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Breastfeeding is such a lovely thing and it shouldn’t be so controversial. It’s a shame that some people are uncomfortable with it or that our society sexualizes it.

People really do need to get a grip these days….

Education is key and people need to understand that it is the most natural thing in the world.

That’s why we wanted to create this list of the Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Pictures of 2021.

I really love doing posts like this because I feel like it’s a way to truly honor mamas and motherhood. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

So scroll down and behold the glory of a mother nourishing and nurturing her child in the purest form.

Not all of these pics are from 2021… however, they’re our favorite right now so we consider them some of the best!

10 Most Beautiful Breastfeeding Pictures Of 2021

This first photo is from Tiff Delancy over on Instagram. She is a natural beauty who is wise and genuine. I really love this photo of her just being a sweet mama doing what comes naturally to her and her babe.


This is a lovely photo of Sherie Heather from Australia and her little boy, Reef. She says after a very long day & night this baby boy is content. You can see the original post over on Instagram right here. 

There’s nothing like a sleeping babe at your breast. It is so comforting for both mama and child.

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In this photo, loulou Alexandera is showing motherhood in its rawest form. She is clearly tired, her breasts are leaking and she is resting while nurturing her little one. It’s beautiful in every way and it shows the realness of motherhood.


This image of Angela Burzo went viral a few years back and I still remember when it popped up on my Instagram feed. I was also breastfeeding and I could totally relate to how she was feeling. She was struggling and so was I.

Breastfeeding is so very beautiful but it is certainly not always easy and that’s what her photo was about. You should hop over to Instagram ( with the link above ) and check it out.



In the photo below Morgan Robinson is nursing her pretty little girl. They are both relaxed and lovely.


We adore this picture of laural liina tandem breastfeeding her toddler and new babe. I also tandem breastfed my toddler and newborn and I can confirm that it’s not easy.

But it was also very special to me and my babies. They had a special bond sharing the breasts with each other and mama.

If you ever get a chance to tandem breastfeed you should do it! It’s a beautiful and unique experience to nurture two babes at once!


Here is a photo by/of MONET NICOLE breastfeeding a brand new baby. This photo is beautiful and it’s in those first whirlwind days after a baby is born.


This photo from LINDEE HEFFNER  photos is just so sweet! Pictured here is a happy baby girl making loving eye contact with your mama. Baby’s thrive on eye contact, it helps them feel loved and it helps their brains develop and grow.

Lindee Hefner does an array of beautiful and intimate photography. You can see her lovely work here on Instagram.


Here is one of my favorite portraits of a beautiful mama breastfeeding her curious little cherub. All that skin and warm-looking sunshine from the window make a beautiful photo of mother and child. You can see the photo here From Pop Sugar.


This picture is one of our favorites. It’s a portrait of a quirky mama nursing her toddler while preparing to make a steaming cup of joe. Tops are clearly optional. We absolutely love it.

The photo is of Lauren Archer_ Doula And Lactation Specialist. 

You can learn more about her services and see her account by clicking on the link.


All of these beautiful women represent motherhood in all its glory and it’s something we should celebrate.

There are few things more natural and beautiful in this world than a mama taking care of her baby.

Below are few more great places to see more lovely photos of mamas being mamas.

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And go ahead and become a member of our pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mama group on Facebook.

It’s growing every day and we’d love to have you!!

These mamas made it into our list of the most beautiful breastfeeding photos of 2021. If you agree and want to spread breastfeeding awareness like we do then feel free to share this post on Pinterest or your favorite social media platform!


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breastfeeding photos

breastfeeding photos


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