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Gosh, postpartum time can be tough. It’s not something that’s talked about too much when there’s so much excitement surrounding pregnancy.

They educate you on everything except postpartum care and what to expect.

After childbirth, Your body will be going through a lot but there are some ways you can minimize the pain and discomfort.

Below is a list that will help you get through your postpartum time just a little bit more comfortably.

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Postpartum Self Care- Things You Need To Know

Things about postpartum that you need to know

You Give Birth Twice

Once your baby is born the work is not over. You still have to birth the placenta and while it’s softer it’s still quite uncomfortable. There’s plenty of rather intense cramping and they massage your extremely sensitive abdomen while you’re exhausted and want to be left alone.

Yet it has to be done. Usually, they’ll place the baby on your chest and that will help distract you from this extra pain but it won’t go unnoticed.

I had an epidural with each of mine and still felt the strange discomfort of them pushing deeply on my belly while the placenta was being birthed. It was like a dull aching all over despite the anesthesia.

The Tummy Massage

Once you have given birth and the whole ordeal is over they’ll need to massage your stomach. At this point, you’ll wish they’d leave you be, but it’s part of the process so they’re not done yet.

They do this because It helps your uterus shrink back down to the appropriate size.

It will cause a cramping feeling after they’re done.

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Your Vagina Will Swell Huge

If you have a vaginal birth the experience is intense. You will be very swollen afterward, especially if your perineum tears when your child finally makes it through the birth canal.

It is common for the perineum to tear to some extent during most childbirths.

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

Tears can happen inside the vagina or other parts of the vulva, including the labia.

9 out of 10 mothers who have a vaginal birth will have some sort of tearing. They will sew the area up and it will swell after.

They often offer ice packs to sit on for a couple of days to reduce the access swelling. You may also want to sit on a donut pillow. Every new mother who has given birth should have one of these. It’s very comfortable and handy. It’s a must. Here’s a great one over on Amazon.

Someone will have to help you go To The Bathroom

Right after you give birth they will want you to urinate. This can be an uncomfortable experience. They will often have you stand on this rolling wheelchair where they have you hold onto a bar.

They want to make sure you can stand up and everything is functioning properly.

Pooping is Difficult

The first time you go after childbirth can be a scary experience. Everything is swollen and there’s a lot of trauma down there.

It just feels strange. After a few times though it doesn’t feel as painful.

Nobody tells you this while pregnant. Facing the bathroom can be a daunting experience after childbirth, period.

Breastfeeding is not nearly as easy as you thought

You’d really think that breastfeeding would be the most natural thing in the world for mother and child, but it actually takes skill.

This is why so many new mothers try and fail at it. They aren’t educated at all on what it takes to latch their baby on or what they have to do for success.

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

Some facilities have lactation consultants and some do not, which is pretty sad.

So it’s often up to you to learn what is necessary to succeed. You have to learn to latch properly, and you need to especially keep your baby on the breast most waking hours to stimulate the breast enough to bring in lots of thick, rich milk.

If you’re determined to succeed at breastfeeding, and I hope that you are, I highly recommend you take a quick breastfeeding course.

This will increase your chances of success greatly.

There’s a great online video course called Milkology that’s only $27 that will teach you everything you need to know in about 90 minutes. It’s the best breastfeeding course online, It’s quick and easy, and it gets rave reviews.


 Nipple Cream is Your Friend

With breastfeeding comes very sore nipples. Especially at first. That first couple of weeks can be brutal but you can push through and they’ll be way less sensitive within the first month.

A great nipple cream or balm can make all the difference between success and simply not being able to stand it another minute. It’s a must-have for newly breastfeeding moms.

You’ll likely find that they get randomly sore off and on as well so it’s good to have it handy. Here is a nipple balm that is the answer to your nipple woes. You can thank me later.

You’ll Still Look Preggers

You may sort of already know this but you won’t realize just how much you still look pregnant until you’ve had your baby and you’ve barely changed.

Of course, this is not always true but it is for many. It can take months to get even close to what you were in the past.

Understanding this and being prepared is important. You can also have a game plan to regain your shape and fitness so that you feel like you have a little more control over the outcome.

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

The Postpartum Cure program is a great way to start.

The Postpartum Cure is a program designed to help get your body back to pre-baby shape as quickly as possible without losing your milk supply ( That can happen if you cut too many calories trying to get back into shape).

This program has diet information and plans, daily exercise programs and so much more. It’s very popular amongst postpartum women who need to get back into shape asap. You can take a look here. 

She also has another program called “ The Pregnancy Health Program ” that helps you keep from getting too big during pregnancy. The quickest way to keep your shape during and after pregnancy is not over gain in the first place and that’s what this program is all about. You can see it here. 

You will Have Cramps

The cramps are intense. They will come and go and they’ll feel a little bit like labor.

The first couple of days the cramps will feel like your Uterus is trying to tie itself into a pretty bow. But as the days pass,  your uterus will shrink down and the cramping will become less and less.

I was surprised at the intensity of the cramping after each of my three children so be prepared.

You Will Bleed A Lot

This is something else you already surely know.

But it’s hard to grasp it until you’re going through it. There will be blood and lots of it.

You will likely pass large clots as well which will shock you. It’s not at all uncommon.

The doctors and nurses will brief you on what’s normal and what’s abnormal so you can know if and when to call the doctor.

Clots that are of a certain size out of the normal range warrant a visit to your doc asap.

You’ll Be Hungry As Hell

The hunger is real and food never tastes as good as it does right after you’ve birthed your baby. Remember my words here on this page when you dig into those first bites and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I don’t know if it’s just all the exertion or your body’s desperate need to refill its stores that makes you so hungry and the food taste so rich, but it’s out of this world.

I still remember the first meals after each of my children. Food has never been as good as it was in those moments. Ever.

So plan for something magical, as a celebration of yourself and your baby’s birth.

You’ll Stink

After you have your baby you’ll get a very dramatic swing in hormones, as expected. One thing they don’t tell you much about is that you’ll smell very strongly.

It’s unpleasant but true. Even a couple hours after a good hot shower you’ll start to notice it.

This will go on for the first month or so after childbirth then slowly subside.

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

Your Hair Will Fall Out

I’m sure you’ve heard that you’ll have extra hair fall during your postpartum period. For some, it’s not too bad, but for others, it can be a lot.

Make sure to get blood work done if it seems accessive because your thyroid can go nuts during this time as well and you want to make sure something more serious isn’t going on.

After about 6 months or so your hair fall will normalize and grow into the normal hair phases of your pre-pregnancy state.

There will be tears and confusion

Postpartum is hard.. It’s one heck of a roller coaster both physically and emotionally. Your body kind of goes nuts after your child’s birth, and it will take a toll. No one is exempt.

The storm usually hits really hard about three days later and when it does, you’ll know. So you should mentally prepare for this.

Most pass through this trying time with success and see the light on the other side.

But for some women, it doesn’t go so well. This is when postpartum depression occurs. If you feel like you’re beginning to have trouble and those deep baby blues don’t seem to be passing it’s important that you talk to your doctor for both yours and your baby’s sake.

So those are the things you should know about postpartum. Below are tips that will help make everything a bit easier for you. This will help you be prepared for what’s ahead.

Vaginal Care-

As we mentioned earlier, your vagina will be uncomfortable after childbirth.  But there are products you can use and things you can do to help ease the discomfort.

First use ice. Ice is your best friend. You can get those Perineal ice packs to use. They will help tremendously at easing your pain. See them here. 

You can also use a cooling perineal numbing spray like this one. This is definitely something you want to have on hand. This Earth Mama Perineal Spray has  Benzocaine in it so it works really well.

It’s what I used and I highly recommend it.

A Peri Bottle to rinse with when you use the bathroom and Tucks Pads will help cleanse and soothe you as well.

What You’ll Need-

Incontinence Underwear

✅ Pain-Relieving Spray 

Tuck’s Pads

Perineal Ice Pack

A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


Healing Ointment

Nipple Balm

Gel Nursing Pads

✅ Donut Pillow 

Postpartum is an exciting yet difficult time for a mother, especially with her first child. We hope that this information has made you feel a bit more prepared so you can enjoy the birthing experience and your baby as much as possible.

Good Luck!

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Things about postpartum that you need to know

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

Postpartum- Things That Don't Tell You About Postpartum

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