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Rainbow baby is a term used to describe a child that comes after the loss of another through miscarriage or stillbirth.

It is meant to reference how after the worst of storms, a beautiful rainbow can appear.

It is meant as a celebration of the joy and happiness that can come after loss.

Those who’ve endured such loss and hardships often want to choose a name for their new babe that is special and full of meaning.

It’s a way of honoring both the lost child and the new one.

Below is our list of names for your rainbow child. Enjoy.

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45 Rainbow Baby Name Ideas- To Celebrate The Rainbow After The Storm

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Rainbow Baby Names

Rainbow Baby Name Ideas For Girls:


Adora -This means to be adored. It has Latin origins.

Alisa – This name refers to the greatest happiness.

Annabella – This name means to be filled with love and joy.

Aida – This name means to be and feel happy.

Ailsa – A name of Scottish origins that means victory.

Asha- This name means hope and life.

Celeste – This means Celestrial.

Evangeline – This name means the bringing of good news.

Beatrice- Beatrice means she brings joy and happiness.

Bliss – Bliss refers to extreme joy and happiness

Felicity – Felicity means happiness.

Godiva – This name is of English origins and it means God’s Gift.

Victoria – Latin origin and it means Victorious.

Vita – This word is of Latin origin and it means vital.

Mira/Miracle -These names literally mean Miracle.

Nessa – Nessa also means miracle.


Rainbow Baby Name Ideas For Boys:


Ivan- This name means God is Gracious and it’s of Russian origin.

Asher-This one means fortunate and blessed. It has Hebrew origins.

Barack – Name of Swahili origin name meaning the blessing.

Milo- This name is from Germany and means Soldier.

Nathaniel- Nathaniel means the gift from God.

Anthony – Roman family name that means Priceless.

Arman- A Persian name that means wish or hope.

Samuel- This name means Told by God.

Asher – Asher means fortunate and happiness.

Grant- This name means granted another life and has been found to be especially meaningful to some parents who are having their rainbow baby.

Ian-This means gracious lord and it has Hebrew origins.

Diarra -This is a West African name meaning gift.

Donatello -This means to give in Italian.

Enfys- This is an interesting Welsh name meaning rainbow!

Luca- Derived from the Latin name Lucas, this name means bringer of life

Micah- This refers to ‘ Like the lord ‘ or ‘ gift from God ‘  and it has Hebrew origins.

Ethan – Ethan refers to a gift.

Jesse – This name also means gift.

Matthew – This name also means a gift from God like the two above.

Felix – This name refers to a state of happiness

Isaac -Also means happiness and joyfulness

Winston -Winston also means to bring joy.

Aaron – This means a miracle

Nathanial -A gift from God

Gender-Neutral Rainbow Baby Name Ideas 

Lastly here are a few Gender-neutral names for your rainbow baby.

Shay – Hebrew word meaning Shai

Joie – This means Joyous in French

Mirai- This Basque name means Miracle

Atlas- A greek mythological name meaning enduring

Finally having your rainbow baby will be a really big moment in your life and picking a name that represents this is a lovely idea. It should be special and have meaning to you.

We hope you liked the rainbow baby names on our list and that one matches perfectly with your special moment.

Good Luck!

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Rainbow Baby Names

Rainbow Baby Names

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