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Bringing home baby for the first time is a real event! And you think you’re prepared but YOU ARE NOT.

I remember walking through the door with each baby, but especially the first baby, and feeling complete overwhelm.

A flood of complex and strange emotions came over me each time. Feelings that I still can’t explain now.

You’ll know the feeling soon enough.

There are some things I know now that I sure wish I had known then…. Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so strange and terrified.

So I’m passing on what I’ve learned from having three little ones to you. I think it will help you in the days ahead.

Check it out below!

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18 Secrets I Wish I Knew Before Bringing Home My Newborn

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Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth



First Prepare For Postpartum Pain


Moms so often forget to prepare for their own part of the experience and that’s a big mistake. You cannot be joyful and attentive to your new babe when it hurts to walk and you’re suffering.

Read this post so that you know what to expect and you can prepare accordingly.

Here are some products that can help you be more comfortable during this time. Read the post I listed above to find out why each of these things is necessary.

✅Donut Pillow

✅Incontinence Underwear

✅Pain Relieving Spray 

✅Tuck’s Pads

✅Perineal Ice Pack

✅A Cleansing Bottle Or Peri Bottle 


✅Healing Ointment

****Want Freebies For You And Your Baby?  Get $330 Worth Of Gear! I have partnered with many companies to give you the best baby freebies online including Nursing Pillow, Pregnancy Pillows, Nursing Covers, Baby Leggings, Baby Clothes and so much more. You can find out how to get your freebies in this post right here.


Have A Pacifier for The Ride Home


Babies can get scared the first time they ride in the car. It’s a new experience for them and it can be strange.

Having a pacifier will help ease the stress for your babe and you, because riding in the car with a terrified, screaming newborn for 45 minutes is not fun. Trust me, I’ve been there.


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth


I love these NUK newborn pacifiers. They’re awesome and cheap. NUK makes really high-quality products that I trust.


Stock Your Kitchen And Meal Prep Before Baby 


You should prepare freezer meals before your baby comes so that you don’t have to spend tons of time in the kitchen.

So when you’re in that nesting stage and you get that sudden burst of energy, take advantage of it and prepare and freeze as many meals as possible.



Limit Visits Or Just Say No


Tell your friends and family that you would love for them to come see you, but not until the third week when you’ve cleaned up some and feel more like yourself.

Be firm with them. You need your space right now and you don’t want a crowd hanging around unless it’s your mama helping you out or something along those lines.

They’ll get to see the baby soon enough. Here’s a post on how to deal with visitors. 


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth



***Have You taken a prenatal birth course yet? Don’t have time? Here’s the best Premium online birthing course and the first part of it’s totally free! You will learn absolutely everything you need to know and it will help tremendously so make sure you sign up. A Class is a must and I think the online ones are the best. Here’s a free Birth Planner Too! 


Breastfeeding May Be Really Difficult 


Breastfeeding can be pretty rough during those first few weeks, but it is SO worth it!

But at first, you’re going to have really tender nipples, even if you have a really good latch technique.

If you don’t know how to latch your baby before you start trying the pain will be a lot worse. It’s important that you go into breastfeeding knowing what you’re doing so it will be easy for you and your babe.

Contrary to popular belief, babies don’t know how to instinctually latch onto the breast properly. They certainly know how to suckle but there is a very specific way to latch onto the breast to get the milk.

You don’t just stick the baby’s head straight to your nipple. Please don’t. This will cause terrible pain for you and frustration for your little one and this is why so many mamas give up on breastfeeding.

I highly recommend you take a breastfeeding course. There’s an online video course called Milkology that’s only $19. She has a pumping class too. This is the best way to be prepared for breastfeeding because you cannot count on the staff to teach you how. See The course here. 

Some hospitals will indeed have a lactation consultant but many do not so be prepared.


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth


You should equip yourself with some breastfeeding tools that will ease the transition from tender nipples to breastfeeding conditioned nipples. They will also help tremendously.

The list of things you’ll need are below:


Use Milk Saver Shells


Milk shells are awesome and they’ll save your shirts and you from embarrassment.  They go over your breasts and save the milk that leaks out.

Because milk will leak out and when you least expect it.


Store Frozen Breastmilk In Soda Boxes


Cut the top off a Soda Box and use it to store your breast milk bags in the freezer.

You have to have some way of organizing them because if you don’t every time you open the freezer frozen milk bags will fall out and hit you right in the toes. True Story.


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth

Learn How To Swaddle 


Learning to swaddle your baby well will be a great comfort to your child. In the womb, they’re wrapped tight and they enjoy the feeling it brings.

It will help her sleep better and it will also keep her from startling so much.

Babies have a startle reflex where they throw their arms up in the air often. It’s a normal part of development but it can be disruptive and stress them out so swaddling can help prevent this.


Use A Noise Machine


Being inside the womb is loud. There’s fluid moving, digestion going on and your heart is beating loudly to mention a few things.

It all blends together to create a lovely sound your babe learned to sleep to.

A noise machine can mimic some of those sounds and it will relax her and help her rest better.

You can even get one that has a heartbeat sound. Here’s my favorite one on Amazon. It has tons of great reviews.


Use a Fan In The Baby’s Room


Having a fan in your baby’s room is very important because it reduces the chances of SIDS a lot.

Studies have found that simply having a fan in the room lowered a baby’s risk of SIDS by 72 percent.

Parents who worry that their child will be chilled by a fan should know that fans do not cool the air, they simply move air around.

Here’s one made especially for nurseries.


Put a Night Time Pad On The Crib Mattress


Babies will have accidents in their cribs. Especially when they get a few months old and start going through the ” Blowout Stage “.

Putting a pad like this one under your baby will help protect the bedding.

This will save you SO much trouble, believe me.

You can also buy disposable ones if you want to make things even easier. These are the ones I buy. 


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth



Get A Snoo Sleeper


Snoo sleepers are amazing. They really are!

They rock your baby, respond to cries with white noise, and keep your baby from rolling on their back.

Here are some Benefits:


  • Adds 1+ hours a night by automatically responding with increasing levels of white noise + motion to quickly soothe fussing
  • SNOO Sack attaches to safety clips that secure baby safely on the back and prevent risky rolling
  • Only bed to meet the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep guidelines


Pretty cool right? You can find them on Amazon right here. 



Clip Baby’s Nails While They’re Sleeping


You’ll need to cut your baby’s nails often as they grow. They are thin but they are sharp like little razors.

They will cut his face all up if not properly trimmed every few weeks. I know because this happened to my babes even though I cut them regularly.

The best time to do this is while your babe is sleeping. These nails are so thin that they’re hard to see and if you do it while your baby Is awake and moving you will risk cutting his sweet stubby fingers.

Here are some great little hand Mittens from Gerber.

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Use Grip Water


I’m not sure what’s in Grip Water but it WORKS.

All babies get tummy aches and some colic. Their bodies have to learn to digestive milk and foods and it can be a cumbersome task.

They have to develop the internal flora to accommodate your breast milk or formula and this takes time. It can be very uncomfortable and there’s nothing worse than a screaming baby who seems to be in horrible pain.

You feel so helpless and all you can do is comfort your little one and wish there was something more you can do.

That’s where the Grip Water comes in. It works wonders and you’ll be SO glad you have it for those scary moments when you feel helpless.

You can get it here on Amazon and it has thousands of positive reviews.


Keep A Bib On Your Babe


Baby is gonna drool. You won’t believe the flood that emerges from your little sweetie’s mouth.

They will soak their cute little outfit all the way down to their crotch if you don’t put a drool bib on them.

It’s wet and uncomfortable and it looks icky too. You can get a set of 10 here because you’ll need 5 a day!


Use Peepee Teepees


Here’s something else you’ll need to keep your baby and you from getting soaked.

If you have a boy there will come a time when you change your wee little man and get a surprise sprinkle.

To prevent this some genius created PeePee teepees. Ha!

That mama was smart and resourceful ( and rich now ) too.

Check out PeePee Teepees here. 


Wear Your Baby


Once your babe is about a month old you should get a baby wrap so you can get more done.

This will make your life so much easier and baby will love it too.

Here’s a really good choice from Boba. It’s the exact one I used for my last two babes.


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself


Try not to be too hard on yourself. You’re gonna be tired, You’re gonna make mistakes, You’re gonna feel guilt for literally no reason and you’re going to be a hormonal mess.

Just get plenty of rest and let shit go.

Don’t compare yourself to other mamas because they’ve all had their own struggles as well.

And please don’t get upset over your body. You’ll go through insane changes and it’s no walk in the park.

If you still have a baby bump for a few months just know that it is completely normal.

Wearing a belly wrap will help this considerably if you’re really worried about your tummy. In fact, I highly recommend it. Here’s a post on why you should wear one.

**Speaking of Your Postpartum body, if you’re worried about getting your body back and losing the baby weight I recommend the program The Postpartum Cure. It’s very popular and it’s helped many mamas lose the weight, flatten their tummy back out all while increasing your milk supply. It’s an excellent option if you want to get back to your shape quickly and safely. Here’s a link if you want to check it out.


So there you go. I hope these 18 tips will help you feel a little more prepared. I know they’re random but they all are important.

Good luck to you and I wish you all the best!

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Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth


Secrets I Wish I had Known When I first brought my newborn home. #newborncare #newbaby #childbirth








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