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There are so many reasons to start blogging. I started Blogging because I love the web and I needed a creative outlet to express myself. I also needed to supplement our income. I am a stay at home mom with three babes so every bit helps.

Below are some great reasons you may want to think about starting a blog too.

1. Because it’s super duper Fun!

Blogging is really fun. Like I mentioned before, it’s a great creative outlet and hobby. You get to help your readers and learn as you go. It’s one of the best, most fulfilling kinds of businesses to have and there’s endless potential in any subject you pick.

2. To help others

There is someone out there that has a question and you have the answer. You can share your knowledge of any given subject and truly help others no matter what your niche. For me, I really enjoy blogging about being a new mom, staying at home and being an entrepreneur.

What a successful blog looks like, Three Bird Nest

3. To Build a Business

You can build a Business with A Blog and Make a very substantial income as you know. That is likely why you’re reading this to begin with. A Blog can enhance a business you already have or it can be a business on its own.

Now, let’s discuss what a successful Blog looks like. There are several characteristics that all really profitable blogs have. The characteristics are Niche, Design, Their own products, and Authority.

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Professionals Don’t just Blog about their day or whatever they feel like in that moment. There is a place for blogs like that, but they aren’t money-making machines. Blogs that make money have a very narrowed focus and specific purpose. They know their niche and they stay clear on their path.

The design of your blog matters too. I know you’re excited about blogging and you want to make it really pretty with lots of colors and fonts, but trust me if you want to make money this is not the way to go. Professional Blogs are minimalist, streamlined to make the content shine and they have excellent navigation. Don’t feel bad if you’ve made this mistake, I did this too! It was ridiculous.

If there’s tons of clutter and too many options in the sidebar, the visitor get’s overwhelmed. You want them to have a couple of obvious choices and you want to put those choices up front and center. Your main goal should be gathering up emails, of course. Most people won’t buy any of your products or your affiliate products right away. You need to court them a bit, so to speak. Create real fans who believe in your authority on the subject, then they will trust you enough to buy. This should be your MAIN priority. That and creating great content.

The next thing that creates a blog that makes tons of dough is CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. Sound’s like a daunting task doesn’t it? Well once you get your ball rolling, that idea won’t seem so scary. At all. Once you’re more experienced, ideas for this kinda stuff will just fall into your lap, and this is your real path to Wealth. I have not created my own products yet but I am working on a site where I offer web Design services because that’s what I am good at. Services works too.

But creating your own products [ or services ] is the key to modern Blogging success, My friends. It’s all shifting in that direction. As more blogs pop up and Affiliate Marketing becomes over-saturated, it becomes harder and harder to make money in the traditional ways. Many still make money like this, and you should still definitely peruse traditional money paths like Affiliate programs and Sponsored Posts, but I would advise any new Blogger to plan on making their own sort of products in the future. Begin planning for this as soon as possible.

The last characteristic of a Successful Blog is having authority in your niche. The path to authority is simple. Create seriously Bad ass, epic content, Give away your knowledge, Like in a free course and create amazing products that Really help your audience.
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Those are the characteristics of any really great blog. So think about it closely and build your blog’s Framework around that.

I know you must be thinking about starting a blog and I hope this gives you something to consider. There’s never been a better time than right now. It takes time and effort but it’s so worth it. Many Bloggers say that blogging is one of the best things that’s ever happened to them and I couldn’t agree more. What a liberating experience it is to take control of your life, help others and take hold of your financial future giving it infinite potential.

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