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SIDS is something every new mother thinks about. It’s that terrible possibility that you dread the most.

I remember sitting up most of the night and watching my firstborn breathe at night so I’ve been there.

But there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent it from happening and I know protecting your baby is one of your top priorities.

While there’s no guarantee, doing the things on this list below will help your baby thrive in his or her environment and create conditions that will allow your baby to breathe well.

So read on Mama Bear and do what’s best for your little one.

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SIDS | How To Prevent SIDS From Happening To Your Baby

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Make Sure You Recieve Excellent Prenatal Care Before Baby Is Born 


Getting the best prenatal care you can is the first step in preventing SIDS.

Good care and proper nutrition will help prevent premature or low birth weight babies and that in turn greatly reduces your baby’s chance of SIDS.

So make sure you’re going in for routine care.

Not smoking during pregnancy is also very important.



Absolutely No Smoke


After your baby is born you will want to make sure he isn’t exposed to any second-hand smoke. 

It has been shown that second-hand smoke affects the brain in ways that interfere with its regulation of infants’ breathing.  That is scary business.

It has also been found that infants that die of SIDS have high concentrations of nicotine in their lungs compared to infants who die from other causes.

So second-hand smoke is an absolute NO-GO. Don’t ever risk your baby by being around an inconsiderate smoker.


How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS


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Baby Should Sleep On Her Back


Placing your baby to sleep on her stomach is not a safe practice. Studies have shown babies are 15 times more likely to die of SIDS when left to sleep on their tummies.

This is the one thing you can do for your baby that will help the most.

A baby sleeping on their stomach may encounter problems like carbon dioxide buildup and low oxygen levels. This happens because they have no space to breathe and they are re-breathing their own exhaled breath.

It can also interfere with the body’s heat redistribution leading to overheating.

Learn more here about the research on Back Sleeping For Babies.



Baby Should Also Sleep On A Firm Surface


Your baby should sleep on a firm surface as well as sleep on her back.

If the surface is too fluffy it can allow the baby to sink in and overheat.

Soft Bedding can also allow a baby that isn’t very mobile to turn in a potentially deadly position where they are unable to breathe.

A firm bed is always the best. Here’s a great option on Amazon.


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Make Safe Co-Sleeping Arrangements


Sleeping with your baby in the room is a great idea but sleeping in the same bed can be dangerous.

I know it’s tempting but a Co-Sleeper is a safer plan.

When you’re asleep you may become unaware of your baby and unfortunately, some parents have rolled over on babies or covered their heads with fatal results. It’s very sad.

Here’s a great Co-Sleeper option that has awesome reviews.


How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS


Don’t Put Anything In Your Baby’s Crib


This goes along with the other stuff we’ve talked about. Crib bumpers have been known to suffocate babies as well as stuffed animals and pillows.

It seems unlikely but it does happen. Things get knocked around or baby wiggles to the edge once they’re a bit mobile.

You can still have the pretty baby things but you can take all of it out of the crib when you put your baby in.

As for crib bumpers, I recommend skipping them completely.


Temperature Control Is A  Must


Keeping the room temperature cool while your baby is sleeping is important.

Babies have trouble regulating their own temperature and when it’s too hot it can cause thermal stress.

Your baby may breathe heavier to cool off and this will allow them to breathe in more carbon monoxide that is in the hot stifling air in the room.

Babies are more vulnerable than older children and adults to this because their brains and immune systems are so immature.

They just don’t handle it the same way others do so make sure the room is cool at all times.




Use A Fan While They Sleep 


Using a fan in your baby’s room to disperse exhaled carbon dioxide can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Every baby’s room should have one. This fan is an excellent choice. 


Use a Sleep Sack Instead Of A Blanket


Sleep sacks are like blankets that your baby wears.

Yet they cannot get pulled over baby’s head causing suffocation. They are a great, safe alternative to regular blankets.

There are some great choices on Amazon like this wearable blanket from Burt Bees.

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How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS



Breastfeeding Helps


Breastfeeding. There are so many great reasons to do it if you can.

Preventing SIDS is another one. Scientists are not sure exactly why although there is much speculation, but breastfeeding does seem to help prevent SIDS across the board.

When you go to the hospital you should already have a good grasp on how to latch your baby so you can get started right away.

Taking a quick online course can help so that you can take advantage of breastfeeding and its benefits. Milkology is the best choice and it’s only $19.

Check it out here or with the banner below.




Only Swaddle Your Baby If They Can’t Roll


Baby’s love being swaddled. It helps them relax and feel safe.

But once they start attempting to roll it can become dangerous. They may roll face down causing suffocation.

So swaddle them when they’re little but skip it when they start moving around.


How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS



Pacifiers Can Help


If your baby will take a pacifier at night that’s a good thing. You should encourage her to do so.

Studies in the past have found that using a pacifier during sleep reduced the chances of a baby suffering from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by 90 percent.

Experts have suggested that the simple act of sucking on a pacifier may be helping to correct minor developmental deficiencies in the babies helping them to breathe more sufficiently.

So try to give your baby one every night. Here’s a great BPA free choice. 



Have Your Baby Practice TummyTime


Tummy time is a workout for your baby. It will help him develop the muscles he needs to move is head and body.

It will also help his brain develop quicker and this is also good for healthy sleep.

The brain centers that control breathing and rest will be fine-tuned along with everything else.

Never leave your baby unattended during tummy time, especially when they are newborn.



Take Your Baby To All Doc Appointments 


Keeping up with Well-Baby visits are important.

This will allow the Pediatrician to check your baby’s continuing development, and the Doc may be able to spot developmental issues or concerns that could play a factor in SIDS.

If there is something going on, proper treatment is important and could save your baby’s life.

So stay on top of your baby’s health.


How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS


With these tips, you can GREATLY reduce your baby’s chances of SIDS. They will also help calm those creeping fears and worries and give you more peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can.

I hope you found this helpful and I wish you all the luck in the world.

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How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS



How to prevent SIDS #preventingSIDS #SIDSprevention #tipsforpreventingSIDS #howtopreventSIDS




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