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Building a list is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Yet We often get sidetracked with the other things that need to be done and we put this on the back-burner. I know I did. But if you want to make money then you need to give this your undivided attention. It’s so important, in fact, that I recommend you spend 40% of your blogging time on nurturing your email list and trying to grow it as large as possible.

Most people that come to your site won’t come back no matter how good it is. That is just reality, and even the ones who really enjoy it and intend to come back may not come back very often.

People are just busy you know? You need to remind them how great you are and how wonderful your content is. If you don’t they’ll just forget.

Many say that they have a lot of Social media followers and they can share and bring in traffic this way, but it’s not enough. What if you got banned from Pinterest?? This does happen, and it if it happened to you, you would lose that interaction with your audience. But you own your list. It’s yours and you will always have it.

There are a lot of questions that come up when thinking about an email list, Like Who would sign up?? What in the world would I even send to my subscribers? What kind of mail service should I use?

Well, let me start by saying that if you are in need of a mail service then ConvertKit is the only way to go. The system is made specifically for bloggers so that you can gain as many subscribers as possible and it WORKS.

You will need to understand the platform inside and out so I highly recommend you take the ConvertKit Essentials course. I took it and it helped me really get to know their platform.

Now you’re wondering how you can capture those precious emails? Bloggers use to just put a pop up on their site and that worked just fine, or a Subscribe box in their sidebar.

Email Marketing Tips

That just doesn’t cut it anymore. People have simply trained themselves to ignore that little box because they are everywhere.

One way to gain opt~ins is to create content upgrades or free downloads upon sign up. Everyone loves a freebie, especially when it’s truly helpful. It’s an exchange, you offer something up to your audience and then they give you their email and this WORKS REALLY WELL.

All modern bloggers do this and it helps them grow their list really quickly. Make sure you put real effort into it though, no one wants some crappy pdf that took 5 minutes to make. Lame.

You can also offer free email courses or a free Ebook. ConvertKit makes this super easy by adding what is called sequences, which is an email course layout. You are guided through the whole process and it’s super easy. No other platform can offer that. They also have a section for adding your downloadable freebie and that’s a simple process as well.

If you have a great blog with really good content and you add an opt~in freebie of some kind you will surely gather emails quickly and grow at a satisfactory rate.

Now that we have covered opt~ins let’s talk about what you can send your lovely audience.

For starters, You’ll want to communicate with them consistently. Regular email habits are essential. If you don’t email your list for a month, then one day show up trying to sell them something, you’ll get some annoyed readers and lots of Unsubscribes.

You should send something at least once a week. Maybe pick a day and make sure it goes out then so they will know to expect something from you.

You can email your audience when you have a new post, When there’s some sort of special announcement, When you are featuring a new product, Behind the scenes of your blog, or create a special helpful post that you don’t add to your blog so they are getting exclusive content. That makes them feel special, and don’t be afraid to be yourself and treat your audience like a friend. This makes you personable and likable.

You will get some unsubscribes by the way. Don’t let that break your heart, it happens to the best of us and maybe your content wasn’t what they needed at this point in their journey.

Make sure you start educating yourself on Email Marketing right from the beginning to give your blog the best start possible and pick a great platform like ConvertKit. 

Are you ready to take the plunge now and go ahead and start your blog? Well, I have a badass tutorial here with screenshots of every single step, from Setting up hosting to Getting your WordPress site all set up and ready to go. You can find that post right here. It’s the only guide you’ll ever need. 

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Blog Tutorial With Screenshots every step of the way

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