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When you’re a new mom or expecting a baby one of the biggest hurdles is sleep.

You don’t have to feel helpless though because there are some good strategies to get your baby on a sleep routine.

Hang on tight mama, sleep is on the horizon. Check out these tips to get the sleep rolling for you and your little one.

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9 Ways To Get Your Baby Into A Gentle Sleep Routine

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9 ways to help your baby sleep better

 Wait until your baby is old enough

You should give it a little time in the beginning.

During that first couple of weeks, your baby is figuring out life. They need you to hold, cuddle, and love them!

Don’t get overly anxious about starting a sleep routine when they are newly born.

After everything starts to settle down you’ll be able to begin working on a gentle routine that will allow you both to get enough rest.

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Start to establish a routine early

Your baby doesn’t have to be a great sleeper for you to start a sleep routine with them.

Reading a book, cuddling, and taking a warm bath are all great ways to lullaby your baby to sleep.

You can start this routine when they are first born up until they don’t like it anymore. Spending that extra quality time with your baby will never be something you regret.


9 proven ways to get your baby to sleep better


Developing the perfect sleep environment 

When you are preparing your nursery you should consider different elements that will help your baby sleep better. Dark curtains that don’t let in too much light are a good idea.

A fan or a white noise appliance can be very soothing too.

There are some great ones on Amazon like the Cloud B Sleep Bear. We own this and it’s seriously awesome. I used it with all three of my little ones and it’s lasted the test of time.

The temperature is important too. You don’t want your babe to be too hot or cold

. No one likes to sleep when they’re sweating or freezing and your babies are no exception.




Prep the nursery with the right gear

When I was pregnant, it was super important that I had the right gear for my baby.

I always researched to make sure we got the best and safest products available.

 In doing research, I visited the Women’s Choice Award website and saw that Sealy Baby had earned the Award consistently since 2013. 

They’re highly recommended by 9 out of 10 of their customers as well as moms across America.

So if you’re planning your nursery, make sure you add Sealy Baby’s mattress and bedding to your list.

The Sealy Select 2-Cool 2-Stage Crib Mattress and the Sealy Stain Defense Crib Mattress Pad are both products a new mom needs to have in the nursery.

It has stain repellent and releases technology to help keep stains off the mattress.

Plus, this crib mattress pad is hypoallergenic and will keep your crib mattress like-new for many years. 

The Sealy Select 2-Cool 2-Stage Crib Mattress offers everything you could possibly want in a crib mattress.

It offers your baby the firmness of an ultra-sturdy and lightweight polyethylene core with a Cool-Tex waterproof and stain-resistant fabric cover that resists bacterial and fungal growths and many viruses for luxury and comfort.

This is my favorite product as far as mattresses are concerned, I cannot say enough good things about it. It’s the best money can buy at an excellent price point.


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of swaddling.

Swaddling can help calm and control your baby’s startle reflex.

When she startles she can suddenly wake up and it can cause a lot of broken sleep for everyone.

Swaddling your baby tight will keep them more relaxed and she will sleep deeper. The Halo Sleepsack is a great option.


When your baby is still really young and needs all those breastfeeding sessions you can use this technique.

Breastfeeding them for a good while right before bed will help them sleep longer because their little tummies won’t be as empty.

Once they’re older it’s good to find other ways of soothing them to sleep but before they’re 4 months old you can dreamfeed them So they’ll sleep more soundly.


9 proven ways to get your baby to sleep better


Don’t rush in every time your babe cries

Sometimes he will make little sounds or cry at night.

He may be dreaming or startling and you may want to rush in to check on him. But chances are, at least some of the time, that he’ll go right back to sleep.

So give it a moment and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get lucky.

With that being said, if your baby starts really crying, go on in.

I don’t believe in letting a baby ‘cry it out ‘. When a baby cries it’s because they need you and when you don’t come they can feel confused, abandoned, and frightened.

Crying is the way your babe communicates with you so respond, don’t ignore. Whoever came up with the method of allowing a baby to ” cry it out ” is lazy and crazy.

Just my opinion and I’m not afraid to share it.

 Take care of yourself, mama

In the route to getting your baby on a sleep routine, take care of yourself.

This includes going to bed at a decent time and taking naps when the baby naps. 

This can be hard if you feel out of control and busy but getting your rest will help you be a better, happier mom. 


9 proven ways to get your baby to sleep better


 Take a break when you need it

Getting a baby on a sleep routine can make you feel bonkers.

That is why taking turns with your spouse is a good idea.

Let your baby get used to both of you during the nighttime sleep routine.

This is a great idea, just in case one of you needs to be absent during an evening.


The Last Word

The best thing to do to get you both on the right path is to make your baby as comfortable as possible and get them used to sleepy time cues and you’ll both work your way to a better night’s sleep.

Good Luck!

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9 proven ways to get your baby to sleep better

9 proven ways to get your baby to sleep better


9 ways to help your baby sleep better

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