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Pregnancy is a whirlwind event and something most women really enjoy. I know I did and I wish that happiness for every pregnant mama.

One thing we don’t like to think about is something going wrong. It’s the silent thing we worry about. All the ‘ What ifs ‘.

One of the most common issues that can occur is Preeclampsia. It can be very serious and devastating.

The best thing you can do to prevent this is seeing your doc and getting great  Prenatal Care.

They monitor your symptoms and health at every appointment for a variety of reasons, but very specifically for this.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


You should know the symptoms yourself because sometimes it shows up out of know where suddenly.

Taking your blood pressure daily will go a long way in keeping you aware if something shows up. You can get a blood pressure cup here.

Read the list of symptoms below so you can keep an eye on your health in between appointments. You want to catch this as soon as it starts happening if it occurs.

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Serious Signs Of Preeclampsia

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signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage

High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, especially during pregnancy, can be a warning sign of bigger issues; such as Preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy, in the last trimester, and often presents as a sudden increase in blood pressure.

One of the major problems that occur with high blood pressure in pregnancy is a decrease in blood flow to the placenta. It’s very bad news.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


When the placenta doesn’t get enough blood, the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen or the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

High blood pressure is dangerous for both you and your baby and should be taken seriously.

When you have high blood pressure you have a greater risk of infection, and can lead to prematurity and the potential for future breathing problems.


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Blurred Vision


Vision changes during pregnancy can be another serious sign of preeclampsia.

The most common visual changes are blurred vision, flashing lights, light sensitivity, auras, and spots.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


Vision changes can be an indication of cerebral edema (or swelling of the brain) and should be taken very seriously.

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If you are experiencing vision changes during pregnancy I recommend you seek medical attention right away; DON’T WAIT.



It’s not uncommon during pregnancy to experience swelling, especially in the feet during the last trimester.

However, severe swelling of any kind or swelling that occurs in the hands, face or around the eyes could be a sign of preeclampsia edema or a warning of other complications.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


If you experience a rapid onset of fluid-retention, pitting or discoloration of the skin, it’s important to contact your provider right away.

Because of the complications associated with preeclampsia it’s important that you know the signs and symptoms and seek out care as early as possible.


Shortness of Breath


Experiencing shortness of breath can be a sign of elevated blood pressure or fluid collecting in the lungs, a rare but serious condition known as pulmonary edema.

Both of these can be a symptom of preeclampsia and should be discussed with your provider.

Combined with mental confusion, heightened anxiety, and a racing pulse, shortness of breath can be a sure sign of something going on.


Abdominal Pain


Mild stomach pain, cramps or discomfort is common during pregnancy especially during the first 12 weeks while your body is adjusting.

Most of the time mild pain is nothing to worry about. However, persistent abdominal pain or a sudden increase in pain should be checked out.

Preeclampsia can present as abdominal or stomach pain that usually occurs on the right side.

Vomiting combined with abdominal pain can be another serious sign of preeclampsia.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage



If you are experiencing any pain that is severe or outside the norm talk to your healthcare provider right away.

Other signs of preeclampsia include sudden weight gain, low back pain, protein in the urine, increased reflexes, and nausea or vomiting.

Delivery is not the cure. Preeclampsia can occur after delivery too and puts Mom at risk.

Postpartum preeclampsia can lead to seizures, stroke, organ damage and even death.

Even after delivery, if you are experiencing high blood pressure or other symptoms, please get care right away.

You should take your health very seriously while pregnant and prenatal ( and postnatal ) care are an absolute must.


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


If you are at greater risk of preeclampsia having a blood pressure cup at home is a good idea. You can find one right here on Amazon.

I wish you all the best mama!

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signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage


signs of preeclampsia that you need to know #childbirth #pregnancy #preeclampsia #pregnancydangersigns #miscarriage

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