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So you’re about to have your baby { Or you already have }  and you’re excited about breastfeeding. You should be! It’s an amazing experience.

But sometimes new mothers unwittingly do things that can make Breastfeeding much harder than it has to be.

They wait until their baby’s born to learn about breastfeeding or they simply make these common mistakes that cause low milk supply.

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This can cause pain and frustration for both you and your babe and some mothers end up giving up.


But that doesn’t have to be you. Read below to learn more about the top 10 things that Kill your milk supply so you can avoid them.



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Top 7 Breastfeeding Mistakes That Moms Make That Can Lead to Low Breast Milk Supply:

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Not Educating Yourself 


When I first had my baby I imagined breastfeeding would come naturally and easy. I did no research at all and I found out the hard way.

Luckily my hospital had a lactation Expert on duty to help me but most hospitals don’t have this.

It’s really important that you get the proper education on how to breastfeed before your baby is born. It’s not as easy as you think and it takes practice and technique.

There’s a cheap video course you can take that will teach you to breastfeed in no time. It’s called Milkology.  It’s an award-winning course and the only one of its kind.  I highly recommend you take it. You can check it out here or with the banner below.


breastfeeding video


You Try To Feed On A Schedule



When you first have your baby you should try breastfeeding as soon as possible and pretty much constantly while holding your new bundle.

Your baby wants to feel safe and close to you and this is a good way to accomplish that while getting the constant sucking action needed to bring in a good milk supply. Skin to skin also helps both you and your baby and it feels really good 🙂

Don’t try to follow a schedule and don’t worry about feeding your little one too much. You only have colostrum at this point anyway and you want your baby to get as much of this as possible.


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Supplementing With Bottles Early on


Just. Don’t. Do. It. This is absolutely unnecessary in every way and will only hinder you and your baby’s progress. It can also cause nipple confusion because of your breast and a bottle nipple require a different kind of sucking action.

The same goes for pacifiers. Avoid them at all costs. Don’t let pushy staff try to force you into these things. Stand your ground mama.

Feeding From Only One Breast


During each feeding, it’s important that you feed the baby from both breasts, You should also feed long enough to get the hindmilk from the breast. This will help create an ample supply of milk for her.


Not Feeding At Night


Some Tired mamas will try to give a pacifier at night or even a bottle so the baby is fuller. This will seriously hinder the supply of milk your body develops so wake up and feed that baby.


Nipple Pain 


Nipple pain can be pretty intense but it’s all part of the process. Even with a good latch, there will be a period of soreness.

Some new mamas begin to avoid feedings or feel like they can’t take the pain. This will definitely set you back in the way of your milk supply.

The good news is that the pain passes fast, and It will go away in a few weeks. When the baby does latch on during those first days there will be a burning sensation but it only lasts about 10 seconds during the feeding and passes after that.

So the pain is very manageable and breastfeeding is well worth it so don’t give up because of this. You can help soothe sore nipples by using a nipple shield, This ointment, and these sweet little booby gel packs.


Milky Mama Ebook


Sleepy Baby



Sometimes your baby falls asleep at the breast. It’s understandable. They are new to this big world and it’s exhausting.

They start off eager to suck but then quickly fall asleep. But it’s important that you wake them up so they can continue feeding. This will help your supply and keep her growing at a healthy rate.


How To Quickly Increase Your Milk Supply


Now let’s talk about some ways to quickly build up your supply so that your baby gets everything he needs.




Pumping is the number one way to get the milk a flowin { besides the baby sucking }. Between feedings go ahead and pump your breasts. You can save the milk in these bags for when you go to work or for later when you introduce the bottle. Here’s a great pump that you can use hands-free. 

7 things that will ruin your milk supply #breastfeeding #milksupply


Pumping stimulates the breast just like when the baby sucks and it really helps boost production.

Here’s a great pumping class that will teach you how to efficiently do the job. It’s for going back to work but it will teach you the ins and outs of how to pump really well and keep your supply up. It’s an excellent course.



Foods That Help Increase Supply 


There are some things you can eat and drink to really bump up your milk. Oatmeal is the number one recommended food for this. It’s delish and Good for you both.

Brewer’s Yeast is also full of vitamins and minerals and it’s supposed to help as well. Flaxseed is full of Omegas and it’s also really great!

Lastly, drink plenty of fluids so that your body has what it needs to produce milk and keep you hydrated.




There are a few medications that can help if all else fails. Reglan and Domperidone are the two main choices. Talk to your doctor about it if you feel like you’re running out of options.

Want To Learn More About Breastfeeding?


I just wrote a book for my readers called Milky Mama. It educates you on Latching, Positions and absolutely everything you need to know about breastfeeding your baby. You can print it out and take it with you when you deliver your baby as your guide. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project and I hope my readers love it!

Milky Mama Breastfeeding educationSome of the things you’ll learn in Milky Mama Are:

– What you MUST do to prepare for breastfeeding BEFORE you have your baby. This means that you will be fully prepared and ‘ahead of the game’ and you won’t feel confused by conflicting information or waste money on useless equipment

– Comfortable positions to hold your baby while nursing so that breastfeeding feels natural, discreet and easy. You will feel confident enough to begin breastfeeding without having to depend on busy hospital staff to supervise your every move.

– How to latch your baby onto the breast in the best position. A good latch can prevent early breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples or insufficient milk

– Secrets to establishing and maintaining an abundant milk supply.

– How to express, store and thaw your breast-milk, simply, safely and hygienically. Then, if you do need to be separated from your baby, you know she will not be exposed to the risks of artificial baby formula such as allergies, constipation or increased risks of illness such as diarrhea or respiratory infections.

– How to recognize and treat conditions that may contribute to painful breastfeeding, such as nipple thrush or mastitis – quickly and easily, so that breastfeeding isn’t interrupted or ended prematurely.

– Practical strategies for breastfeeding when you return to work.

These are just a few of the topics you’ll find in Milky Mama. You can download Milky Mama Right Now through this link. 

As always, I hope this helps you, mama. If you loved this post it would be awesome if you would share it with your friends. You can share with the Pinterest images below or the buttons to the left. Thanks, you’re awesome and happy breastfeeding.


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7 ways you're ruining your milk supply #milksupply #breastfeeding #babyfeeding

7 ways your ruining your milk supply #milksupply #breastfeeding

7 ways your trashing your milk supply #breastfeeding #lowmilksupply #breastfeedingtips



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