How To Make Christmas Magical For Your Kids

How To Make Christmas Magical For Your Kids

Christmas is not just about showering your kids with presents and buying ornaments and lights – it’s so much more than that.

Christmas is about values that every parent should teach its children – kindness, gratitude, and generosity.

That might be the reason why it’s celebrated worldwide, regardless of religious beliefs.

However, it’s not always easy to show the true magic of the holiday season to the kids, especially with the omnipresent influence of technology and the hectic lifestyle we have.

But, there are ways to make it magical for your kids and help them create lovely Christmas memories.


How to Make Christmas Magical for the Kids

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Make them believe



If your kids are still young and believe that Santa Claus is real, let them be. Even better, encourage it.

Psychologists claim it’s perfectly healthy because, although Santa Claus is not real, the values he represents are, and that’s why it makes a good lesson for the kids.

Help them hang Christmas stockings around the house and fill them with candy while they’re asleep.

Don’t forget about some cookies and milk for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer. You can even bake the cookies together, serve it on a plate et voilà – you’ve got yourself the perfect excuse to eat cookies in the middle of the night – it’s all part of the Christmas magic.



christmas craft



Get crafty



From ornaments to gift wrapping – all of it can be done yourself and what’s even better – you can include the kids in the process and have multiple benefits. Not only will the kids feel the true Christmas spirit, but they’ll also know the value of work and effort put into making all of that.

Furthermore, you’ll surely save some money as well – paper, scissors, sparkling washi tape, colorful knitting bowls, etc. are way cheaper than the ornaments, cards, and decorations you can buy at the store. Browse Pinterest for ideas and get crafty – it’s the best way to spend some quality time with your kids.



Little girl with Christmas tree in background



Put some Christmas colors on



There’s no fear of going overboard with glitter and shades of red and green.

After all, it’s the holiday season, so give yourself a break and decorate your house accordingly. Stunning Christmas tree and lights are mandatory but you can take it to another level and try giving your girls Christmas hairstyles or baking seasonal treats shaped like Christmas ornaments.

Also, consider decorating the kids’ room as well – a mini tree and some lights will do just fine to make their mornings festive. Play some Christmas tunes and watch the spirit of the holiday season fill your house floor-to-ceiling.


christmas gift


Less is more


When it comes to presents, less is really more.

Make sure you give your kids something they’ll know how to appreciate. Respect their wishes but make sure it’s practical as well – buy them something they’ll wear, read, and actually use.

If they get too many presents from the rest of the family, tell them about the less fortunate and propose donating their toys, clothes, school supplies, etc.

They can assemble the gifts themselves, wrap them, and write something on the card – it’s a great way to teach your kids to be generous and aware of the outside world.


How to keep the magic in christmas for your kids #christmas #christmasmagic #christmastips #holidaytips #Christmaskids


Make a scrapbook


Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve memories so you can make a Christmas-themed one for your kids.

Take photos of the Christmas activities and encourage the kids to collect tickets from Christmas shows and concerts.

They can rewrite Christmas stories and quotes they like, or even write their own. Use the craft supplies leftovers from making the ornaments and cards and assemble a family scrapbook. All you’ll need is cardboard paper and some twine and the fun may begin.

Once they grow up, kids won’t remember the gifts you bought them but the feeling of closeness and all the fun will stay in their memories forever. Don’t hesitate – make a plan and get ready to give your children the most magical Christmas ever.


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Holiday Survival Guide For Mamas

Holiday Survival Guide For Mamas

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, not only for the delicious meals that are prepared but the togetherness that it brings for families.

Most of us love to come together during this time of year but it can also cause A LOT of stress.

Unfortunately, some need a little help surviving the tantrums and situations that sometimes come along with the holidays.

You may think I am just talking about the children’s tantrums but depending on the family, there may be some adults having tantrums as well.

Read on to find out how to cope:

Holiday Survival Guide: How to Survive the Chaos

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  • One of the best things about having a survival guide is that you can plan ahead. Have all the details ready including the seating when it’s time to eat, maybe make a seating arrangement just in case. Have guest rooms set up in case you have a guest stay overnight or even a place to let the little one’s nap.


  • Determine your ground rules before the day of your gathering. This could be topics that could lead to heated discussions, politics or even sports. We all know there are some families who have that sports rivalry. To make things less stressful for you, ask your guests to bring a dish. Some can bring foods, drinks, desserts, and even disposable plates, forks, napkins, cups, knives, spoons, etc. that help you with the cleanup time after everyone has finished eating.


Holiday survival guide #christmasselfcare #theholidays #christmas #christmastips #holidaytips


  • Have plenty of finger foods, fruits and veggies available while the meal is being prepared or everything is being set up. This will help keep the kids and even the adults out from under your feet. If you have children of different ages have plenty of activities for them. Whether it is playing games outside like tag, hide and go seek, football, or inside activities like watching another TV in a quiet room, playing games, or coloring. If there is an older child (tween/teen) to help watch over the little ones is a great idea, so that you can play host and get everything in the kitchen ready.


  • Every family has people who don’t get along, children who misbehave or something that may go wrong. Try to remember the reason you are gathered and that you had the opportunity to spend time with your family no matter the circumstances and then you can recuperate until the next holiday.


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Instant Pot Peruvian Chicken Soup

Instant Pot Peruvian Chicken Soup

This instant Post Peruvian Chicken soup will be your new favorite recipe. 
It’s super quick and easy and it’s gluten and dairy free. It’s a very healthy meal that will help you detox, lose weight ( if eaten several times a week for dinner ) and help keep your immune system strong in the colder months. 
It has a rich, bold flavor that will warm you up and satisfy your taste buds. 
It doesn’t cost much to make either so you can make it often. 
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Now let’s get to it! 
First Get All Your onions, peppers and garlic together, as well as your chicken broth ( Full Recipe and Instructions At The Bottom ). Prepare to puree them in your blender or food processor.
This lovely soup makes 6 yummy servings by the way and it’s fantastic. 
Next, you’ll get your rotisserie and remove the skin. Then put it in your instant pot and pour your puree on top.
To make things super easy, instead of cooking your own chicken, just buy a rotisserie from the grocery store. This really speeds things up. 
Prepare your potatoes and add them in and cook for 8 minutes.
Turn your pot onto saute and then add remaining veggies ( peas and carrots ). 
Then go back to your blender and add water, lime juice, and cilantro bundle. Blend well. 
Pour your mixture while stirring into the soup and add salt and pepper. Stir well and turn off saute mode. Then pour into your soup bowls and serve. ( See Complete instructions below )
Your whole family will love the bold flavor of this warm soup. It’s as good as any soup from the best restaurant. I really hope you enjoy it! 

The full recipe is listed below:

Prep Time: 10 Minutes  Cook Time: 10 Minutes Total Time: 20 Minutes  
Yield: 6 Bowls  
Category: Soup  Method: Instant Pot  Cuisine: Peruvian
1 poblano pepper; de-seeded and diced
1 white onion; diced
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 serrano; diced
4 cups chicken stock
1 whole rotisserie chicken; skin removed
10 mini yellow potatoes; quartered
2 cups frozen peas and carrots
1 bundle fresh cilantro leaves
1 lime; juiced 
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons pepper


Place diced onion, poblano pepper, serrano pepper, and garlic into the blender. Add two cups chicken broth and puree. 
Pour mixture into the instant pot. Shred chicken from rotisserie removing skin and place chicken into the instant pot. Pour in the remaining chicken broth and water.
Quarter potatoes and add to the instant pot. Place lid on the instant pot and set pressure valve to close. Set to high pressure for 8 minutes. Once the instant pot stops counting quick release pressure.
Turn instant pot to saute and add in peas and carrots. Cook for about 3 minutes until carrots are tender.
To the blender add a 1/3 cup water, lime juice, and cilantro bundle. Blend well. 
Pour this while stirring into the soup. Add salt and pepper. Stir well and turn off saute mode. Pour into soup bowls and enjoy! 
Leave any comments you have below! 
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Instant Pot Peruvian Chicken Soup #chickensouprecipe #chickensoup #detoxsoup #instantpotchickensoup #chickenrecipes


Instant Pot Peruvian Chicken Soup #chickensouprecipe #chickensoup #detoxsoup #instantpotchickensoup #chickenrecipes


Instant Pot Peruvian Chicken Soup #chickensouprecipe #chickensoup #detoxsoup #instantpotchickensoup #chickenrecipes

Disney Princess Gifts Your Little Girl Will Love | 2018 Christmas Gift List

Disney Princess Gifts Your Little Girl Will Love | 2018 Christmas Gift List

Searching for the perfect gift for your Disney princess loving child? Look no further! I’ve found magical Disney princess-inspired gifts that range from games to dress-up to dolls and more. They will be able to play with some of their favorite princesses while using their imagination to recreate and reinvent some of their favorite fairytale storylines.

I have a sweet little girl and I’ll be getting her several of these special gifts. If you have a little one who loves Disney Princesses then this is the gift list for you! Check it out below.

By the way, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps me keep my blog up and running and I only list products that I love and have used myself. Thank you for your support! 

These unique Disney princess gifts are sure to make your child’s day brighter, more charming and a whole lot more fun.

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Mix and match colorful beads with character charms to make these silicone necklaces With this Disney Princess Necklace Set. Everything you need to make these necklaces is stored in a sturdy carrying case so you can bring it on the go. Great for ages 3+.

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk - Amazon ExclusiveDisney Princess Dress Up Trunk – Amazon Exclusive

This 21 piece dress-up set includes 4 shirts, 3 skirts, 2 headbands, 1 tiara, 1 choker, 3 bracelets, 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 3 rings and storage trunk to hold it all. The dress pieces fit sizes 4 to 6x and it’s best for ages 3+. See it here

Disney Princess Matching GameDisney Princess Matching Game

Help your little one improve their memory and matching skills with this Disney princess matching game. This game can be played alone or with others and is geared towards ages 3+.

Melissa & Doug Disney Princess Wooden Stamp Set: 9 Stamps,Melissa & Doug Disney Princess Wooden Stamp Set: 9 Stamps,

This wooden stamp set is a must-have for creative children. With washable ink and a sturdy wooden box for storage, it’s clean enough for parents, too! This set includes 9 wooden stamps, 5 colored pencils, and a 2 color stamp pad. Ages 4+.

LEGO Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle 41152 Building KitLEGO Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle 41152 Building Kit

The fairytale castle just got even more fun! Your child can play with Aurora and Maleficent in LEGO form along with a variety of accessories including a magic wand, crown, spinning wheel, hair bow, flowers, cake, mixing bowl, scissors, hairbrush, perfume bottle, and more. Ages 6+

Hasbro Disney Princess Shimmering Dreams Collection DollHasbro Disney Princess Shimmering Dreams Collection Doll

With gowns and outfits that are inspired by the movies, these collectible Disney princess dolls are a must-have for Disney lovers. This set comes with 11 dolls, 11 outfits, 11 pairs of shoes, and a variety of accessories for your dolls. Ages 3+. This is by far the best gift on this Princess list!

Hasbro Candy Land Disney Princess Edition Game Board GameHasbro Candy Land Disney Princess Edition Game Board Game

Play Candy Land with a Disney princess twist! Choose from Cinderella, Rapunzel or Ariel to play as and guide your princess to the castle throughout the game. Ages 3+.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Musical Moments CastleDisney Princess Little Kingdom Musical Moments Castle

Each room of this musical castle is inspired by a different Disney princess. Children will be able to recreate parts of their favorite fairytales and accessorize some of their favorite princesses. Ages 4+.

Disney Princess Style Collection Travel Hair Tote PlaysetDisney Princess Style Collection Travel Hair Tote Playset

This 9 piece hair care set includes a tote, luggage tag, brush, blow dryer, flat iron, concentrator and diffuser for the hair. It’s a must-have for every stylish child with major hair goals. Ages 3+.

Melissa & Doug Disney Sleeping Beauty and Snow White MagneticMelissa & Doug Disney Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Magnetic

This magnetic wooden dress-up allows children to dress up Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in some of their signature fashions and more. It includes 40+ pieces that include clothes and accessories. Ages 3+

Aren’t these great gift ideas? Your little princess will be bubbling with joy when she sees these fun Disney Toys. Enjoy!

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15 More Fall Crafts For Kids

15 More Fall Crafts For Kids

Fall is the best time of year and one way to get in the autumn spirit is to do fun Fall Crafts with your kiddos. When the temperature drops and you have to stay in these activities will keep them busy and happy. It’s all good fun!

***If you missed my First Fall Crafts Post that I created this year you can check it out right here.

15 More Fall Crafts For Kids

Paper Bag Crafts

fall crafts for kids

The Pinterested Parent does it again with these amazingly fun Paper bag crafts. Find out how to create these here..


Create Leaf Turkeys

Fall crafts for kids

Make these silly turkeys with Crafty Morning. 


How About Making Hedgehogs WIth Leaves??

 fall crafts for kids #fallcrafts #autumncrafts #craftsforkids

Here’s another one straight from the Crafty Morning Blog. This little guy is so cute and fun to make!


Puffy Paint Candy Apples!

Fall Crafts for kids

These Look so Good it makes me want Candy Apples. Find out how to make them at I heart Arts And Crafts. 


Popsicle Stick Apple Cores With Glitter

fall crafts for kids

I’ve got lots of apple crafts here today. Find out how to make this one at Glued To My Crafts.


Another Sweet Hedgehog With Glue

Fall crafts For kids

This is an easy one even toddlers can do! Take a look at  Glued To My Crafts.


Fall Tree Math Craft

Fall Crafts For Kids

Here’s Something Fun And Easy from Coffee Cups And Crayons.


A Felt and Fiber Hedgehog

Fall Crafts For Kids


This is most definitely my favorite hedgehog on the list over at Artsy Craftsy Mom. 


Tissue Paper Plate Apples

fall crafts for kids

This is another cute and simple apple craft from Jinxy Kids.


A Nifty Handprint Tree

fall crafts for kids

This Will make a nice Thanksgiving decoration for the kids to show off over the Holiday. See At Best Ideas For Kids.


Painted Jack o Lantern Rocks

Fall crafts

These are so cute! Make them with Adventures in a box. 


Halloween Pumpkin Salt Painting!

fall crafts for kids

This is an interesting way to use salt. Find out how to make it at Natural Beach Living.


Stuffed Paper Apples

fall crafts

These are really rustic and fun looking. Buggy and Buddy will show you how.


Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

fall crafts

Fireflies and Mudpies want to show you how to make these. Check them out here. 


Hanging Toilet Paper Roll Bat

fall crafts for kids

Here’s something to do with those old toilet paper rolls. See it at Crafty Morning.


That’s it! May Your Fall Be Colorful and fun!!

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5 Ways To Deal With A Super Stubborn Child

5 Ways To Deal With A Super Stubborn Child

Raising a stubborn child is one of the more difficult challenges of parenting. When I was in college, one of my part-time jobs was babysitting a stubborn child.

During the interview with her mother, I was told that J. was strong-willed. Mom was frustrated and didn’t have any suggestions for how to deal with her stubbornness. With all of the confidence that a nineteen-year-old woman could possibly possess, I was sure that, with all of my years of childcare experience, I would be able to help.

Boy, did J. prove me wrong.

5 ways to deal with a stubborn child


At every opportunity, J. would argue with me. At four-years-old, she could debate me about the color of the sky for an hour. I would walk into the kitchen to put lunch together, and step back into the living room five minutes later to find a crayon masterpiece on the walls.

When nap time rolled around, she would lay in her bed and scream like she was being beaten. Once, I had to run to the store for what I hoped would be a quick trip, with J. in tow. I ended up carrying her out of the store, surfboard style, as she called me names for not buying her a cupcake at the bakery.

What I didn’t Understand then Was that all behavior is communication.

When J. was fiercely defending her right to color on the walls, she was trying to tell me that she needed a creative outlet. When she debated the color of the sky, she just wanted to be right. When she didn’t get what she wanted at the store, she needed some control over her life.

Neither I, nor J’s mom, were being bad caregivers; we just failed to realize that J’s personality was strong and that she needed to be in a leadership position. Kids may also seem stubborn because they are overwhelmed or simply because they are having a bad day.

5 ways to deal with a stubborn child

Today, being blessed with 3 stubborn children of my own, I have learned some ways that I can help my kids get the outcome they need, while I still get the results I need.

Here are five ways I’ve found to help your stubborn child.

Give choices

Instead of asking your stubborn child to get dressed, which can overwhelm someone to the point of non-compliance, lay out two clothing choices. “Please choose an outfit to wear,” gives those with strong personalities the feeling that they are in control, and helps those who may feel overwhelmed by narrowing their choices down to just two.

You as the parent are happy because kiddo isn’t dressed in purple pants with a yellow top and mismatched socks.

Shop Janie and Jack

Help the communication

Many times, a child may seem stubborn because they can’t communicate what’s wrong. A child who refuses to eat dinner may have sensory issues, or may merely have a bit of tummy trouble and not feel like eating tonight.

Asking questions can help to narrow down these issues to get to the heart of the matter. However, because young children don’t have all of the tools to effectively communicate more complex needs, you may need to guide them. Keep the questions light, with a conversational tone, so that kiddo doesn’t feel like she is in trouble; if she does, she will get defensive or stop talking altogether.

Explain why

When I grew up, “because I said so,” was the answer I always received when I asked why. I wasn’t overly stubborn, so this response usually just made me mad. However, with a stubborn child, hearing “because I said so,” is a guarantee of a quick trip to temper tantrum island.

5 ways to deal with your stubborn child #

In this case, your child isn’t being stubborn because they don’t like you or they are trying to be difficult; they simply want a deeper understanding of why something has to be done.

A friend of mine has an autistic son who refuses to do anything if the only reason to do so is that it’s socially acceptable. To him, that’s not a valid reason. If she said “because I said so,” he would just not comply with her request.

In that situation, she needs to explain to him why she’s asking him to do a particular task. It’s just the way his brain works.

Keep It Simple

Kids need everything in small doses. When you are trying to find out what triggers your child’s stubbornness, start small. Don’t ask questions for thirty minutes if they refuse to put on their shoes. If you don’t have the answer after a few questions, you have to realize that you are not going to find the solution today, and hope for better results tomorrow. Keeping things simple helps keep your child from feeling overwhelmed or interrogated.

Also make sure that as you make changes to help adjust behavior, you remember the need for small doses.  Making accommodations does not mean that stubbornness will end tomorrow. There may be a long road ahead of you.

Get Help When You Need It

Sometimes, parents are not great at communicating with their kids. That’s not a fault in the parent; childhood behavior and communication is something that people study for years, and still don’t consider themselves experts.

There wasn’t a Parenting Fairy who gifted you with the right tools for parenting upon the birth of your child. You are going to stumble occasionally.

When that happens, you may need help. A behavioral therapist that specializes in children may be able to help you and your child communicate better. Seeking help does not make you a failure, or label your child “difficult.”

It merely means that you have reached the point where you realize there is an issue that you alone cannot solve. It happens to all parents at some point.

When you take the time to help a stubborn child, you will find genuinely unexpected rewards.

A child who tested your patience can become loving and compliant when you understand what is triggering the stubbornness. Helping them learn how to communicate better will ease the journey you will be taking together, and will surely make things more comfortable as you navigate the messy teen years, which will happen sooner than you think!

I really hope this helps and good luck 🙂

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5 ways to deal with your stubborn child


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