fun things that happen to your body each and every day.

But some of the interesting symptoms you have could be warning signs that you should know about.

Educate yourself in case something is going wrong. This could save you and your baby.

Check out the list of symptoms below and become familiar with them.

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Alarming Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Know About

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Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.


Swelling of Fingers, Face and Legs


When you’re pregnant, you’re gonna swell. It’s all part of the package.

But if you suddenly swell up and especially if you gain a couple pounds overnight, then it could spell trouble.

You may have Preeclampsia which is very serious.

Preeclampsia is a condition that only happens during pregnancy.

It is diagnosed by the elevation of the expectant mother’s blood pressure usually after the 20th week of pregnancy.



Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.


This is the most common pregnancy complication and if it remains untreated, it can develop to eclampsia, in which the mother can experience convulsions, coma, and can even die.

Fetal death can occur as well so this is very serious business.

If you notice sudden swelling like this seek medical advice immediately.


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Severe Headaches With Blurred Vision


Your eyes may become itchy and dry during pregnancy and you may also experience blurred vision. Most of the time these are normal parts of being pregnant.

But sometimes it can mean something more serious.

It could possibly mean you’re suffering from gestational diabetes or, like we mentioned above, it could be a sign of Preeclampsia.


Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.


If you’re pregnant and your vision becomes excessively blurry then don’t forget to mention it at your next doc appointment so they can do the appropriate tests.

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Vaginal Bleeding


Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is pretty common, especially during the first trimester.

Usually, this isn’t a big deal so don’t panic.

But if you start bleeding heavily at any point call your doc asap.

It could mean many things and you’ll need to go in and get checked right then.





This is serious. This could be a sign of Eclampsia and it’s a severe complication of uncontrolled preeclampsia.

It happens when your blood pressure gets so out of control that you begin having seizures.

Seek medical help immediately.

Fever And Too Weak To Get Out Of Bed


Fevers can be dangerous during pregnancy. It can effect the developing Fetus in many negative ways


Some studies have suggested that fevers during pregnancy may increase the likelihood of congenital irregularities and autism.

However, the research on this is not conclusive.

So if you have a fever above 100 degrees go ahead and seek medical advice.

Severe Abdominal Pain


You may have some abdominal pain while you’re pregnant as your baby grows.

But severe pain could mean many things including Ectopic Pregnancy, UTI,  Preeclampsia, Gallstones, or even placental abruption.

Seek advice immediately for the safety of both you and your baby.


Regular Contractions before 37 Weeks


You may have some contractions at the end of your pregnancy, or even in the middle.

They’re called Braxton Hicks and they’re completely normal. You can learn more about Braxton Hicks here.


Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.
But if you suddenly get strong contractions any time during your pregnancy  ( before you’re due ) you need to call your doctor right away.
Especially if they are coming in a regular pattern.
You may be having preterm labor and you want to stop it immediately so be quick if you have suspicions.

No Fetal movement

If you suddenly feel no fetal movement for any extended amount of time call your doctor immediately and go to the hospital.
Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.
Obviously your baby will sleep and sleep often but you’ll learn her patterns and if no movement starts up when you expect it then it’s time to take action as
quickly as possible.
Be safe and in tune with your pregnancy so that you both are healthy and strong throughout.
Good luck to you Mama!
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Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.
Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.
Warning signs during pregnancy you need to know about.



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