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Breastfeeding can hurt. We all know this or have heard this. It’s the one thing that can really scare mamas away or make them think they just can’t do it.

*Please note that this post is an extension of my longer post on Breastfeeding that you can read right here. I just wanted to write this short post to reiterate that you can breastfeed with minimal pain.  

But it’s not so bad. In fact, the pain ends pretty quickly, only after those first few weeks.

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nipple pain from breastfeeding

But there is a really simple way to avoid the pain altogether that EVERY breastfeeding mama should be aware of.

The way to avoid all that pain is { Drum Roll Please } Nipple Shields! These are really great and so are these. 

Nipple shields will save you from a world of pain but only use them when you need them and in the first few weeks when the baby is trying to get that perfect latch.

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You will thank me for this later. Good Luck Mama!

Want more information on breastfeeding? As I mentioned above, I wrote a post just the other day on how to breastfeed like a pro right from the beginning. You can read it here.

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